Where does Captain America 2 leave the Marvel universe?

Feature Rob Leane 28 Mar 2014 - 06:28

Spoilers: just where does Captain America: The Winter Soldier leave the Marvel cinematic universe?

This article contains lots of spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The phrase ‘game-changer’ is bandied about a lot in the ever-growing world of superhero movies, with The Dark Knight, The Avengers and now Captain America: The Winter Soldier being three of the biggest examples in recent years.

While Nolan’s terrorism allegory and Whedon’s super team-up both changed the game for the makers of comic book movies, inspiring a string brooding blockbusters and shared universes respectively, The Winter Soldier actually changes things in a different way - by hugely shaking up the fictional world of the movie, the events of Cap’s latest adventure have steered the Marvel Cinematic Universe away from the direction many presumed it was going in.

There is a lot of spoilery discussion to be spawned by this film and let it be stressed that the Winter Soldier’s identity is not the only twist. If you haven’t seen the film yet, and want to go in completely cold, scroll no further than this beautiful visualisation by Kerry Callen of what Captain America would be like as a DC character in their wacky 1960s phase:

‘Everything goes’

Let’s start with S.H.I.E.L.D. - the spy agency which has been the backbone of Marvel’s shared universe since day one. Marvel’s huge success with 2012’s The Avengers actually started way back in 2008’s Iron Man when Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury first dropped the hint that there were more superheroes out there, and that he had a plan to bring them together.

Since Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige’s mammoth crossover conquered the global box office, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents have been suspiciously absent from the big screen MCU adventures. They didn’t do anything to help stop a plot against the P.O.T.U.S. in Iron Man 3 and they weren’t even answering important phone-calls in Thor: The Dark World - now we know why.

The Winter Soldier shows us that S.H.I.E.L.D. has some serious problems - former WWII-era HYDRA scientist Arnim Zola has been corrupting S.H.I.E.L.D. since the start. Present day Zola, now a living computer, has created an algorithm to identify potential troublemakers and kill them before they get a chance to commit any crimes. As the ever-righteous Steve Rogers points out - this isn’t freedom, this is fear.

When punching Zola’s computer monitor doesn’t seem to fix anything, Cap sets out to stop the modern day HYDRA representative leading S.H.I.E.L.D. – Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce. When the few remaining good guys meet-up to form a plan, Cap shoots down Fury’s idea of trying to salvage S.H.I.E.L.D. “Everything goes” says Rogers, and everyone agrees. S.H.I.E.L.D., as we know it, is gone.

At the end of the movie we see Fury incinerate his iconic eye-patch and head to Europe to stop some more corruption, while Maria Hill sits down to take a lie detector test at Stark Industries. So what does this mean for the future?

The immediate assumption is that the Avengers (including the remaining trustworthy agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), will form their own justice-keeping organisation, financed by Tony Stark. Not only would this tie into the tease of the ‘A’ left hanging on Stark Tower in Avengers Assemble (which alluded to the Stark-donated Avengers Mansion from the comics), this would be a neat way to keep Robert Downey Jr. in the franchise without too many action scenes for the World’s Mightiest Middle-aged Dude.

This private ownership would no doubt pit the Avengers against the government at some point, which could tee up nicely for a Civil War-style crossover. With the Avengers possibly working alone, surely Stark creating Ultron and putting the world in danger is going to get him/the team into a lot of trouble somewhere down the line. Why would Stark need to do a lie detector test on Maria though? Maybe he’s interviewing her to help run the new Head Quarters, but needs to know he can trust her. Either that or he just likes messing with people and making them nervous.

Another option is something similar to the aftermath of the Secret War comic book arc which saw Fury disappear in disgrace, with Maria taking the helm of S.H.I.E.L.D. – with no teases for a new S.H.I.E.L.D. team though, and Maria’s visit to Stark Industries surely being more than a red herring, a Stark-funded Avengers HQ seems more likely.

Two more grow in its place

Kept well under wraps in the publicity for this film was the fact that HYDRA were returning. The Nazi deep science research division, thought defeated during The First Avenger, has actually been gathering strength and numbers while Captain America was on ice.

