The Easter eggs hidden in Man Of Steel

Feature James Peaty 19 Jun 2013 - 06:03

Tucked away in Man Of Steel were plenty of fan shout-outs and hints about future DC Comics movies - here's what James spotted

This feature continues spoilers for Man Of Steel.

Superhero movies tend to spawn sequels. That's not news. And thanks to the success of Avengers Assemble, it's entirely possible that there's a Justice League movie on the horizon, too. So it's tough, watching Man of Steel, not to look for clues about the future of the Superman story on the big screen.

And as a Superman fan, it's tough not to notice the multiple nods to other versions of the story - things that only the most devoted would pick up on. Here are nine Easter eggs hidden in the film that you may or may not have noticed first time round...


Although absent from big screen proceedings for the first time since 1983’s Superman III, the shadow of Superman’s historical arch-enemy, Lex Luthor looms large in Man of Steel. The logo for the bald genius's company, LexCorp, features three times during the films, while writer David S. Goyer has already hinted at how any future incarnation of the character may be presented in a future film.

“If Lex is going to exist in the world, we would presumably have to give him the same treatment that we gave Lois Lane in the first film, which is to make him a credible character. He’s the corollary to being a good love interest; he’s gotta be a man of incredible intelligence, and presumably a man of incredible wealth and incredible resources.”

That sounds a lot like the version of the character that was introduced into the Superman canon during John Byrne’s Man Of Steel revamp back in 1986. Establishing Luthor as not only a formidable scientist, but also both a businessman and philanthropist, the LexCorp head was very much the ‘king’ of Metropolis before Superman’s arrival on the scene.

Judging by the not too subtle seeding of Luthor’s presence throughout the film it looks like this may well be the way that Goyer and director Zack Snyder go with the character in the inevitable sequel.

Wayne Enterprises

During the final battle between Kal-El and General Zod there’s a ‘blink-and-you’ll- miss-it’ nod to Wayne Enterprises. Situated on the side of an orbiting satellite that the two duelling Krytponians turn into yet more collateral damage, it’s a subtle, yet telling nod to the future for the wider DCU on film after Man Of Steel.

While Goyer has categorically denied that the Bruce Wayne alluded to here is the same version of the character from Goyer and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, it’s hard to see Warner Brothers totally ruling out the possibility of bringing Bale back.

While Batman himself is a big draw, surely a team up between Henry Cavill’s Superman and Christian Bale’s Batman is a far more enticing prospect for moviegoers than any potential reintroduction of the character?

However, given Nolan’s clout at the studio, perhaps any possibility of a return for Bale has already been quashed once and for all? Certainly the studio would want to keep their most successful filmmaker onside, but in Hollywood even the most unlikely of deals have a habit of being made.

Either way, put money on these two icons of pop culture crossing paths sooner rather than later either in a Superman/Batman team-up flick or the inevitable Justice League feature.


Like the Wayne Enterprises logo, another subtle Easter egg buried within Man Of Steel is the existence of a mysteriously empty cryo-tube inside the buried Kryptonian scout ship that becomes Superman’s de-facto Fortress of Solitude.

Questions about who filled that tube aren’t answered in the film itself, but one of the Man Of Steel’s tie-in products does give us the surprising answer to that question. In a prequel comic, penned by the film’s screenwriter David S. Goyer, we’re told that the scout ship was in fact co-piloted by one of Superman’s ancestors, Kara Zor-El. Or, as she’s more commonly known to the wider world – Supergirl!

While no one should take the contents of a prequel comic as a definitive direction for any future sequels, the fact that this strip was written by Goyer and clearly references an event within the film itself seems to indicate that come sequel time perhaps a fellow member of the House of El is out there in the ice, waiting for Superman…


Prior to Man Of Steel, the most successful live action incarnation of Superman since the Richard Donner film was undoubtedly Smallville, the TV series based around the young Clark Kent’s formative years in the Kansas town.

While the film generally sidesteps that whole period of Superman’s early life there are nonetheless references galore to characters from that series.

