Explaining Captain America: The Winter Soldier's post-credits sequences

Feature James Hunt 26 Mar 2014 - 06:25

What did the mid- and post-credits scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier tell us about future Marvel movies?

SPOILERS: Don't read this until you've seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Even since Nick Fury arrived to recruit Iron Man in 2008, Marvel's end credits Easter eggs and stinger scenes have become almost a big an experience as the movie that precedes them. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is no exception, and as usual, if you're not completely familiar with the source material there's a chance you've missed some details which we can explain for you.

As with Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has two extra scenes within the credits. One which leads into another Marvel movie, and another which continues a plot thread from the one you just saw.

To give you a last chance to get out before the spoilers hit, here is a big picture. Underneath said picture, we get to work...

We'll start with the mid-credits sequence, which is the one we expect most people will be talking about.

What We See: The scene opens on a Hydra facility where a team of scientists are examining Loki's mind-controlling staff – the one last seen shutting down the wormhole generator in Avengers. Overseeing the action is a man with a monocle and facial scars. Comic fans will recognise him as famous Captain America villain, Baron Strucker. He gloats about the destruction of SHIELD and muses how fortunate it was for Hydra that no-one there truly understood the power of the staff.

He then turns and walks around a corner into a different room of their facility. Talking with an aide, he wonders if now might be the time to activate "the twins". The camera spins around to show two jail cells, positioned side-by-side. In the left one, a tall, thin man with white hair is writhing in frustration. His movements are a blur and he jumps around nervously, flitting about the cell in near-instantaneous jitters that imply great speed. In the right hand cell, a dark-haired woman sits on the floor, huddled next to the wall. She seems confused and strung out, but she's holding both hands out in front of her and there are small blocks levitating between them. A few seconds later, the scene cuts to black.

What it Means: There are a few interesting things here. The most exciting is that we get our first glimpse of some new characters, particularly Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch, both confirmed characters for Avengers: Age Of Ultron. In the comics, the twin mutants were members of Magneto's 'Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' who eventually reformed and joined the Avengers. Since Fox has the rights to the term 'Mutant' (for its X-Men movies) and the character of Magneto it's a safe bet that they won't be explicitly connected to that world in Age Of Ultron - so what will we see instead?

Perhaps, in Age Of Ultron, they'll be the results of Hydra experiments to create super-powered individuals of their own. Perhaps they'll be mutants and the movie will skirt around that explanation. Either way, they don't seem to be good guys at the moment. They might yet escape or reform (they certainly don’t seem particularly compliant with Hydra) but it's safe to say they won't be joining the Avengers straight away.

Interestingly, it also seems that the Scarlet Witch's powers – famously vague in the comics and defined as 'hex bolts' or 'probability manipulation' – will be moved closer to conventional telekinesis. Let's face it, that can only help their cinematic portrayal.

The next interesting point is the appearance of Baron Strucker, as played by Thomas Kretschmann. Strucker is the some-time head of Hydra whose offensive powers are the result of the Satan's Claw he wears on one hand. It's long been known that the character is slated to appear in Age Of Ultron, but it's not yet clear what capacity that'll be in if Ultron is going to be the primary antagonist. It certainly seems that he'll have control of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Will Ultron be his doing too?

Finally, we return to the matter of Loki's staff. Between Strucker's words and the general direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's arc, there's a strong chance that Loki's staff contains another of the Infinity Gems – most probably the Mind Gem, given the powers it displays in Avengers. We've already seen two confirmed Infinity Gems (The Tesseract from Captain America: The First Avenger, which is probably the Space Gem and the Aether from Thor: The Dark World, which may be the Power Gem) - and we're fairly sure that the thing Star Lord steals at the start of the Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer might be an Infinity Gem too. With Loki's staff, that makes four in total. Only two more to go until you've got a full Infinity Gauntlet lying around...

But that's not all! There's also a Post-Credits Sequence! This one's along the lines of what we saw at the end of Thor: The Dark World in setting up the status quo for the sequel rather than trailing the overall direction of the Marvel Universe.