Not only did it survive without the Red Skull’s leadershipit has grown into powerful behind-the-scenes puppet masters of society by building cybernetic-enhanced killing machines, wiping out potential threats before they’ve done anything, infiltrating the most secure levels of the government and even influencing key historical events. A brief image even suggested that HYDRA was behind the assassination on the grassy knoll.

Truly, the events of The Winter Soldier show that there’s no limit to HYDRA's reach, and we’re sure to see more of it. Although Iron Man 2 alumnus Senator Stern and established S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Agent Sidwell have been caught mid-heil, there’s bound to be more powerful figures in on the act.

While we’ve all been expecting each film to tie back to Thanos and the Infinity Stones, the Russo brothers have snuck another massive threat into the MCU in the shape of HYDRA. There’s several ways this could be developed on screen in the future; with the power of Loki’s sceptre, HYDRA could potentially open a portal and bring back Red Skull; with high levels of influence in government, it could try to stamp down on superheroes; in rebooting Zola, it could rain computerised terror on our tech-obsessed society; tying into the Clairevoyant’s experiments in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it could even create its own army of super-soldiers.

Although there are plenty of options for future plotlines, one thing is for sure - we haven’t seen the end of HYDRA. It seems likely it will become established as a recurring threat meddling in the background of the MCU, returning repeatedly to torment the Avengers over several films. The film’s mid-credits sting confirmed that The Winter Soldier only represented one battle, and that the war is far from over. Introducing Thomas Kretschmann as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, this short scene introduced us to a HYDRA project which is bound to dominate Phase 3…

The Age of Miracles

While HYDRA continue as the puppet-masters of planet earth, von Strucker will unleash super-powered humans onto society. When you think about it, human characters with superpowers haven’t really been a big theme so far in the MCU. Iron Man’s abilities are all in the suits; Captain America is honed to perfect physical condition but is still essentially just a man; and the Hulk, although indestructible, is the result of a radiation mishap. When compared to the X-Men and other Marvel heroes, the current on-screen (human) Avengers rosta isn’t very heavy on superpowers.

Thor, Loki and other Asgardian characters have introduced the idea that beings from other corners of the nine realms have far more fantastical abilities – flight, witchcraft, controlling lightning and near-immortality being examples that we know about so far.

Since Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were announced to star in Age Of Ultron, there has been speculation about how Marvel Studios would give them their superpowers. Existing as children of Magneto in the comics, these two characters are traditionally mutants.

Without the rights to the X-Men lore, Marvel Studios would have to get creative to introduce these characters, and it looks like it's found a way. So how has von Strucker gifted ‘the twins’ with the fantastical powers of super speed and telekinesis which we see in the mid-credits sting? With the help of Loki’s sceptre.

Last seen in Black Widow’s hands closing Loki’s portal, the sceptre has previously allowed the God of Mischief to take control of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and several other characters. Presumably left lying around while everyone went for shwarma, the sceptre is now with HYDRA.

It seems likely, as it was reintroduced in the same lab as the super-powered siblings, that HYDRA has been experimenting with the sceptre and found a way to use it to give out amazing abilities to ordinary individuals.

Although the MCU has seen aliens, flying suits and huge green rage monsters, it has never seen anything quite like this, which is bound to have big consequences. Dubbed by von Strucker as ‘the age of miracles’, this introduction of new super-powers into the MCU is almost certain to dominate phase three. With Stephen Strange name-dropped in the same movie, it’s worth putting money on him gaining his mystical abilities through similar techniques. With more opportunities arising for new characters, this ‘age of miracles’ could also open the door to a massive crossover event like Civil War.

Will these new characters, and any more HYDRA creations, be able to control their new powers? How long before HYDRA starts using them to attempt total world domination? Can the sceptre create beings with Asgardian levels of power? Expect these questions, and many more, to be raised shortly and for ‘miracles’ and impossible abilities to dominate the MCU for years. Before we even got time to dwell on this revelation in the cinema though, another big hint was dropped…

The Death of Captain America?