Making numerous appearances throughout the film as both a child and adult is Clark Kent’s high school friend, Pete Ross. In addition to Pete we also get a quick glimpse of Clark’s high school sweetheart, Lana Lang, who not only defends Clark from Pete’s provocation, but seemingly discovers Clark’s secret after he saves the school bus from sinking into the Smallville river.

Apart from those characters that we meet in the film, there are also references to ‘The Fordham Boy’, a nod to the character of Whitney Fordham who was Clark’s rival for Lana’s affections during the show’s first season, as well as a further nod to fellow Smallville regular, Chloe Sullivan, in the form of Sullivan’s Truck Repairs.

Blaze Comics

Another background link to a wider DC, briefly visible during Zod and Superman’s final battle in Metropolis, is the billboard for Blaze Comics.

In the DCU Blaze Comics is the publisher who prints the exploits of the time-travelling superhero/business man Booster Gold. An integral part of various incarnations of the Justice League, Booster Gold is a refugee from the 25th Century and the sometime sidekick of Blue Beetle.

While perhaps not characters people would ordinarily expect to populate a cinematic Justice League, the Blue and Gold combination could well end up adding some much needed comic relief to any potential meeting of the DC icons.

That, or maybe someone thought it was funny?

All-Star Superman/Grant Morrison

While the most acclaimed Superman story of recent years doesn’t share very much narrative terrain with Snyder & Goyer’s film – All Star Superman covered Superman’s origin in just one, four panelled page back in 2006! - Man Of Steel nevertheless tries to co-opt some of the sci-fi poetry of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s acclaimed run.

Jor-El’s speech to the newly super-suited Kal-El about how he will '…give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards...' is an almost verbatim quote from a similar speech Jor-El gives to his son in issue 12 of All-Star…

Warren Ellis

However, despite trying to reach for Morrison’s more poetic sci-fi it is actually the work of fellow British comic book writer, Warren Ellis, that Goyer’s Man Of Steel script ends up feeling closer to.

The Kryptonian’s plan to terraform the Earth into a New Krypton is reminiscent of the final story arc of Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s run on their groundbreaking Wildstorm book, The Authority, while the name of the device Zod plans to use to achieve his plan – The World Engine – is also the title of a story arc Ellis wrote for Marvel Comics’ Thor title back in the mid-90s.

Mort Weisinger

Glimpsed quickly in a picture within Martha Kent’s photo-album it seems that the young Clark Kent was a pupil at the Weisinger Primary School, an institution named after famed Superman editor Mort Weisinger.

A key figure in both Superman’s development and early sci-fi fandom, Weisinger oversaw the Superman titles during the Silver Age of the 1950s and 60. It was on his watch that much of the backstory that Man Of Steel draws upon – the Phantom Zone, Kryptonian culture, the topography and environment of Superman’s homeworld – was established and solidified.

Killing Zod

Perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of Man Of Steel is Superman’s decision at the end of the movie to kill General Zod, rather than let him continue to wreak havoc upon the citizens of Earth.

While this has upset some fans, this turn in the film's story actually has precedence in the comic books themselves. Back in 1988, John Byrne put Superman up against a version of Zod who had committed genocide on a parallel version of Earth. After defeating him, Superman stripped the General of his powers, but was soon forced to take even more drastic action.

Threatening to regain his powers and travel across the dimensions to destroy Superman and all he loved, the Man of Steel was forced to execute Zod with Krytponite for the good of all creation. Haunted by the guilt of what he’d done, Superman eventually exiled himself into space as penance for his perceived crimes.

While this clearly isn’t Goyer and Snyder’s plan going forward, it’ll be interesting to see if the death of Zod – much like Batman’s killing of Ra’s Al Ghul at the end of Batman Begins – will have unforeseen consequences for Kal-El in future films…

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I don't understand how the Kryptonian ship could be used as the Fortress of solitude in the sequel. Is it not taken over by Zod and then destroyed in the 3rd act of the movie? So this isn't available isn't it?

the fortress of solitude came to earth with kara. it is available if the next movie shows a prequel then move on with man of steel after

The Wayne Enterprise one is great.