What We See: We're back at the Captain America exhibit in the museum – the same one that Rogers visited incognito earlier in the film. This time, it isn't Cap who's looking around, but someone else. When we see his face, we realise it's Bucky. He's studying the same exhibit Rogers looked at: the one that tells of Bucky and Rogers' close acquaintance, his capture during the war and his eventual death on a mission with the Howling Commandoes. The visuals fade and the last thing we see are the words 'Captain America will return in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.'

What it Means: Given that we knew Bucky was alive at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, why do we care what he's doing now? Well, this sequence suggests what you may have suspected already. That Cap did get through to him on the Helicarrier. Instead of returning to his masters to be deactivated until he's needed for another mission, it seems that Bucky has broken his psychological programming and gone searching for answers about who he is. The Winter Soldier is free, and the race is now on between Hydra and Cap to get to him first. Given that, in the comics, Bucky eventually ended up replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America for a time, it's certainly very interesting to have him walking around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially given that Chris Evans has all but confirmed he'll be done with the role once Captain America 3 comes out in 2017.

And that's your lot! Or at least, it is until Guardians of the Galaxy comes out later this year!

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Thank you for this. I won't get to see the mid and post-credits stings as the 'er indoors gets all annoyed and fidgety so we inevitably leave before them. You have now saved my disappointment (and arguments), cheers DoG.

I will still sit and watch them. My other half also moans and fidgets, but she knows that she cannot win over the mighty marvel credit segments :)

The mid credits sting is a must see for me, it come sin after only a few minutes. End credits, not really that impressive or worth waiting around for.

You're a stronger man than I Paul!

My wife doesn't even try to leave anymore, when it comes to comic book movies she knows I won't budge ;)

Just commenting so my Disqus will save it and I can get back on here once I've watched it, PEACE

so Bucky now becomes Nomad?

Don't mind hanging around for mid credits stingers, but I like to leave the end credit ones as a little treat to myself for when I pick up the BD. Plus the staffs eyes drilling into the back of my head puts me off, because I'm soft see :)

Is it just me, or did quicksilver and scarlet witch look better than the mutants in x-men? It's a shame marvel cinematic don't own the x-men.

People keep bringing up that Fox owns the term mutant, but I think they forget the TV show Mutant X, which Marvel was involved in and led to a lawsuit of some sort. Is the result of that lawsuit why Marvel Studios can't use the term mutant or are people merely assuming that they're prohibited from using it because Fox has the X-Men license?

I thought he was signed up for a six picture deal? That means he would have to do Avengers 3 as well and not just stop with Captain America 3.

Mine just sleeps through most of the movie... I just don't wake her up till everyone has gone :)

where did you watch it??? only a few asian countries has this today...

I think this is the best Marvel movie thus far. One of the best parts for me was the scene with Arnim Zola ( I hope he downloaded himself on to that USB stick )
And when Stephen Strange was mentioned ,my night was pretty much complete :)

It came out in here in the UK today have to say best Marvel film to date

I think his appearance in Thor: The Dark World may count as a 'picture' in contract terms which would make it 6 by the time Cap 3 comes out; who knows...

No, chris evans said not long ago that the cameo did not count.

Cool, didn't see that.

I am really okay with Olsen playing the Scarlet witch.She got this creepy Look !She´ll be a lot of trouble in age of ultron ...

Any one think that maybe loki's staff could be used on one of iron mans suites to create ulton??

Thought that was an amazing film! Particularly loved the reappearance of that senator from Iron Man 2... really showing why the shared universe can excel!

Today it was just me and four impatient cinema staff members hanging around right to they end. They weren't impressed (they wanted to clean) but I wasn't moving and didn't care. The bonus Bucky bit was worth the glaring...

They should swap the sequences in general. It was not very fulfilling to see the creature in Thor 2 after the long wait until the end credits. Same here. The Bucky bit did nothing special. Same with the funny Schwarma bit in Avengers. These should be mid-credit. The real interesting stuff should be at the end. As they have a bigger Wow impact to the fans after all these long credits. And the normal people like me could leave before that and didn't miss the bit for the next film or the funny bit regarding the film we just saw. Disappointing to wait that long for just a funny bit. Would be better to change them.