Although not overtly mentioned, Bucky Barnes rediscovering his human side at the very end of the film, coupled with the return of Arnim Zola and the reappearance of HYDRA, seems to point towards one famous comic book arc making it to screen in the future - The Death of Captain America.

The fact that Chris Evans has displayed an interest in winding down his acting career lately, while Sebastian Stan has signed up for a nine film deal, also serves to support the theory that the mantle of Captain America might soon be changing hands.

This 2007 comic book arc was written by Ed Brubaker, the man who first brought back long-dead Cap side-kick Bucky Barnes as The Winter Soldier. Brubaker’s work was a huge influence on the Russo brother's development of The Winter Soldier and if logic prevails, they are likely to find more inspiration in his further work.

Brubaker famously killed off Cap after the events of Marvel’s Civil War crossover. As Crossbones looked on, a brainwashed Sharon Carter dealt the final blow on the orders of the Red Skull. In introducing Crossbones and Carter, as well as giving HYDRA a sceptre with mind control powers, there are so many clues alluding that Marvel Studios is building towards putting these events on screen in the future.

With Evans tied in for at least two more films after Age of Ultron on his six film contract (his Thor: The Dark World cameo doesn’t count), it seems likely that he will appear in Captain America 3 before bowing out in Avengers 3, letting Bucky take on the role of Captain America in phase four.

To wrap up then, although Captain America might not be the most charismatic or powerful Marvel hero, his latest movie has been arguably the most significant film of phase two so far and has delivered by the far the most change we have ever seen in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Going forward, the legacy of this film will have repercussions throughout the MCU for years to come. HYDRA has now been reintroduced and will likely be a background baddie (like Thanos so far), tormenting and testing the Avengers from afar through its evil schemes.

Using Loki’s sceptre, HYDRA has managed to give ordinary people incredible powers, and by throwing Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch into the mix in Age Of Ultron, Marvel Studios will move forward with its own experiment of introducing many more superpowers, which could lead to their biggest, most epic crossover event to date.

This brave new world of crazy super powers will be governed by a new team, possibly a new, non-government-aligned Avengers team, funded by Tony Stark with leadership help from Maria Hill. Steve Rogers will be a key part of this team for the next couple of years, but Bucky Barnes is likely to take on the mantle of Captain America after Chris Evans’ contract ends after Avengers 3.

Whether or not our predictions and assumptions are right, we can expect the MCU to be a very different place from Age Of Ultron onwards, with super-powered people running around, something new in place of the established S.H.I.E.L.D. set-up and a shady bunch of Nazi scientists attempting world domination. No wonder Marvel has so many films lined up, if it's looking to cover that little lot...

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So for the start of age of Ultron, SHIELD is gone, Iron Man is gone, Thor is on earth but his dad is in a dungeon somewhere having been replaced by Loki and Cap is on some tour around the world. Plus Hydra is pulling a lot of background strings and the collector is is out there starting to pull together Infinity stones.

That's a lot going on and it shows a great deal of skill from Marvel in releasing so many individual films that can be watched on their own merits but which keeps creating consequences for everyone else.

Men I'm gonna have at least 8 DoG articles to read after next Saturday!

Going with World war Hulk scenario???

My theory regarding Quick Silver and The Scarlet Witch's powers is they didn't get it from the sceptre but from Asgardian blood found on the sceptre. This could be a good why to get around the word mutants, which I believe they can't use otherwise they'd get sued from Fox so instead they can refer to them as Demi-Gods.

What I liked about this article and the film is that is discusses the Easter eggs in a more meaningful way. They seem to have been used with more purpose. Whether this was the case or the accumulation of events lead them to be viewed retrospectively that way is neither here or there. I especially liked the quick blink of Bucky holding Caps shield in a very Captain America way, before slinging it back.

Lots of speculation and excitement. It's also interesting that GotG will give us a little breather before Avengers 2 to mull this over too.