I know this an Easter Egg thread, but I liked the 'nod' to the Donner films when Superman first learns to fly in Man of Steel. When he fly's into space and around the curve of the Earth with his back to it. Brings back memories of the endings of the Donner films when he does a fly by!

I have seen this twice now and I cant wait for Man of Steel 2.

I thought that killing Zod was a good move, for we saw the impact it had on Superman and how much it broke him to destroy the last of his own race.
How did I miss the Wayne Enterprises nod?? I was like a hawk looking for that

Lex Corp was also on tanker truck thing that was thrown/kicked in to superman. You'll notice the logo before it explodes! :)

Not to be picky, but Pete Ross appeared first in the comics in the early '60s, and Lana Lang was 1950s.

Batman didn't kill Ra's in Batman Begins. He didn't have to save him.


forced to execute Zod with Krytponite

Ah come on, he basically did kill him.

And then he went and killed Harvey Dent as well.

Superman kills Zod in Superman 2. He strips Zod of his powers and cavalierly tosses him into the depths of the FoS with a smirk and no one complains. In MoS, when he kills Zod, he has no other reasonable option. Zod makes it clear he will personally wipe out all life on Earth. I'm not getting why people are so uptight about this.

It was either that or allow Gordon's family to be killed though. I think in the final showdown in The Dark Knight Rises Bruce probably indirectly kills plenty of baddies.

THANK YOU! I have been thinking the EXACT same thing. I'm so fed up of this being an issue. People seem to cling on to the Donner films SO much yet seem to have little to no memory of them!

The whole idea of that MoS Zod death scene goes back to when Clark asks his father, "What was I supposed to do...? Just let them die?" To which Jonathan replies, "I dunno... maybe?". He HAD to kill him. He was about to murder a whole family, so he had to chose. He had to "Decide what kind of man you wanna grow up to be". Would he be a better man had he let them all die?

Even Lois ends up killing Faora in Superman II. She punches her in the face and she falls to her death. That's fine though coz it was the 'Donner' version.

And in MoS he had the same dilemma. Kill Zod or let Zod kill that family.

Basically, the exact same ending.

I read a funny article today about the destruction of Metropolis and how much it would have cost.

Apparently it was well over £100 billion in damages and human loss would have been over 100,000 with a million injured.

Are things like the Wayne Industries and LexCorp logos actually Easter Eggs? Would they not be expected to be common sights in Superman's world?

I'm not sure about the continuity but my presumption has been that MoS sets up a more substantive storyline over the next few films about the place of a superbeing in a human world.

The destruction wrought by the battling Kryptonians on Metropolis was genuinely catastrophic. Supes was hardly an example of restraint. I suspect the Lex story and wider story of the (undoubted) trilogy will be about the effect of 'power' on people and society - of a world in which the superhuman both makes the human seem small and weak and takes responsibility away from humanity to confront it's own problems. Lex's rationale will be that Superman is making things worse, not better. Indeed I could see Batman taking a similar stance. Both the above ideas are reflected in Red Son, but as an inspiration I wonder if Goyer et al will be looking to Moore/Gaimans MiracleMan...

Agreed. This is definitely a 'finding oneself' type film.

The ending sums it up perfectly when we see him as 'Clark Kent' for the very first time.

It sets up a sequel brilliantly. I assume this will have Lex Luther as the villain. I'm sure they will go down the not so action packed route seeing as Metropolis was destroyed in the first one! No point in that happening again and they should avoid more of the same.

As long as the new Lex Luther villain is not all about "Land!", I'll be happy. That was the one thing I didnt like about Superman Returns, his obsession with owning land! Again!

Luthor didn't show up in Superman III, but in 1987's Superman IV. And Pete and Lana aren't Smallville characters, they've been part of the Superman mythos for decades. What was a more comprehensive Smallville nod was those actors he hired from the series:

Jax-Ur actor played a failed Luthor clone in the series.

