Amy Adams

First trailer for Tim Burton's new film, Big Eyes

Simon Brew Trailer Sep 19, 2014

Tim Burton's Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz and Jason Schwartzman, has its first trailer...

US release dates set for Big Eyes and The Imitation Game

Can we trust this man with Alice in Wonderland?
Simon Brew News May 2, 2014

New Tim Burton and Benedict Cumberbatch movies have their release date confirms - in prime Oscar season...

Her review

Matt Edwards Review Feb 14, 2014

Joaquin Phoenix falls for an operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson in Spike Jonze's Her. Here's our review...

Amy Adams on a possible Batman Vs Superman love triangle

Simon Brew News Dec 9, 2013

Is a Superman, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane love triangle on the cards in Batman Vs Superman? Amy Adams isn't keen...

New trailer for Spike Jonze's Her

Simon Brew News Dec 4, 2013

Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson star in Spike Jonze's new film, Her. Here's the new trailer for it...

New trailer for American Hustle

Simon Brew Trailer Oct 10, 2013

Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner lead American Hustle. Here's the new trailer...

See Christian Bale's Batman audition, in Val Kilmer's suit

Simon Brew News Sep 23, 2013

Donning the Batman suit worn by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever, a video of Christian Bale's Batman audition has emerged...

Trailer: Spike Jonze's Her, with Joaquin Phoenix & Amy Adams

Simon Brew Trailer Aug 8, 2013

The new film from Spike Jonze, Her, looks to be an intriguing piece of sci-fi...

Margot Kidder on Superman and Man Of Steel

Simon Brew News Jul 1, 2013

She was Lois Lane to a generation, and Margot Kidder has been chatting about big screen Superman, past and present...

What did we learn from the latest Man Of Steel trailer?

Superman: Man Of Steel
Seb Patrick Feature Apr 18, 2013

Superman is back on our screen shortly, and clues for what we have in store were in abundance in the new Man Of Steel trailer...