Morgan Freeman

First trailer for Now You See Me

Trailer Nov 19, 2012

A promising looking thriller, from the director of The Incredible Hulk. Here's the first trailer for Now You See Me...

Cast additions to Lego: The Piece Of Resistance

Glen Chapman News Nov 12, 2012

An already impressive cast gets even better as four more are added to Phil Lord and Chris Miller's Lego movie.

Costner, Damon and Freeman to join The Magnificent Seven

Glen Chapman News Jun 11, 2012

MGM’s remake of The Magnificent Seven already has Tom Cruise attached. And now it appears some more top quality names have been added.

Akira rumour round-up

Ryan Lambie News Nov 9, 2010

The past few days have seen all kinds of rumours circulate about a live-action adaptation of the classic manga and animated movie, Akira. So what's going on?

RED review

Michael Leader Review Oct 18, 2010

A terrific cast, led by Bruce Willis, take on the graphic novel RED. What could possibly go wrong?

Batman 3 round-up: April start date, multiple villains possible?

Simon Brew News Oct 8, 2010

Things have finally started moving with regard to the new Batman film this week. Here’s our round-up of what’s been happening…

Revisiting David Fincher’s Seven

Ryan Lambie News Oct 6, 2010

As David Fincher’s Seven makes its debut on Blu-ray, we take a timely look back at the director’s classic thriller…

Brand new trailer for Red

Simon Brew Trailer Aug 25, 2010

Bruce Willis leads an aging crop of agents fighting for their lives in the movie adaptation of DC Comics’ Red. And here’s the latest trailer for it…

Invictus Blu-ray review

Simon Brew Review Jul 21, 2010

Clint Eastwood's latest gives Morgan Freeman the chance to play Nelson Mandela at last. But does Invictus deliver the goods?

The James Clayton Column: No more Mister Nice Morgan...

James Clayton News Feb 4, 2010

James celebrates the calming influence of Mr Morgan Freeman. But wonders: will he ever get to play the villain role?