And....AMY ADAMS!! Who had a small part in the first season as Jodi Melville ;D

I never considered that Supes killed Zod et. al. in Superman 2. I just assumed that they fell, were stuck in a pit of some sort, until Supes dealt with them by locking them up somewhere, or creating a new phantom zone generator or something. I think if they were killed by the fall we would have some evidence of it. The movie really was comics code.

Ffs do ppl not realise ra's is immortal? Batman dont kill ppl...killing zod was such a good touch. Something needs to be done differently and I think MoS got it spot on

And it will all be miraculously fixed in the next film...

There were loads of Smallville cameos in Man of Steel too.

Amy Adams (the new Lois Lane) was also in Smallville. She was in the 1st Season episode called Craving (ep7).

There was Alessandro Juliani, who was Emile in Smallville's later Seasons and was Officer Sekowsky.

There was also Tahmoh Penikett (who was in the frozen area where they found the Kryptonian ship) was in Smallville Season 3 episode Resurrection, and Season 6 episodes Nemesis, and Prototype.

Ian Tracey (who was the trucker who bullied Clark in the diner) was in the Smallville Season 5 episode called Mercy.

Mackenzie Gray (Zod's soldier who tortures Superman on board their ship) was in Smallville Season 5 episode Cyborg and Season 10 episode Lazarus (in Lazarus he was the Lex Luthor clone).

David Lewis (Major Laramore in MoS) was in the Smallville Season 2 episode called Calling and the Season 8 episode Committed.

David Paetkau (a Northcomm Threat Analysist in MoS) was in Smallville Season 1 episode Hothead and the Season 8 episode Bulletproof (as one of the cops Clark works with).

Elizabeth Thai (another Northcomm Threat Analysist in MoS) was in Smallville Season 3 episode Memoria.

Kwesi Ameyaw was a Canadian Airman in MoS and was Lex's Security Guard Darius in Smallville episodes Kinetic, Visitor, and Shattered from Seasons 1,2, and 3 respectively.

Mike Dopud (more known for SGU as the terrorist/Lucian Alliance soldier Varro) was another Canadian Airman in MoS and was Lex's Security Guard George for 10 episodes over Seasons 8 and 9 of Smallville.

Carmen Lavigne (the waitress in MoS who gets harrassed by the trucker) was in Smallville as the Valentine Fairy in the Season 9 episode Persuasion.

There were undoubtedly others (as the series ran for 10 seasons).

Guess a large part was filmed in Canada...

How about the Dr. Fate cameo? Or am i the only one thinking it was Dr. Fate? =D

Saw the film today and I really enjoyed it. Apart from Zod. What a whiney emo they made him. Every time he was on screen in the final third I was desperate for him to be off it. Glad they killed the sod.

I just think it could be the fact that he snapped Zod's neck in front of a family.

Check out my comment below for a list of tons of Smallville actors who cameoed in Man Of Steel. The waitress who was touched up by the trucker was in Smallville, that trucker was in Smallville, Emile from Smallville was there, Tahmoh Pemikett from BSG was in MoS and Smallville. There were a lot.
The Jax-Ur actor wasn't just a Luthor clone in the Season 10 opener, Lazarus. He was also Dr Krieg in the Season 5 episode Cyborg.

Great research! Man, all those Smallville actors must be feel lucky lol they were in two Superman franchises. Annette O'Toole being Lana in Superman III and Martha Kent in Smallville has nothing on this heh.

Yeah, I was okay with killing Zod when one imagines that the collateral damage from the fight killed dozens at least directly due to superman slamming Zod through buildings, raining glass, etc.

What happens to the scout ship, wasn't it destroyed during the final battle? How did the scoutship, arrive at earth in the first place?

My opinion is that Zod isn't "dead". Didn't you read "The Death and Life of Superman"? There is no mention in the film of what happened to Zod's body. Perhaps if it sits in the sunlight long enough he'll come back to life.
In the next movie, look for Zod to align with Lex to REALLY annoy Superman.