According to other sources Cap 3 will be released on may 6 2016 and Chris Evans have signed on for 6 Marvel movies and the cameo appearance in Thor 2 didn't count.

We will see the Hulk battling the hulk buster, so maybe be the staff will be used to control Bruce? or Ultron controlling the hulk buster, we'll see...

does anyone think that the burning hydra soldier put on to the table towards the end could be a hint at The Vision?

Brock Rumlow is Crossbones in the comics. I assume that's where that is heading.

The lawsuit was Fox v Marvel over the rights to the X-Men brand on screen and that Mutant X was too close to it, trading off it. They settled out of court.

Just watched it, great film but I'll try not to hit spoilers, my favourite Comic book movie is still The Avengers however this is Marvels most accomplished, polished and best scripted film to date so its probably the best actual film if you like, goes head to head if not surpasses The Dark Knight imo (I think its better tbh), go see it.

No he's Crossbones, in his end fight scene you even see the X pattern on his chest, he was known to be Crossbones even before the movie was released, Vision is the actor Paul Betanny.

Good spot, I recognised him but didn't remember that.

Yeah the Stephen Strange mention was sweet as fk, basically because that confirms we're getting a Dr Strange movie, just getting better all the time, I also know its happening because Feige said he's been wanting this film for a while and he's a fan, lets be honest these day's what Feige wants he gets so its on!

TBH I think it would be too much material for any one studio to handle, the Mutant world is huge and so is the MCU, I know in the comics its all one but there have been plenty of times huge things happened in the X-Men comics that didn't show in other hero comics, I like that they are separate on screen otherwise it'd be way too much continuity to handle........like time travelling.

Is that settlement why Marvel can't use the word mutant? I mean, is it a verifiable fact that they can't, or are people merely drawing a conclusion?

Surly Arnim Zola is The Clairvoyant right?

"A tall, thin man"? Quicksilver looked pretty ripped to me. Amazing film, but I was hoping for a reference to the Red Skull! My favourite villain in MCU.

At the very least, using the term on the big screen will create a point of weakness for a lawsuit about the x-men movie rights being infringed, so why would Marvel open themselves up to that by doing it? Even if it's not officially prohibited, circumstances effectively prohibit it.

THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON begins with the team taking down Baron Strucker in South-Africa right before he unleashes Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch. It's kinda like one of those Bond pre-credits sequences (or the offensive against Count Dooku in SW. EPISODE 3) and lasts about 15-20 minutes. Hence all the set pictures we've seen recently of those two characters as they were shooting in Cape Town before moving to Italy now.

Where does the abolition of SHIELD leave the TV series, it has already placed itself after the events in Thor 2, so must surely now almost be up to the time of Winter Soldier?

It looked like they were using the staff to experiment on people (mention of test subject's bodies) and that the twins were a success (termed the age of miracles by the Baron).

I'm confused as to how/why Paul Betanny will be both JARVIS and The Vision.

Is Thanos forming a sort of Masters of Evil team up;

Power Stone with The Collector
Space Stone with Loki
Mind Stone with Hydra

Episodes 1-7 were after IM3 and before Thor2.
Episodes 8 onwards will be after Thor2 and before Cap2 (maybe crossing over at the end?)

I loved the movie. Saw it last night. I though the characters were great, the action was the best we have ever seen in the MCU in my opinion and I really loved the whole hydra inside shield thing, I loved the doctor strange reference and the arnim zola thing that was sweet. I thought falcon was kind of boring but I hope he comes back because I want the character to be developed even more. The directing was great and I loved the post credits scenes. Btw I also think the car chase with nick fury was the best bit. On your left! 9\10.

Yeah I think she's gonna be great. That post credits scene was probably the best MCU post credits scene ever.

I really liked the begging fight on the boat that was amazing.

I think Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver will be anti-hero's though. Maybe rebelling against hydra and joining up with the avengers. And for the bucky barnes post credits scene, I think he's gonna be in cap 3 as a hero!

And I loved the begging jogging scene and I loved every single scene!

And the peggy carter as an old lady scene almost made me cry. Peggy <3 Steve forever lmao.

He'll probably sign up again like RDJ did. If he becomes as popular, we'll have to see how this one does at the box Office.

