The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners 2 to be set in Australia

Glen Chapman News Dec 3, 2013

Co-creators and screenwriters Iain Morris and Damon Beasley have revealed the setting for The Inbetweeners 2...

Chickens episodes 1 and 2 review

Jake Laverde Review Aug 23, 2013

Jake checks out the first two episodes of Sky One's Chickens, a promising new sitcom from the stars of The Inbetweeners...

Why is UK geek TV missing out on the teen demographic?

Caroline Preece Feature Jan 21, 2013

Following the cancellation of Switch and The Fades, Caroline asks why UK fantasy television is failing to grab teen audiences...

Simon Bird talks about the possible Inbetweeners sequel

Glen Chapman News Aug 29, 2012

As The Inbetweeners Movie heads to US cinemas, Simon Bird is the latest to talk of a possible The Inbetweeners Movie 2...

Confirmed: plans afoot for The Inbetweeners Movie 2

The Inbetweeners
Simon Brew News Aug 21, 2012

This time, the rumour is true: The Inbetweeners Movie 2 might just be on the cards after all...

Iain Morris talks The Inbetweeners USA

Louisa Mellor News Jul 19, 2012

The co-creator of The Inbetweeners has said a few words on the forthcoming MTV remake…

The Inbetweeners US remake first trailer

Louisa Mellor News Jul 17, 2012

MTV's The Inbetweeners remake has its first trailer, and you can take a look at the new Will, Simon, Neil, and Jay speaking in American right here...

The Inbetweeners Movie creators set for Hollywood debut

Simon Brew News Jul 3, 2012

Iain Morris and Damon Beesley have been signed up by Paramount Pictures, for a new project along the lines of The Inbetweeners Movie.

The Inbetweeners US remake: first cast pic

Louisa Mellor News Jun 26, 2012

A first look at the US versions of The Inbetweeners’ Will, Simon, Jay and Neil has arrived…

Can these US remakes of UK TV shows work?

James T Cornish Feature Jun 15, 2012

US remakes of Misfits, The Inbetweeners, Only Fools and Horses, and more are on their way this year. James looks at how they're shaping up...