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What can The Wolverine's post-credits scene tell us about what might come next? James takes a spoiler-filled look...

Warning: the following contains spoilers

Whether you think they're the best thing about superhero movies or a cynical attempt to generate marketing hype, it's hard to remember what it was like to see a superhero film in the cinema before they all had their customary post-credits sequence attached. Daredevil might not have done a lot for the superhero genre, but its comedy post-credits appearance of Bullseye paved the way for what was to come. Easter eggs and fan-service for all!

Admittedly, X-Men Origins: Wolverine stretched the idea almost to breaking point, with multiple post-credits scenes attached to different prints of the film, but this time around The Wolverine plays things much safer. Indeed, there's a post-credits sting that might actually rival the first Iron Man in terms of the excitement it'll generate in audiences.

But what does it actually tell us about what we might see next? We've got a few thoughts lined up. From this point on, this article is a spoiler zone. Beware. This really is a scene that deserves to be experienced properly, with no knowledge of what's coming, so if you don't want to know what happens at the end of The Wolverine and beyond, look away now.



What happens

The post-credits scene for The Wolverine takes place as in a crowded airport, tagged "Two Years Later". Logan is queuing to board a flight, and notices a report on a nearby TV about the huge technological advances Trask Industries has been making. Just as he's about to pass through a metal-detecting security scanner, he sees objects begin to float out of the security trays and towards him. Metal objects. He spins around only to come face to face with none other than Magneto! Popping his (still bone) claws, he attempts to attack his enemy, but Eric's powers keep him pinned in place, those around them oblivious to the scene.

Magneto gives Wolvey the full super-villain rant. Tells him he should join his cause, because there's a grave danger approaching. A threat to all mutantkind. Logan throws the offer back in his face, asking why he should trust anything Magneto says. But as he does, we notice the people in the background of the scene come to a complete standstill, somehow frozen in place. Magneto says he knew Wolverine wouldn't believe him, which is why he brought a friend.

Wolverine looks around in disbelief as Charles Xavier approaches in his wheelchair, weaving around the people he's brought to a stop with his psychic powers. Wolverine asks how it's even possible for him to be alive, and Xavier replies, "As I told you once before, you are not the only one with gifts."

And cut to credits.

What it means

It doesn't take a genius to notice that the ending of The Wolverine is a clear lead-in to X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Even if we didn't already know the title of the X-Men sequel, the clues are all there. In the source material, Trask Industries is the company that created the mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels, and it's already confirmed that Peter Dinklage is playing Bolivar Trask – the head of the company – in the follow-up.

Furthermore, the original Days Of Future Past storyline involves the X-Men of the future sending one of their number back in time to try and prevent the rise of the Sentinels who have successfully rounded-up and exterminated almost every member of the mutant race. There's no doubt that this is the coming threat Magneto is referring to.

But that's only the most basic piece of information we're supposed to get from the scene. There are other things worth pointing out.

For a start, the fact that Magneto's powers have returned, apparently in full, is a big deal. Not only does it imply that the issue of a "Mutant Cure" (as seen in X-Men: The Last Stand) is off the table, it also implies that other mutants who received the cure will also have their powers back. Most obviously, that means Rogue, who ended the third X-Men film apparently freed from her cursed mutant powers. We wouldn't be surprised if the new film includes a strand of her dealing with the false hope that provided.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Professor Xavier is alive! Okay, we already sort-of had confirmation of this in the post-credits scene of X-Men: The Last Stand, but only in a vague manner, with no indication of what actually happened there. In the comics, Xavier once cheated death by transferring his mind into a clone of himself. On the X-Men 3 commentary, it's stated that the "John Doe" MacTaggart is keeping on life support is actually the Professor's braindead twin brother, whose mind was destroyed in the womb by Charles' emerging powers, and that the Professor has transferred his mind into his twin's body (seems a little dark to us).

We might simply suggest that the professor simply used his psychic abilities to fake his own death and go into hiding to recuperate and prepare for the coming threat, however. This is something else he's done in the comics, after all.