Also, in the movie, I didn't like how Superman didn't take the fight with Zod AWAY from Metropolis so as to cause less destruction and ruin.

I think that in the next movie, they need to go into a superman vs Lex Luthor type thing. To highlight the superhuman vs Normal Human. Where superman has his powers, Lex Luthor has his intellect, wealth and such. A resurrection of Zod might seem inaccurate. However, the resources of Lex might see him getting his hands on Zods Kryptonian armor/suit and him modifying it incase of a superman attack.

The fundamental reason I loved Man Of Steel was the wanton destruction at Metropolis that i used to love when I used to watch the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series.

Apparently it came several thousand years ago, as a possible colony for the Kryptonians as they were venturing into the skies.

In the next movie there could be a storyline where Luthor finds out that Superman actually triggered the signal that drew Zod to earth in the first place, which he did and so he is directly responsible for the destruction and threat from the stars. would have liked to have had the Doomsday scenario in the next one but it would be too similer now to what happened in his movie.

anyone else spot the actual word "SMALLVILE" on the water tower?

Actually - a version specially edited for TV has an additional scene where Luthor and the three Kryptonians, who were just knocked unconscious in the fall, being arrested and taken to jail to serve their time as humans.

It's not Faora in Superman II - it's Ursa - a completely different character.

That, according to deleted scenes is exactly what happens - the Kryptonians are retrieved from the chasm and sent to jail

I agree, killing Zod was a good move. He had to make a tough choice, which tough choices make a hero. The Wayne Enterprise logo was on the metal oil rig structure when Superman came in to save the workers from being killed. It was a quick shot.

Erm.... It's been established for decades that Clark Kent's home town was called Smallville. That's where the TV show got its name from, not the other way around.

What, in the movies anyway, shows that Ra's is immortal?

I agree with the nice touch of not revealing adult, journalist Clark Kent until the very end, but when he walked into the Daily Planet with the glasses on and nobody recognised him except Lois I couldn't thinking "Seriously?!". I know that's a sort of perennial Superman thing, that somehow nobody recognises him just because of the glasses, but usually they've got to know him and work with him as Clark before Superman makes an appearance, which I think would somehow make them less likely to make the connection.

At first I was also niggled by the fact that right from the start Lois knows that Clark is Superman, rather than having to work it out at some point, but the more I thought about it the more I was glad for that. That storyline of her not recognising the man she works with every day as the mysterious hero she loves gets tedious so quickly and has been well explored (ad nauseum in 'Lois And Clark').

Wow, really? I'd love to see that! Haha!

Where was the DR FATE cameo can you give a detailed Description Where it was

I noticed that too - it was much more prominent than the sign on the building, which I also noticed, But the article does say the LexCorp logo appears three times, I think, so it's not wrong.

Lex Corp is also on the side of the construction site where Superman is throw n into the sign that changes from 106 days without injury to 0 days. Lex Corp is down the side of the building.

Typo Krytponians

Possible sequel would be Luthor getting Zod's cells and cloning Doomsday.

I believe the logo is on the satellite. That's where I saw it.

In the Donner's Cut, Superman reverses time again so Zod and co. never escapes from the Phantom Zone.

The oil tanker zox throws at superman has lex.corp logo on it

When Superman first takes flight, the wind "whoshing" sound effect is the same as the one from the George Reeves Superman TV show.

Oh. Did not know that. I never saw the show or read the comics.

Whitney's name in Smallville was Fordman not Fordham.

Also, the female soldier at the end of the movie who says that Superman is 'kinda hot' had the name 'Ferris' on her uniform - could it be Carol Ferris, love interest of Hal Jordan and sometime Star Sapphire?

I dont think the sun can undo a broken neck.

The feeling I get from this film is they are sticking to 'reality' as much as possible (as much as they can in a comic book world!). Zod's dead, end of. Next villain please.

Saw it yesterday. Brilliant movie. One question though. If Crowe designed the spaceship that becomes superman's temporary did it come to be buried in ice for 20,000 years?

He didn't say that. He said that he designed the ship that Zod etc were using (i.e. the ship they had been banished in), not the ancient one in the ice.

