Mel Gibson

The Expendables 3: new full trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 17, 2014

Helicopters, explosions and one-liners abound in the new full trailer for The Expendables 3. Take a look here...

Chris Hemsworth linked with Lethal Weapon reboot

Simon Brew News May 8, 2014

Warner Bros is looking to reboot Lethal Weapon, with Chris Hemsworth reportedly offered a lead role.

12 film covers that exaggerate their actors' prominence

Ryan Lambie Odd List Nov 26, 2013

From reissued, obscure first films to misleading marketing, here are 12 film covers that exaggerate the role their famous actors play...

Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson confirmed for Expendables 3

Simon Brew News Aug 10, 2013

It's official: Mel Gibson is the villain of The Expendables 3. Antonio Banderas is joining the cast too...

Steven Seagal linked with The Expendables 3

Simon Brew News Jul 8, 2013

Are Steven Seagal and Mel Gibson the next to sign up for The Expendables 3...?

Stallone finds a director for The Expendables 3

News Apr 24, 2013

Patrick Hughes is the surprise choice of Sylvester Stallone to direct The Expendables 3...

Stallone hints at Snipes and Gibson for The Expendables 3

Glen Chapman News Apr 16, 2013

Sylvester Stallone confirms Wesley Snipes and hints at Mel Gibson for The Expendables 3...

Mel Gibson on Lethal Weapon 5 and Berserker

Mel Gibson in Mad Max
Glen Chapman News Aug 15, 2012

Mel Gibson on the chances of Lethal Weapon 5, and his planned viking movie, Berserker...

Mel Gibson set to join Machete Kills

Mel Gibson
Simon Brew News Apr 24, 2012

Robert Rodriguez adds Mel Gibson to the cast list, for the soon-to-shoot sequel, Machete Kills…

The Beaver DVD review

Stu Anderson Review Oct 31, 2011

A film largely ignored at the box-office, can Jodie Foster’s drama The Beaver find an audience on DVD? Here’s Stu’s review…