How can S.H.I.E.L.D. be gone after Cap 2 - the TV series has just got going! Unless they rename it...!

Unemployed, agents of leisure perhaps?

Maybe the organisation will still be around, but the Avengers will splinter off and make their own team, HQ etc because they don't trust SHIELD any more?

The only problem I had with Cap' 2 was that Hawkeye never shows up, nor is he mentioned. It's a bit odd to only have 2 of the 3 Shield affiliated heroes there for such a big event.

I'm not convinced Hydra is using Loki’s sceptre to give ordinary people incredible powers, instead they are using it to control people. I'm sure now that the Sceptre is powered by the Mind Infinity Gem/Stone. This means we have the Power Stone with The Collector, the Space Stone with Loki and the Mind Stone with Hydra...

I also thought this - unless he is going to turn out to be a Hydra supporter in a later film...

I'm thinking the group from the TV Show will end up working at Avengers Tower.

Nice idea - although the Asgardians are aliens rather than gods.

I considered something like this, but remembered that the staff isn't asgardian, it came from the Chitauri (they say so in Avengers), so its alien and has no reason to have any blood other tgan Coulsons on it. I think its the staff that gives people power and the origin is alien which will link in well with Thanos and the infinity gauntlet in the future

More bad-guy Hawkeye action! Renner would not be impressed

Maybe make the next One-Shot be about him explaining where he was and why he wasn't featured..?

People need to get over this obsession of "Why wasn't Hulk there, why wasn't Thor there?" etc if it happened like this on film or the comics then every film would just be called The Avengers, Hawkeye is an operative, he was prob on some mission somewhere outside of America, remember Cap 2 happened in a matter of day's not weeks.

True but they could atleast mention it. I'm not saying he should have been there, just that an explanation in the form of a throw away line like "If only Barton wasn't Wakanda, we'd have a better chance."

It just felt weird ignoring the fact that he wasn't present.

My guess; "Agents Of SHIELD" will renamed and relaunched as "Secret Avengers" with the team being bankrolled by Stark and Maria Hill as their boss, since Cobie Smulders is now free to appear on a more regular basis.

SHIELD isn't necessarily gone, as the events in depicted in Winter Soldier didn't end it in the comics. They've based Winter Soldier's Hydra plot on the comics Secret Invasion & Secret Warriors, where SHIELD was taken over by the Skrulls. Following this SHIELD was renamed HAMMER & run by Norman Osborn (you can imagine how well that turned out). Fury then discovered that SHIELD had been infiltrated by Hydra from inception. SHIELD is purged of Hydra by Fury who then hands control of it to Daisy Johnson (Quake).
I can imagine that they will miss out the HAMMER stage in the movies, especially as the rights to Osborn & Spider-man are elsewhere & go straight to SHIELD being reformed sans Hydra & having Fury or Hill in charge depending on contracts.

I too think the sceptre's gem is the mind gem, but considering it's the infinity gauntlet I don't doubt that it could be used to unlock hidden potential with the human mind in order to give the target superpowers. Like unlocking a dormant X-gene (but not that because Marvel can't used mutants or X-genes :-))

your right, it probably will come back. i'm just listing out how the field of play stands at the start of Age of Ultron. Going to be interesting

Any Cap film even loosely based around the events in Brubakers run cant be a bad thing (second best run on a marvel comic for me after Bendis' Daredevil). Also for me it was never better than when Buck was cap. Brought a whole different angle to it and made him much more fallible but at the same time much more deadly. Marvel are doing it right and I doubt we will ever have it this good again.

Reality tv, former S.H.I.E.L.D style. Personally I look forward to fitz and simmons day at the mall, real suspenseful stuff.

I wondered the same, Cap is on the run, Call Hawkeye, hes a shield agent.

Nope hes cryogenically frozen until Avengers 2. His name must not be mentioned but we'll name drop stark and banner.

I'm sure when Cap, Falcon and Maria Hill enter the helicarrier near the final action scene, one of the guys behind the computer (before he unknowingly opens the door for them) says "Barton is in Afghanistan," and the other one replies, "I wish he would have told us." Although I can't remember for sure if they said Barton, but they definitely said someone.

