Morgan Freeman

Transcendence: the first full trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Dec 21, 2013

The first trailer for Wally Pfister's debut Transcendence has arrived. Take a look within...

Last Vegas review

Ivan Radford Review
Nov 1, 2013

It's hardly breaking new ground, but Ivan reckons life's too short to hate films starring Kevin Kline...

Olympus Has Fallen sequel, London Has Fallen, going ahead

Simon Brew News
Oct 30, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen 2 is London Has Fallen, and is filming in 2014 with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart & Morgan Freeman on board.

Batman/Superman news round-up

Simon Brew News
Aug 28, 2013

Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon chat about Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, as more details emerge...

First trailer for Last Vegas

Simon Brew Trailer
May 17, 2013

Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro want to invite you to a party. Here's the trailer for Last Vegas...

New trailer for Now You See Me

Simon Brew Trailer
Apr 11, 2013

Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Jesse Eisenberg star in magic-based crime caper movie, Now You See Me. Here's the new trailer...

Oblivion review

Ryan Lambie Review
Apr 10, 2013

Tom Cruise stars in the big-budget sci-fi film, Oblivion. Here's our review of an extremely effective genre thriller...

Olympus Has Fallen review

Ron Hogan Review
Mar 19, 2013

The first of two White House under siege action thrillers this year, Olympus Has Fallen is a rollicking action movie...

First trailer for Olympus Has Fallen

Simon Brew Trailer
Jan 23, 2013

The race is on to save the President and the White House, in action thriller Olympus Has Fallen. And here's the first trailer for it...

First trailer for Now You See Me

Nov 19, 2012

A promising looking thriller, from the director of The Incredible Hulk. Here's the first trailer for Now You See Me...