"While Batman himself is a big draw, surely a team up between Henry Cavill’s Superman and Christian Bale’s Batman is a far more enticing prospect for moviegoers than any potential reintroduction of the character?"

A few months ago I would have said this was an impossibility, especially with Bales preference for edgyness, but after seeing Man of Steel and as time goes by I see this more and more as a possibility. Maybe not yet, maybe after Man of Steel 2 but as time goes on, I really think Bale could be persuaded to reprise his role. In 5 years time Bale will have been given his chance to go sow his oats in indie films and might be ready for another blockbuster.

Killing Zod was about the only time the film showed any soul, it was the right move.

Actually, several years ago, WB released a re-edited version of "Superman II" which stripped away Richard Lester's camp and replaced Donner's cut footage. Zod being arrested was included.

No he didn't. That was the original plan, but the turning back time scene was used in instead in "Superman: The Motion Picture".

And the family would have preferred to have been roasted alive by a maniac's heat vision rather than seeing something icky?

Really. Lois was the only one in the Daily Planet building who spoke to Superman close up. Also, this Clark Kent is VERY different from Superman. Instead of wearing a bright blue suit with a white shirt, red tie and a hat, this version wears very conventional, muted, clothing. White Superman constantly has his back arched and his jaw thrusted, Clark slumps over. Most important, in this version, Kent is a newspaper stringer, which means he doesn't hang around the office much. He's free to come and go as he pleases.

Yes exactly. This movie is all about how he becomes Superman mentally and emotionally - not just about showing the events leading up to it. He's not Superman until the final few scenes of the film.

Unfortunately, the whole 'Superman puts on glasses and nobody recognises him' thing is something we have to accept. I can't see any way the filmmakers can get round that in a sequel.

Yes I noticed the fly by homage. It brought a huge smile to my face.

Also can't wait for the sequel.

Yes exactly. Zod was brilliant but I don't want to see him again, to be honest. New bad guy required.

Surely it will be Luthor? If so, we can also expect Kryptonite to be a major part of the plot since the only way Luthor can hurt Superman is with Kryptonite.

And guess who will afford the money that will be needed to rebuild Metropolis?! Lex Luthor!.Since Zack Snyder already said that Lex will be a businessman and not a scientist.

After The Dark Knight films, I thought there was no way that Bale's Batman and Superman could exist in the same universe. Having seen Man of Steel, I think differently - which is testament to the remarkable job they've done with Man of Steel.

It would be very cool to see a Bale Batman cameo in Man of Steel.

Ra's is not immortal in the movies. He is in the comics,in the movies his immortality is symbolic: by using many different peoples to represent Ra's identity no one can ever say that he actually died.

HOW come no one noticed the lexcorp logo on one of the oil tanks that Zod threw at Superman in the final battle.

Glad I'm not the only Smallville addict who caught all of those!

Yes and no. They should be common sights in a shared universe. The reason they are easter eggs is that they prove to the fans that there will be some sort of continuity to the DC universe; we will see Supes meet other heroes (and villains) at some point.

That was certainly my interpretation.

I guess this could be explained through the theory of relativity. Basically, for them to have travelled all the way to earth from the Andromeda galaxy (the supposed location of Krypton, according to the most recent official version), they would need to travel an immense distance as the Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.5 million light years away from earth.

Now, I know they're in cryo-chambers, but they still need to be traveling fast enough for it to make any sense to send a scouting ship out that far, and be able to relay info back to Krypton or whatever. Now, in order for them to reach earth in a reasonable time, the most practical way would be to "bend space", which could be potentially possible for the Krypton's advanced society.

If this is the case, then their time is now fluid; this means that time on Krypton would not be the same as time on earth. Say earth and krypton follow the same timeline (which they dont). The scout ship leaves krypton, say, in 1950. When it arrives on earth, its not going to be a distinct time in the future, following the normal time that it would take to travel that distance. Remember, time is relative at this point.