I don't expect the others in it but if you have black widow lounging around you can at least mention hawkeye or give a brief cameo since he is a shield agent and the film was basically shield orientated.

There is one important thing that was not mentioned, Abed used his Greendale diploma to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. Go Greendale!

"Captain America might not be the most charismatic or powerful Marvel hero"

I guess debatable if you're talking the movie universe but if you're talking comics he is most certainly the most charismatic marvel character in that universe. Lines like "A soldier with a voice that could command a god and does" are littered throughout marvel's history.

Funny now you mention it I remember something like that as well, near the bit when Cap goes for the server chip switch, but I can see why we all have practically forgot because so much going on at that stage but your right I remember that bit.

No one has mentioned that Alexander Pierce mentioned Steven Strange. It is very likely that Dr Strange will either make an appearance in another Cap movie or in the Avengers.
I liked the movie much better than the first. I think your predictions and assumptions are succinct and very likely to happen.

I don't see Dr Strange appearing in any Captain America film, the character stylings are just too different. A Thor film, on the other hand...

You right he won't appear in the films not even in Thor. He will appear on his own in Marvel's phase three development or four. They are currently working on it with the choice for director then casting Dr Strange. I feel that he will or should play heavily into whatever the dude in the mid credits scene is doing with the scarlet witch and quicksilver.

I'm aware of all that, but that doesn't necessarily mean he won't appear in any of the other films as a support character. I agree that it's unlikely to be in the immediate future, though.

You can't introduce scarlet witch and quicksilver without the introduction of mutant, and ergo: the x men. Saying that the sceptre gave them their powers kind of writes off everything about mutants and the x men as irrelevant as mutants can just be created. Kind of unfair.

Nice theory, but I just can't see Thanos giving away an infinity gem just to get hold of another one

I suspect this will be tackled in Avengers 2

Playing a long game perhaps, risk one to end up with two, especially when the one you want is the Space gem and can be used for instantaneous travel across the galaxy, kind of handy when it comes to Universal domination which The Other seemed to be suggesting was his endgame.

Why publish this now before the film has been released?

I agree with all of this apart from it being Secret Avengers. But I can definitely see them doing something like that. Apparently we should have watched the next episode of AoS (the one that's on on Tuesday in the US) before Winter Soldier, so I'm rather intrigued about where that's going.

I'm sure if they still had the rights to mutants and the X-men lore, then mutants would be the explanation they'd use.

It has been released in Britain

"Presumably left lying around while everyone went for shwarma, the sceptre is now with HYDRA."

No, I'm sure Natasha handed it to the proper authorities within S.H.I.E.L.D... which, as we learnt, was full of HYDRA agents who could have easily put it into von Strucker's hands.

Jus' sayin'

And yeah, I'm leaning toward the notion that the Sceptre is more a way of controlling the twins rather than bestowing their abilities. Really interested how those powers will be explained. As long as they're not referred to as "mutants", they might just be referred to as freaks of nature. Essentially the same thing, but Fox can't litigate...

The movie's out here in sudamerica as well. I just saw it like 30 minutes ago and came here for freaking answers and some points of view.

How the hell does "Agents Of SHIELD" carry on when there's no SHIELD? Also was Coulson HYDRA? :/ lot of questions raised...spot on movie though

SHIELD will be back, unless they're planning the TV show to just end suddenly with the cast all shrugging their shoulders and looking confused.

I'd love to see Red Skull back at some stage, probably Cap 3 or the killing off of Rodgers. I thought Red Skull was awesome in Cap 1, it'd be a shame to never use him again, especially as they didn't kill him off and HYDRA are back with a bang.

not bad, just good but not something I would go through a lot of trouble to watch. feels like a really long TV pilot in some sections. Also WS just stares and breathes heavily in whatever scenes he's in

Maybe Agents of SHIELD was always planned as one series, running from Avengers1 to Avengers2. The team can work in Avengers Tower in Age of Ultron, doing the behind-the-scenes boring stuff that SHIELD would've done before...