Whatever the explanation, it's sure to be an interesting one. The revolving door of death in superhero comics is much-mocked, so applying the same resurrection techniques to superhero movies has the potential to undermine any future deaths. However they explain Xavier's return, they might want to make sure it can't be re-used too easily.

The final thing The Wolverine's post-credits sequence tells us concerns Wolverine himself. The final moments of The Wolverine are, to put it bluntly, something of a surprise. Much like Marvel's first 2013 blockbuster, the film isn't afraid to leave its hero with some rather permanent-looking changes. In Iron Man 3, it was the loss of the arc-reactor heart. In The Wolverine, it was the loss of his metal claws.

The fact that the post-credits scene happens two years later means that one way or another, Wolverine has been walking around with nothing but bone claws for two solid years. And similarly, Yukio is nowhere to be found, suggesting that the two have parted company. It's hard to say why that two year gap was inserted into the chronology. Is the plan to try and fit a future Wolverine sequel in that gap to explain what happens to Yukio and Mariko? Or was it just an easy way to get those characters off the board without forcing people to ask why he's simply forgotten about them in X-Men: DOFP? It's hard to say, but we'll be thinking about both possibilities while watching the next X-Men movie.

The stinger also leaves us with one final question to ponder: Will Wolverine get his metal claws back? And if so, how? Weapon X could do it, but it's hard to imagine him voluntarily getting his Adamantium back off them. Magneto could maybe do it in DOFP – after all, in the comics he famously removed the Adamantium from Wolverine's bones.

But maybe it's the most subtle lead-in of all. In the comics, Wolverine had bone claws for years, before Apocalypse eventually returned the metal to his bones against Logan's will. Dare we hope that Fox are actually lining up Apocalypse for the X-Men film that comes after Days Of Future Past? Let's put it this way: we're dealing with time travel, dystopian futures and an X-Force film being mooted. A better question might be to ask where is this heading if not towards Apocalypse?

Still, we've got a lot of ground yet to cover before then, but one thing is certain: if Days Of Future Past is half as entertaining as this post-credits scene was, there's a chance it'll give Avengers a run for its money.

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Well written. The ending credits scene was amazing.

I hated the bone claws at the end

Might have been nice to mention the Iron Man spoiler at the top as well.

If what you said about xavier transferring his mind into his brother does that mean his brother was paralysed as well? Also the man he transfers his mind to as told by Xavier was a normal afflicted by something that happened to him later in life. Also why would his parents of kept a brain dead child alive for all those years? I think it is Xavier before he died sent to the future with a Magneto pre-powerless also sent with him. If your going to start down the whole time travel thing though it is easy to become lost and eventually create a story that is unbelivable so I hope it's done right. Also I don't know the Wolverine comics that well but I thought the end of Wolverine was really bad, so many questions to things I guess we are just meant to be ok with and not question.

normal person*

Bang on the money with that comment about the faulty logic regarding the mind transfer. I know they're only movies but they need to seriously keep some sort of sensible logic or else they not only lose cred but they clearly don't give a sh#t about what the fans of First Class think.

First Class rewired almost everything. I'm not sure why they digging up what happened after X3. Lets not forget that film wasn't very good. Plus X3 had a Trask and he was a 6ft black dude.

Don't know if anyone else noticed this but....

The audience's first clues that Magento and Prof X were there, are the mirror of the first glimpses given of both characters in X-Men and X2. Magneto - the silhouette of him in the coat and fedora in X-Men; Prof X - the sudden 'freezing' of all activity around Logan and Lehnsherr, ala X2.

For me, it was the best such sting I've seen since the aforementioned Iron Man sting - back when unless you read a review and were tipped off, you didn't know about such things.

This scene has nothing on the Fast and Furious 6 post credit scene.

"There are dark forces, Wolverine, building weapons that could bring about the end of our time." Was I the only one who was half expecting Magneto to then say: "To defeat these, you must take the One Ring to Mordor, and destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom..."