Me too. Stephen strange was perfect!

what happen to cap's shield? the last time i saw his shield when it fell from the hellicarrier

Side note but Evans is not done with Cap after Cap 3, he signed for 6 films and said his cameo in Thor 2 didn't count, so he still has another movie after that. Considering Stan is indeed signed for 9 movies, I'd kinda love to see him taking the role of Cap if Evans decides to go out, but I don't think I want Marvel to kill original Cap to allow this T__T

This movie was pretty fantastic. I wish they made a little more effort with Agent 13. Only diehard fans would realize who she was. I guess they are saving it for part 3. : )

That makes sense, but its probably Modok only to keep the plots somewhat separate.

I think not. It was his algorithm that did the supposed work. And it did not know the future. It just calculated probable threats . I think the clairvoyant is something else. And its not MODOK either.

In the movie scenes for Avengers 2 Hawkeye is assisting Scarlet With and Quicksilver in what seems like Ultron and his drones attacking them.

I don't want to lay down spoilers but you did ask, originally Ant-Man (Hank Pym) created Ultron but its been widely accepted that for Avengers 2 it'll be Tony Stark or something to do with his tech that creates Ultron, JARVIS will be downloaded into an Android and that Android is what we know as The Vision, same story line just different creators.

It was mentioned multiple times in the AoS panel at Paleyfest that people should watch Cap 2 before Episode 17 of AoS so it standard to reason that
Episodes 1-7 were after IM3 and before Thor 2
Episodes 8-16 were after Thor 2 and before Cap 2
Episodes 17-onward are after Cap 2

It was next to his hospital bed.

Robert Redfords face looked loose enough that I expected him to peel it off at any moment and reveal a red skull.

I've seen no actual evidence, just widely regarded conjecture.

was it that girl from revenge?

Question - when are we going to see The Leader, whose creation was hinted at in the second Hulk movie?

It's probably another infinity gem

Yeah, so JARVIS will essentially get his own suit, that makes sense. Does that mean Jarvis won't be running Avengers Tower in the same way he ran Stark's house etc?

I originally thought Jarvis would turn into Ultron but guess not.

Thanks, had not heard that.
I am in the UK so we are behind on the episodes - number 13 is on tonght!

One of the tie-in comics shows he was under SHIELD custody (along with The Abomination) - so not sure what would happen to him now...

Well originally in the comics Ultron creates the Vision to help fight against the Avengers but then Vision turns good and joins them, no I think once JARVIS becomes Vision Tony will create a new AI if he even trusts making a new one after this ....... we're just going to have to wait and see in the movie.

I'm in the UK too but watching it at US pace, originally didn't want to be waiting months for C4 to show it but with the sporadic US scheduling I am almost to the point of understanding C4's delay, still come April should have a solid run to the end of the season (fingers crossed)

I always wanted the Clairvoyant to be The Leader, not truly psychic but using his gamma powered intelligence to predict events and peoples actions.

Yes it was. They seemed to go out of their way not to give her a surname, perhaps to make her identity a bit more of a surprise in Part 3

Well that clip explained a lot on 2 angles in the marvel universe. 1. it just explained that if Baron is in it, the blue alien in Agents of Shield is a Gnobian. Baron was revived by the Gnobian powers after they were attacked by Nick Fury in the WW2 days. That explained the reviving powers that saved skye and phil in Agents of Shield. 2. the t.a.h.i.t.i. base was possible a Hydra secret lab from back in the WW2 age that "howling commandos" attacked and took over in the south pacific. Its only getting better folks.

I think cap2 was brilliant! Had just enough characters in it to keep it interesting and introduced a few more to keep u intrigued! Great storey line and above all else.... Who doesn't like any film with super heroes and Scarlett johansen in it! Lol

Damn I wish I'd stayed for the Bucky scene. He's my favourite character from the movies so far (I love the dynamic between him & Steve). Tho considering how many times Bucky & Steve had me welling up in this movie I'm not sure I could've handled another

oh. next time i'll make both eyes open

by far the best standalone marvel film.. "captain's order"

you mean the wolverine and friends show? yeah that film sucks in many ways! fox should sell the xmen frachise to disney. IMO

age of ultron is more scientific than magic.

yeah steve is way better than bucky.

he'll be back for sure dont worry. at the first avenger he didnt die. we'll see red skull in CA3

I'm betting they are indeed. Fury has gone missing in the latest episodes of the series, so I wouldn't be surprised if the very next episode takes place after the movie.

what about magneto? Quicksilver is his son right?