I've never heard that AoS was only mean to be a single series, I can believe that season 1 was meant to span between Avengers and Avengers 2 but I doubt it was only designed to be a limited series.

...it makes sense it if is though doesn't it?

Especially if the TV studio are going to have the Agent Carter series next

It makes sense for each season of AoS to correspond to each Phase of Marvel movies. But I disagree with the concept of it being a single series, it always felt like it would be a multiple season show, case of the week with an overarching storyline, much like all other Whedonverse products.

Agent Carter on the other hand I can see being a limited series, indeed I think they only plan a maximum of 13 episodes and then seeing what the reaction is like before deciding whether to do further limited series of the same character.

But...we know what AoS is. It runs from before Thor 2 (the tie-in to Thor 2 has already been on in the UK) to after Captain America The Winter Soldier.

Apparently this weeks episode (1/4) in the US leads into The Winter Soldier and the next weeks (8/4) will be spoilery if you haven't seen the movie.So it's definitely running AFTER the end of SHIELD - five episodes worth.

I agree, especially when the Other seemed to have such a poor opinion of Loki. Also, Selvig said that "The Tesseract cannot protect from herself" referring to the Sceptre. Suggests that a long time before Hydra, Thanos made advanced weapons from the Tesseract, including the sceptre.

It's definitely a brave move- I wonder if H.A.M.M.E.R would pop up in place- just without Osbourne.
The thing that excited me most about the movie was the throwaway mention of Stephen Strange and the inscription on Fury's tombstone 'the path of the righteous man'- I seemed to be the only person in the cinema who found that amusing.

AoS did portray Coulson to stop trusting S.H.I.E.L.D - hence this Hydra thing could be part of the show.

'The Path of the Righteous Man' got the biggest reaction from me and my brother. Loved it. Glad we weren't the only ones to spot it.

In regards to where the twins power has come from. They made a point of panning to the bloody knife Loki stabbed Thor with in Avengers then never mentioned it again. Last we saw it was left on what was left of Stark Towers. Could be a tie in to Asgardian blood

A Hulk film... Defenders! (ok.. I know Netflix has taken that, but Dr. Strange and Hulk have a long long history of teaming up)

Sure ,this series will have episodes that take place after Cap2 - but that doesn't mean 'SHIELD' is going to continue or we will have a second series of 'agents of shield'.

I think the final five episodes will wrap up the series and work as an epilogue to Cap2.

If SHIELD doesn't exist then how can AoS continue...?

re Agent Carter, I think it is with the same US TV studio so maybe they have a contract with Marvel for one MCU TV series per year? First it was AoS, then it's Agent Carter...

Well the AoS team were always a more independent unit so I can see them going it alone without the backup of main SHIELD HQ, especially with the threat of the Clairvoyant still around. Clearly AoS is continuing past the events of Cap 2 as episode 17 seems to be the one they are saying is effected by the films events and there are still 5 episodes after that. According to the AoS Paleyfest panel they have a general plan for the series through to end of season 3 (thanks to being able to read MCU film scripts in advance) should it be renewed.

It's ABC which is owned by Disney so I highly doubt they are only contracted for one MCU TV series per year

I could see Coluson's team setting up in Avengers Tower, working for the Avengers, and being funded by Stark.

So you think SHIELD will still exist as before Cap2?

Perhaps, I can see Maria Hill getting a bigger role. It's an interesting idea that Stark could fund Hill (as she was going to work for Stark at the end of Cap 2) and she in turn could bring the AoS team in to keep doing what they're doing, to keep protecting the world from exotic threats but instead of doing as part of a government team doing it as a private organisation.

No, as of Cap 2, SHIELD the organisation is effectively gone. Rogue units and smaller organisations I can see as a possibility.

I read somewhere that Avengers operating by themselves will eventually set up a Civil War type situation - although I guess that wouldn't be till Avengers4.