I actuall laughed at that, Or could it be "YOU SHALL NOT PASS, as the metal detectors will go off" lol

I did, mostly because it means he completely regrew them that quickly and even for Wolverine Bones don't grow back

maybe the six foot black dude is trask's son

You saying about First Class, they totally blanked Origins Wolverine as in First Class Xavier is paralysed yet in Wolverine he's standing which is set after. So they are just making stuff up to suit whatever new film they do

his bone claws grow back just fine....even if they dont in the comics they established that they do Origins

... I'm just hoping they fix-retcon the many mistakes of The Last Stand, and of course those damn continuity issues between First Class and the original trilogy (I was hoping for a 'The Last Stand never happened' but now with The Wolverine that's totally out of the window)

First Class was before origins

All I know is that it was the only interesting scene in an otherwise boring, disappointing, by the numbers film

Yeah, that's true and it bugs the hell out of me. At this point I'd love for Singer to explain what the hell was going on? Plus a Wolverine in the future with bone claws. That just doesn't seem right.

Wolverine without Adamantium regenerates faster, because the Adamantium actually has a negative effect on his healing factor. Meaning he heals from lethal injuries in the span of a heart beat. He broke his bone claws multiple times when he had no adamantium and they grew back instantly. Wolverine without Adamantium is an Omega level mutant based solely on his regeneration rate.

Wolverine regenerated from a single drop of blood when he got caught in a nuclear explosion, so yeah, he can regrow bones.

Have his powers increased over the years? I know in "Ultimate X-men" his healing factor was off the charts, but I remember the bone claw era and it took some time. Back in '94 when I read comics I got the impression a couple dozen bullets would take Wolverine out of action for hours.

Why has no one mentioned that Bishop was in that scene?

Also. OP missed the foreshadowing from X2- that Striker was the only other man Magneto knew who could manipulate adamantium like he [Magneto] could.

I'm assuming that they're going to toy with the time-traveling aspect of DOFP to alter the history of the mutant cure and Xavier's death. They'll probably retcon "The Last Stand" out of continuity entirely if we're lucky.

Really? How far behind are you?

They might fix that with the whole time-traveling aspect of Days of Future Past.

In X-men: The Last Stand, it explains how Professor X is still alive. He goes on to tell Logan that it is possible to transfer ones mind into a body that has no mental activity. Then at the end of the movie it shows a brain dead body that all of a sudden moves his hand.

In the bone claw era Wolverine got hit by a car going 90 miles an hour. Died then got up immediately and kept on walking like nothing had even happened. The Adamantium is constantly giving him heavy metal poisoning which reduces the effectiveness of his healing factor. The problem comes into play that different writers have altered how well he heals depending on thier view of the character.

or half/"adopted" brother; after all, dude isn't exactly young that plays him in Last Stand

the regrowing bones isn't an issue, but I have to say that regenerating from a drop of blood is the stupidest thing ever

Also Wolverine should be able to straight up smell Magneto before he gets that close. I mean, he's right behind him!

Still doesn't explain away the Moira MacTaggert issue. And it's a pretty big one considering she was a major character in First Class. A teaser should leave you excited rather than confused.

While, true, he still has the Adamantium throughout his body. My "guess" as to why the claws were cut off is that it looked like Shingen had to drill into his bone marrow to "access" & draw out his healing factor.

Uh, yeah they do--both in the comics (they've been broken before when he was adamantium free) & in the movies

Y'know--I wondered if that was Bishop we got a glimpse of.

In the nuclear blast, which was part of Civil War, Wolverines's adamantium skull protected his brains and cortex. That was sufficient for him to regenerate. It wasn't from a single drop of blood

Okay. Magneto's powers are back simply coz he was too strong 2 giv them up - the cure works. In X2 Stryker was behind the attack on the president so will Trask be behind the Paris attack so as to unleash the Sentinels on the mutants - it wouldn't surprise me but it'd be a shame if it happened agen.