Six movies: Cap 1, Cap 2, Cap 4, Avengers, Avengers 2, Avengers 3.

I said the exact same thing. "Is that it??" was the response to the 2nd sequence, given the massive wait.

My bladder was happy that the big one was mid-credits, though. I'm one of those "don't get up until the movie it's done" freaks.

It would be cool for the sceptre to be the Mind Gem, and make sense given Loki took people over with it - but Selvig said in Avengers that "the Tesseract cannot protect against herself." Doesn't that mean the sceptre must be Tesseract related?

(Though then, if Natasha was /really/ born in 1984, when was she working for the KGB? They disbanded in 1991. I really hope that's a sign Zola was not nearly as omniscient as he thought he was, and all he had was her latest cover story... But both could be mistakes.)

And Sony Spider-man to Marvel!

Presumably Avengers 3 will be his last film then, not Cap 3 as the article above suggested?

No, Thanos is forming his gaunlet.

Didn't Thor 2 end with Thor returning to Jane?

Spider-man sucks.

For sure, but I was wondering if he is using various other villains to gather the Stones first, and so forming a bit of a gang...?

Did anyone notice the Shadow of the winter soldier in the credits(minimalist style) sequence
Which presenting the cast? His Shadow shows an american Flag which really tells that bucky will replace Steve Rogers soon

I think The Collector is the Clairvoyant. The Collector has precognition so that would be right up the Clairvoyant's ally. Plus he probably thinks that SHIELD has one of the infinity stones. He is probably right about that and shield doesn't realize what they have and labeled it an 0-8-4 (Object of unknown origin). Marvel still has a couple of infinity stones to introduce and I think it is perfectly reasonable they introduce one through Agent of SHIELD.

That was also what I'm thinking, the dark theme that they used on rendering their powers are so amazing on so many level!!

I think the idea is that most people get to see the important sequence, and only die-hard fans stay for the little bonus at the end

It's possible that Tony creates Vision out of JARVIS, then Vision "evolves" into Ultron

hey , do you guys have any idea how cap died in the comics ?

I think the two were subject to mind control same with bucky/winter soldier.

Yup. SHIELD agents lost their jobs because of this movie. :) Even Maria Hill applied for Stark's Industries. But then, why would she need to go to the HR if she personally knows Tony Stark? :) Since SHIELD info is already out there in the internet, Agent Coulson has some explaining to do to his "cellist player"/ former girlfriend. :))

Liked the movie. However need to point out a few things:

Captain America is the "worst" espionage agent ever since: 1) he doesn't like lying; 2) it shows as he is bad at lying; 3) doesn't appreciate how espionage works; 4) bad in hiding valuable intel (the usb drive) 5) a kid easily spots him while in the museum and 6) actually "brought down" SHIELD (both the headquarters and the agency). But to be fair, he is like Skye who hasn't really been trained by SHIELD.

HYDRA rocks. They've been manipulating SHIELD for ages. Implemented a plan that failed but actually put SHIELD in a heap of rubble. Had been amassing a lot of resources like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch plus the Loki's Sceptere which should have been placed in the SANDBOX or wherever SHIELD hides those stuff. The only thing "misplaced" is that HYDRA operatives no longer have the standard issued cyanide in the tooth which makes me think their present agents now value their life instead of following the "cut one head..." creed they had.

Anyhoo. Good movie.

You can actually click on the 'Favourite' link at the very top of the Disqus to 'bookmark' a thread :)

It's Samuel Stern.

Yes, Benicio Del Toro is one of the shittiest shows ever put on TV. Keep dreaming.

X-Men? You mean "Wolverine and those other people"?

Marvel Studios are planning on putting out THREE movies a YEAR if not more. I'm sure they could fit a X-Men and Spidey movie in there somewhere.

I didn't even see your post. Great minds think alike as they say. ;)

No, Alex C...you suck.