There have been lots of rumours, Civil War, Planet Hulk leading to World War Hulk. If they were to do a Civil War idea then ideally contract wise it would be in Avengers 3, that way they can kill Cap (Chris Evans having finished his 6 film contract at that point) and bring in Bucky as the new Cap (since he'll have 5 or more films left on his 9 film contract).

But if they did that it would push Thanos back to Avengers 4 (assuming he'll turn up as the big bad in an Avengers film) and I'm not sure Marvel would want to wait that long.

Hi,i have seen Captain America 2 and the latest MAoS episode, know i don´t have any idea how they will handle the series, assuming that SHIELD is really not existing in some way anymore. Also i´m questioning myself, where the files about Colusons death in the leaked once from Natasha? I don´t think so,but why are they not there? Shouldn´t all secrets be revealed?
So now my last question:
What do you think will happen to Agents of SHIELD?

P.S.: Sorry for any grammer and/or spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.

In germany it´s out thins last weeks thursday.

Natasha has a necklace on throughout, a silver chain with an Arrow. I thought that was a really nice touch.

Has anybody mentioned that with Gardians of the Galaxy coming out that we may even see SHEILDS off world counterpart SWORD come into play?

Furry wanted to savage elements of Shield perhaps he bought that up to distract the gang perhaps thinking Furry already salvage the bits from Shields that he thinks are worth salvaging. Going deep cover like Hydra did and rebuild it forces and influence things from behind scenes.

Clairevoyant’s is likely to be Zola

Everything I have heard is that AoG was planned to be a long running show.

That probably how they will do it. Coulson and his team will probably be Furry intelligence gatherers searching the world for any and all signs of Skrull. Probably funded via way of Tony Stark. Whilst he goes about regrouping the people inside SHIELD he trust and no involve with Hydra.

Spider-Man, just saying....

My question is why can't the MCU follow the original background of the scarlet witch and quicksilver being Magneto's children? I don't get it, its a fact of the marvel universe is it not? There's no need to introduce them any other way. How do they not own the rights to the X-men, its all under marvel studios right? Why do they have to be given abilities, why can't they stick with the mutant theme? Explain that to me.

Agreed. In image comics, savage dragon and friends were called freaks. All they need is some synonym

I'd watch it

Fox owns the rights to the X-men for tv and film so they cannot use them without paying Fox. Much like Sony Pictures owns Spiderman.

I'm amazed no one has commented on Nick Fury's headstone;
Nicholas J Fury
"The Path Of The Righteous Man"
Ezekiel 25:17

I think they'd get away with making them orphans, that way they aren't severing the Magneto connection nor confirming it

BS studio nonsense

"Coulson and his team will probably be Furry intelligence gatherers" - one of the greatest typos ever.

A character with his voice could mock and pester a god, but never lead him.

Well, scroll down a bit further - this has already been mentioned :)

I think people underestimate the importance of Iron Man 3. The concept of superhumans started THERE! Also, if you analize the mid post-credit scene of Cap, they say that no one really knew the potential of the staff, while the camera zoom in the blue gem. Given that the power of the staff are very different from the cube, I wouldn't be surprised to find that it is actually the mind gem. Now, taken in consideration all of that and the fact that Killeon said to Pepper that the extremis works on the brain... Maybe Von Strucker will use the extremis to tap in the human potencial for upgrade and with the mind gem, conduct this upgrade in whatever way he sees fit, like superspeed or teleknises
Also, I remeber reading somewhere that Avengers 4 will be an introduction to the New Avengers. Maybe Bucky is the fist member of that team...

One thing is missing: We still have one film left: Guardians of the Galaxy.


I'm curious how things will turn out now that the revelation has been made that the US government basically became Hydra. At the end of The Winter Soldier the US government was furious that Shield was taken out, even though they knew it was run by Hydra. I could definitely see the government turning on the superheroes or even a civil war erupting between the government and the supporters of the Avengers. But who knows, maybe the Age of Ultron will see the government destroyed and the Avengers save the people of America and the world.

Lots of possibilities, but I did love the comparison of the US government to Nazi Germany, that was spot on.

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