Concerning this PCS I did go into the cinema cold - Disney has the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this could be 20th Century Fox's Avengers...the character line up is huge. I was expecting Kitty to appear in the airport after travelling from the future but that mite hav been too obvious - finally who'd hav prefered McAvoy & Fassbender in the airport?

The Wolverine was not disappointing. It's completely erased Wolverine: Origins from my mind and for that reason I'm thankful.

Ah no I hav a very possible answer there. The Xavier who was standing was a mind-projection from paralysed Xavier......having said that the walking Xavier in "Visiting young Jean Grey" from X3 is harder to explain.

It now seems there are more people than Stryker who can manipulate adamantium, (Spoilers from here) Ichiro Yashida put almost all his money into getting adamantium and he must hav manipulated it to create the samurai suit - obviously Logan wanted to quit agen but if he wants metal claws back then...there's loads of adamantium in Japan, just saying.

Not only will they use Last Stand to retcon everything away ala Star Trek, but even if they didn't, they can just bring Wolverine in his past body to the present day and get his metal claws back that way.

For a time in the comics, Xavier's body was rebuilt good as new, but he was paralyzed because he couldn't convince his brain otherwise.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #11:

The X-Men get involved in a to determine the worthiness of the entire human race, and and alien horde slaughters him leaving a single drop of blood to land on an "alien god-gem" which super-charges his powers and regrows an entire Wolverine... adamantium bones and all.


Uncanny X-Men Annual #11.

I'm hoping that he's just projecting an image of himself with his mental
powers. That he really mind melded with some random comatose man (who can also be wheelchair bound, he's comatose after all; some sort of accident
happened) and is just
putting an image of himself into the minds of the people who know him to
set them at ease.

People who don't know Xavier see some random
dude that he transferred his consciousness into, people who DO know him see Xavier
because he manipulates their minds to allow them to see him.

answer involving a brain dead twin brother would just be too convenient
for me, comic precedent or no (although I'm pretty sure his twin was a
sister in the comics)

meant the elder Yashida, not shingen

in the comics Xavier has been both IN & OUT of the wheelchair a few times over the years

Am I the only person that thought it looked like Bishop walking through the metal detector to the right of Wolverine right in the beginning? I can't find anyone else that noticed it, but to have a guy with dreads that looks to be Omar Sy seems to be a bit too coincidental. Anyone else catch that?

YES! Thank you. First thing I thought when I saw it!

Was that Bishop at the beginning of the after credit scene?

Xavier can walk in Origins. Explain that!

I thought I was the only one that noticed!! I swear it was him

The adamantium is bonded on a molecular level with wolverine. It will grow back in time something to do with when it was first injected into him ( its a comic I don't question things to much). I'm confident that he will have the metal claws back in DOFP

i have a question. how the hell is magneto controling wolverines bidy if theres now adamantium in him anymore? im sure theres a detailim overlooking but its kinda bothering me.

he still has adamantium on his bones, just not his claws

In the pre-credits scene where Logan and Yukio goes into the plane and Yukio asks where Logan wants to go next and Logan responds. What did Logan say because I couldn't catch what he said. It's almost like he said "up" something.

In X-men 3, the last stand, in the post-credits scene you see Xavier wake up and a shocked lady. He has woken up in his twin brothers body, his twin brother, was born without any mental activity, Xavier explains it all in X3, but leaves out that it is his brother that they are talking about in class. If they are identical then that explains it but doesn't explain why he's still in a wheelchair...maybe because the body had never used its legs before Xavier jumped into it??