Now, we are assuming that Krypton is much older than earth, as they are orbiting a red sun. Since that is the case, sending the ship in kryptons 1950 could potentially be 20,000 years bc in earths history.

Now here comes the kicker. Say Jor-El sends Kal in 2013. When he arrives on earth, hes not going to arrive 63 years after the scout ship. (Time is realtive!) He can arrive at really, any point in earths history. In this case, it was 20000 years into the future.

The other possible explaination for their interstellar travel is wormholes, which would follow the same basic principle. A matter of seconds difference in their entrance could mean thousands of years between the two exits...

I was talking about the "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut". Do you even know what the Donner Cut is?

I don't know if it's an easter egg or a coincidence, but the credits said one of the Kryptonians was called Lor-Em. "Lorem Ipsum" is shorthand for the dummy text printers and typesetters use to show how words will look on the page. It's sort of weird, spacy Latin and the perfect way to generate things like, say, Kryptonian names.

Frankly from piecing all the quotes and hints I can see a story for Man of Steel 2 forming. You have Metropolis in ruins and Goyer/Snyder
have already said that Lex is more dodgy billionaire than out and out criminal.
So there’s all this ‘alien’ technology lying around the ruins and a billionaire
who owns half of metropolis. I can see no other way than Lex getting his hands
on this technology working for and or with the government. Those Kryptonian
suits Zod et al wore look quite nifty(and Zod’s is lying on Luthors property)
mix them with more alien technology and weapons and you have classic Lex and
his super-suit. Lex and his super suit is the only way Lex can ever compete
with Supe’s. Zods body is lying around so Lex can find genetic weaknesses in
his DNA, a perfect time to bring on the Kryptonite element. That craft in the
ice was 18,000 years old so I see it unlikely that it will contain Supergirl
but could contain any other Kryptonian, or Kryptonian style robot/intelligence
to help Lex and his evil ways.

Superman’s fighting skills are terrible in Man of Steel,
almost too terrible. As though he needs to go and learn how to fight. If only
he could find someone who knows many fighting techniques and will be a friend
in hard times. As MOS2 is coming before Justice league there’s no doubt this
would be a good way to integrate Batman but not have him directly involved.

Casting Lex I might add will be very hard. It will have to
be someone around 35-40 well built but who can act. They will also have to rock
a bald head and suit. I would suggest Tom Hardy but it may prove difficult to
sell, Bale would shave his head, but again may prove difficult to sell. We then
get into The Rock territory and he may be quite terrible for the role, then
again his acting is improving. It’s difficult, it’s a multi film role and needs
strength physically and acting wise. Suggestions on a postcard…….

Cool, but a cameo is unlikely. Maybe they will steal a leaf out of Marvels book and do a Batman post-credit sequence in Man of Steel 2 leading up to a Superman/Batman trilogy...!

I can dream cant I? :)

Whilst it may seem a little too "After Earth" would it not be feasible to bring back TDKR Batman by having Sup's use some of the advance Kryptonian tech to fix Bruce's debilitating leg and other injuries.
This would allow Bale to return as a Batman as capable as he was in BB & TDK.
That said, I think the Bale's Batman is now consigned to the history books and a new task will be made for TJLM. :(

Wouldn't that then make Kara over 20,000 years old though?

during the scene where clark was talking to the priest (father leone)... when the camera shifts to the priest, in the in the background is a cross superimposed over a circle (the circle being at the top portion of the cross). the 1st thing i thought of when i saw this is that it looks like an ankh (the symbol associated with Dr. Fate). then the scene ended with the priest saying something like "... it takes a leap of faith/fate". =D

shades of the JLU episode "clash" wherein superman fought with captain marvel! i love that episode!

Further egg-in the late scene when supes confronts the general about his snooper drone I'm pretty sure the woman captain is Ferris

I am thinking this is the new origin of Wonder Woman. She is the descendant of both Human and Kryptonian blood lines. They have lived in seclusion all these years but will emerge now they have heard of the events in metropolis. Perhaps her weapons and armor are passed down relics from Krypton.

