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25 surprising side businesses from Hollywood stars

Rob Leane Feature Jan 15, 2015

Paul Newman’s salad dressing enterprise is common knowledge, but did you know about these 25 businesses run by Hollywood stars?

Foxcatcher review

Ryan Lambie Review Jan 8, 2015

Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo are magnificent in the sports drama Foxcatcher. Here's Ryan's review...

Foxcatcher: Mark Schultz slams the film based on his story

Simon Brew News Jan 2, 2015

Mark Schultz, one of the subjects of Foxcatcher, has slammed the movie and its director...

Paramount pulls Team America theatrical availability

Simon Brew News Dec 19, 2014

Looking to see Team America: World Police instead of The Interview? Well you can't. That's been pulled now as well.

New Steve Carell North Korean-set thriller cancelled

Simon Brew News Dec 18, 2014

Gore Verbinski and Steve Carell won't now be teaming up for a new North Korean-set thriller, as its backer pulls out of the project.

X-Men: First Class writers to pen Looney Tunes spin-off movie

Ryan Lambie News Aug 28, 2014

There's a Looney Tunes spin-off in the works, with Steve Carell attached and the writers of X-Men: First Class in charge of the script...

New teaser trailer for Foxcatcher lands

Simon Brew Trailer Jul 3, 2014

Expect both Steve Carell and Channing Tatum to trouble next year's awards with Foxcatcher. Here's the new teaser trailer...

New teaser trailer for Foxcatcher

Simon Brew Trailer May 20, 2014

Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum star in the terrific-looking Foxcatcher. Here's the new trailer...

Jim Rash and Nat Faxon on The Way, Way Back

Emma Matthews Interview Aug 29, 2013

With The Way, Way Back out this week, writer-directors Jim Rash (Community) and Nat Faxon chat to us about comedy and Steve Carell...

The Way, Way Back review

Emma Matthews Review Aug 28, 2013

Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell star in the coming-of-age comedy, The Way, Way Back. It's a film gem that deserves to be seen, Emma writes...