Xavier being alive is very confusing but I think that he made his whole death an illusion. Why else would he come back with the same exact body and disability? Magneto powers being restored, only an idiot would ask how, sorry no offense. At the end of x men last stand credits it show magneto sitting powerless at a table with a chess game in front of him, he barely moved a piece without touching it showing that the cure is only temporary. So those years in The Wolverine was plenty of time for Magneto to fully regain his powers. My only questions are is wolverine getting metal on his claws again and what about the death of cyclops and Jean Grey. Even if Cyclops came back somehow everyone knows that a huge fight between him and Wolverine will start over Jean's death. And in the amine and comics I've seen, I have not seen either if them die at all and in the anime Wolverine And The X-Men the entire death, Phoenix, and future thing is all crazy.

how the hell logan going to get his admntium claws back...it's a big question and would he will be able to heal again like before

This may seem a daft question, having just finished watching The Wolverine, if Prof. X can build and operate Cerebro and stop people in their tracks, why does he still need a joystick to operate his wheelchair?

in the new trailer Wolverine gets his adamantium claws again

My question is... HOW can Magneto control Wolverine when there is no Adamantium covering his bones, and thus no metal?

how come magneto stop wolverine when he had no adamantium in him??????

He did have adamantium in him. It was only his adamantium claws that were cut off. Did you even watch the movie?

And why wouldn't they? Bones can heal in real life when broken, just like cuts and wounds do. Wolverine has lost huge chunks of flesh and it has all grown back, so why not the bones too?

I honestly wonder why the heck so many people think he lost his whole adamantium skeleton. His adamantium claws were chopped off, that is all. His bones are still completely covered with the exception of his claws. Did you actually watch the film?

He said Lets start up & we'll see

So since Wolverine still has adamantium on the rest of his skeleton, does that mean his healing factor is still reduced due to the adamantium and now he has his original bone claws that will reduce his slicing and dicing power significantly?


Bone claws were always a stupid retcon. They should've stuck with the idea that they were adamantium implants.

Did nobody else notice that Wolverine actually had his metal claws in the post-credit scene? He tried to stick them out when he saw Magneto, but he stopped him. If the claws were made of bones he would have no problems sticking them out.

His hand is still full of metal covered bones bro

Well since we saw the first half of the end credits of fast 6 at the beginning of tokyo drift...really it just answers it's own question

While I definitely like Logan's metals claws and I will definitely want him to get them back, I liked in the comics how his bone claws grew much longer and slightly curved than his metal ones - about the length of his entire forearms. That the adamanium actually was restricting their naturally evolving length and without it - they grew much longer. I was a little disappointed that in the movie that after two years had passed the writers didn't decide to do that. The short bone claws look kind of wimpy at that short length.
Also, I know that they can't do it because Wolverine only lost the adamantium on his claws and not the rest of his skeleton. But I liked the long phase of wolverine in the comics when it was revealed that the adamantum was actually helping to contain the animal within - and without it he mentally and physically started to become more and more feral like a wild animal and lose his humanity. It took long and intense mental and physical training by Elektra and the master martial artist Stick to help him learn to control the beast within and for his mind to return to a human state. Wish that they had added these aspects to the movie Wolverine mythology.

Bryan Singer confirmed Apocalypse for 2016 today.

Ths article managed to accurately predict the next X-Men movie: "In the comics, Wolverine had bone claws for years, before Apocalypse eventually returned the metal to his bones against Logan's will. Dare we hope that Fox are actually lining up Apocalypse for the X-Men film that comes after Days Of Future Past?" X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 is on its way, but that does mean we may have to wait another three years to see Wolverine get his adamantium back.

i think the two year gap might be because yukio left logan to go be back with makio, no duh huh? well here's a twist, what if makio is pregnant with wolverine's son? he lost his regenerative abilities at that time so it wouldn't be passed on, but the claws would. probably a little different from logans due to the fact that it's obviously genetic(look at sabertooth's "fingernails") but not exact copies. this would obviously take place after "apocalypse" to give his son a chance to grow up a bit. could marvel really be thinking that far ahead? i rather think so, and i for one cannot wait to see what the future holds.

I thought this too, he looks different but his projected image is of him as before. That wouldn't account for the wheelchair though. If he used that and he could actually walk would just be too lazy.

If you watch the trailer, they say Logan is sent back into his younger body. That's why he still has his adamantium claws

You do know that there is a comic X-men, and X-men First Class and Days of Future Past / present, which are set in different timelines and universes. So they are not digging up after x3, its just a different time line.

Well, the main time line yes.