And the biggest how come..... How come nobody noticed it was green lanterns Star Sapphire that was the one who said superman was hot.

WHAT? lol
Wonder Woman cannot be a Kryptonian. That would send decades of history of comics down the drain.

Read the prequel comic. It clearly shows that really happened.

One of the things I loved about Smallville was seeing actors from previous Supermans cameo. Such as Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Marc McClure, Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, etc...
I also loved the Dukes of Hazzard reunion in Season 5, when the original Duke boys tear up Smallville in a blue General Lee.

No, he didn't kill Ra's ... he just got Gordon to do it for him. Not a huge distinction, in my book.

The truck that drops off Clark at the farm is LexCorp.

Saw this movie 3 times :)


Martha Kent was Hot in Smallville

what about when he was yelling/trying to fly up the beam of the ship in the indian ocean and his face morphed into christopher reeve's?? did anyone else catch that because it was friggin awesome.

What I can't believe is that no one is talking about col. Hardy's nick name...
GUARDIAN!!! A fellow hero that lived in Metropolis. During the death of Superman
he tried give Supes mouth to mouth.

Your theories, albeit good ones, overlook one important part of the movie. Jor-El said in the beginning that Krypton had been sending thousands of colonizing ships to planets all over different galaxies. And when he chose where to send Kal-El, he went back to check which of those planets would be more suitable for him. And this is also explains how Jor-El knew the atmospheric composition of Earth, etc.
Also, Zod had that same "list" of planets, and that's how he hunted Kal-El. Before finding him through the beacon that Kal-El initiated by flying his ship near the Pole, Zod visited several worlds, thus being able to rearm himself with Kryptonian weapons left by the other scouting ships! :)

I agree it was the right move. But for me, the most powerful moment was Costner putting his hand up.

At the moment, however, isn't Lois the only civilian character who's seen him close up? I thought that was clever on the part of the script - Perry White et al didn't even see him properly, did they?

Excellent work! And it was all filmed in Canada, according to the credits...

Zod Sounds Like 'Ivan Ooze' From the Power Rangers movie haha

Alessandro Juliani played a bit part in Man of Steel. He played Dr. Emil Hamilton in Smallville.

The prequel comic features Kara Zor-El (also known as Supergirl).

mishuma (the commenter above) was just speculating about a potential new origin of Wonder Woman, who is a different character to Kara.

THIS is the Wayne Enterprises logo we all, most of us anyway, missed :)


IMDB is awesome huh? Lol. Well researched though :)

he killed general zod in superman II. He depowered him, crushed his hand and threw him off a cliff.

Oh man, yes! I wasn't sure whether it was actually happening (morphing) or I was just hoping it in to existence but if someone else has seen it..!

Yeah, I think you're right. No one, central character has seen Clark as Superman, complete with ever-distracting cape and cowl, except Louis and various ranked military personnel. All amongst destruction and chaos, Perry and co. had less than clear vantage points whether amongst said destruction or through savvy stage placement. The best we could hope for (or against) is the familiar and, I think successful, "..Hmn, but doesn't Clark look a lot, no can't be...?!" Priceless.

Did anyone else notice that when Superman and Zod were fighting on the building being constructed, there was a sign that said "106 days since an accident" but Zod threw Superman at it and the 1 and the 6 fell off so it read "0 days since an accident".

When zod thows a explosive truck it says lexcorp also when scaling the construction u can see lexcorp again


I noticed something that might mean something! When the tornado is hitting and he is taking the girl under the pass she has a cheetah toy in her hand... So yeah that could be a reference on cheetah.

She has it in her hand and it shows out a lot.

Snyder is a genius!

People are uptight because they are re'ta'rded.

At 2 hour 5 Minutes and 40 seconds in (Blu-ray version, 1080p), we see Zod and Superman fight around Wayne Tower.

Did any anyone notice that Zod's ship in outerspace wasn't pulled into the Phantomzone, but was left hovering around in Earth's orbit? I swear, that is going to be the Watchtower for the Justice League. If not, then it'd be such a waste.

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