104 movie remakes and reboots currently in the works

Simon Brew Rob Leane Feature
Feb 10, 2016

Johnny Depp's take on The Invisible Man joins our list of reboots and remakes currently in the works...

Scarface remake presses ahead, writer found

Simon Brew News
Mar 19, 2015

The latest Scarface remake lands a fresh writer, as Universal presses on with the project...

Director found for Scarface reboot

Simon Brew News
Mar 25, 2014

Chilean director Pablo Larrain will be tackling the new, modern day take on Scarface...

10 mystifying Razzie nominations

Ryan Lambie Top 10
Jan 22, 2014

Like any awards ceremony, the Razzies can sometimes make some bizarre decisions. Here's our pick of 10 mystifying nominations...

Dedications at the end of movies, and what they mean

The inside of a cinema
Simon Brew Odd List
Apr 1, 2015

Lots of films are dedicated to, or in memory of someone. But it's not always clear why. Updated April 2015.

Harry Potter's David Yates to direct a Scarface remake?

Al Pacino in Scarface with a pile of cocaine
Ryan Lambie News
Aug 1, 2013

British director David Yates, who shepherded the last four Harry Potter movies, could be taking on a remake of Scarface...

The James Clayton Column: Rethinking remakes as original premakes

James Clayton Feature
Apr 19, 2013

What if time were running backwards, and the remake of The Evil Dead actually came first? We'll let James explain this one...

Violent games and movies: can we talk about parents?

Simon Brew Feature
Mar 5, 2013

Movie and videogame violence is a common scapegoat for real-world crime. But what about the role parents play in all this, Simon wonders...

New writer hired for Scarface remake

Glen Chapman News
Oct 18, 2012

The remake of the remake of Scarface has a new writer on board...

The cast and crew of Scarface: where are they now?

James Peaty News
Sep 7, 2011

Out this week on Blu-ray, the Brian De Palma’s gangster picture Scarface remains a classic. We find out what its cast and crew got up to in the years after its release...