It is hard to say if he will have them or not, in this story his mind/consciousness from the future is sent back to his old body in the past so if he has his adamantium skeleton back then then he will have his claws, but this story takes place in the 70s and technically he didn't get his adamantium skeleton until xmen origins which took place in 1985 so if he does have his metal bones then its pretty much a big fck you to everyone who considers origins to be part of the story line so far

He and his brother had claws. Login had ALL his bone(s) covered. If he had adamantium implants, as you suggest, he would have two sets of claws beside each other. One bone and one metal. How do you suggest he then extend the adamantium blades/claws? There are no motors in his body.

In other words, the metal HAD to be ON the bone claws for both storyline consistency (all bones covered) and functional reasons.

You're not getting it. The bone claws are a retcon. There WERE no bone claws for the first 25 years of the character's existence. They were implants only.

Exactly, so if he has 1000 drops of blood splatter all over the room, do 1000 Logans regenerate all over the place? We could have an infinite number of them!!!!

And what about Wanda (the Scarlet Witch) standing beside him?
Am I the only one that thought that Elizabeth Olsen was also in there?

Cassandra was his evil twin sister in one timeline, but I'm pretty sure that her existence was completely erased from ever happening.

In a different timeline, Charles could have a braindead brother.

so if professor Xavier can change bodies by using his ''gifted mind powers''....that means that Jean Grey could do it as well...i mean she said it herself she had the same powers as Xavier but not as powerfull...if i'm not wrong....so is there a chance she could come back...??

they'll probably undo "bone claws" after logan changes the past in DOFP

all the xmen movies are part of the storyline, they just arent in chronological order... marvel movies seem to have a problem with the natural flow of time

but if it's his twin brother's body, doesn't that mean professor x should be able to walk again?

Wolverine regrew his claws after he killed the silver robot bloke - I don't understand the debate about this - watch the film!

He regrew his bone claws, not adamantium ones.

Didn't that happen to Lobo?


I saw that, too. So convinced, that I had to rewind and watch it three times! :-)

Glad to see that I am not alone!!

I just watched DOFP and Xavier's resurrection or Wolverine's metal claws, were NOT explained! What a let down to a great film otherwise... :/

Okay, now I totally don't get it...; Seen DoFP - where does the airport scene fit in???
He is send back - in the future - to the 1970's - so where is this scene at modern date where they need his help and why do they need it, because from now till the future there are - years - left.... So to me this makes no sense at all...

Maybe that's the AoA storyline or the initial deployment of the new sentinels.

I totally understood it. Xavier and Magneto were trying to unite the mutants again into one big team, to fight the sentinels that were being made(maybe also deployed too) in that time period. So they came to him because he is a powerful mutant and a good little soldier, and a friend too. Do you get it now?

They kind of forgot how the previous movie ended... How stupid can you be to let these BIG mistakes unnoticed and let the fans of the series with no answers explained to those questions? :(

Not only he could walk again, but that would leave him with no psychic abilities. Because the mutant abilities are based on the body's mutation, not on the memories(mind) of his lifetime. And if his brother were a mutant too, than Xavier should have other abilities. But if no X gene, then Xavier would have been a normal human.

SPOILER! If you'll see the movie, then you'd know she will be back. She never died, she didn't even became The Phoenyx... She was her usual self.

X-Men: Apocalypse has been announced for 2016!!! Yaaay! :D

This could be me just being curious but what about Scott Summers and his brother we have seen Havoc in First Class and Scott and 1 and 2 and briefly in the 3rd but is he really dead it doesn't seem like they would really kill him off if they are headed towards Apocalypse and he hasn't met his brother yet either which was a big moment in the comics and while Nightcrawler be returning and will Spyke make another appearance but be good this time or even Victor Creed his death in the first movie never really showed him dying and what about Magnetos army ( of like 5 people) at the end of First Class and most importantly will Deadpool make a appearance in Apocalypse or in Days of Future Past we left him with a cliff hanger or even Gambit and in the films is Juggernaut still the bother of Professor X

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