Pietro's hair is brown in the stinger scene but the on-set photos show his hair getting progressively whiter (in some photos his hair is gray, in others its white with great roots). Wonder why Von Strucker's experiments affects both twins differently.

Hopefully he had some contingency plan, it would be a bummer to avoid detection for 70 years and then get destroyed a few minutes after your sworn enemy learns of your existence.

Hopefully we get casting news at Comic Con. Viggo Mortensen has said he has no interest in doing a franchise again but maybe Marvel's unstoppable success and their ability to woe people like Robert Redford and Michael Douglas will change his mind.

Wait, Benicio Del Toro is a show on TV? I must have missed that. All this time I thought he was an actor. Which channel is that on?

nothing really deviates from Marvel Studios formula at this pt. its pretty damn predictable. Sharon Carter's introduction is kinda meh.

The Strucker one is worth waiting for, and comes up after a couple of minutes of credits

The Bucky one is a bit rubbish, and they make you wait ages for it

Yep Marvel have shown thye are happy to take certain elements from the comics to make something new in the MCU.

As with Thor 2, they've got the sequences the wrong way round. They've put the trailer for another movie BEFORE THE FILM IS OVER. That's wrong. It's messed up. And it's unfair to the writers and the directors' vision. No wonder Alan Taylor was pissed, someone shoved an almost unrelated scene into his movie. If they'd swapped the two around, on both Thor 2 and Cap 2, it'd have retained the integrity of the narrative. Admittedly, it would have meant fewer people would have seen the latter one, the promotional one, but isn't that also part of the point? That people ARE staying longer and getting a little extra?

Also, on a more selfish view, I know I'd have felt that waiting through the credits was a lot more justified if it'd been the Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch reveal at the end, instead of the 30 second silent scene telling us virtually nothing. But in general my complaint is the sacrificing of the integrity of the narrative, particularly in its final moments, to plug a film that's a year away with a scene with only the loosest of connections to the rest of the narrative.

It's 30 seconds of him not doing anything. I've been telling people not to bother waiting for that one.

Ep 16 certainly seems to head into where the movie begins, but I don't know how clear cut that'll be, since the movie seems to span a while (and ep 17 doesn't look like it's set after all the big stuff in the movie, so it could be several episodes set during the film's timeline).

i wanna know.. is loki will play in Avangers 2 ?

I just saw it, and will not comment on the movie, but on the post-ending two scenes. The only question I have, as you have explained in great detail so I did learn a lot myself from the above, is, has the Baron appeared before anywhere in the MCU? I don't recall ever seeing him. But then again, had never seen the Collector before his brief post-credit scene at the end of Thor 2.

Loved the movie! Love the set up. Gives me a lot of hope for the future of this universe. I see the beginnings of a tie in to civil war as well. Question I have is about agent 13. I know she's Sharon carter in the comics, but in the credits she is listed as "Kate" who, correct me if I am wrong, becomes bullseye and shoots cap in the stomach after crossbones shoots cap in civil war. The scene where she was at the firing range hints at this as well as she hits all her shots dead center of the target.

Overall fantastic movie!

I actually think not having the X-Men could work in Marvel favour. For better or worse, the X-Men book always felt like they were in a separate universe, in that we're supposed to believe that the same humans who love superheroes of all shapes and sizes despise mutants (who are just super-powered people) in the same universe. The realities depicted in the X-Men films, while always a great allegory for minorities, would not really mesh well with the realities in the established MCU. While I'm sure Marvel Studios would do a better job with their design choices for the X-Men if Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are anything to go by, I don't mind them being tackled by a different company (unless Marvel can integrate them in a satisfactory way).

I've never read a marvel comic in my life , I only know stuff from just the movies, Thanos could be getting a gang together of vilians, the avengers vs the master of evil , sounds good, but it won't happen.

Marvel Films have sort of turned me into one of those "stay till the end people"

Could be part of Avengers 3 - Thanos taking the Stones off the bad guys...

OMG, Viggo Mortensen would be sick as Dr Strange but...we wanted Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor in BvsS and we got Jesse Eisenberg (not that I'm knocking that choice!), I'm just saying we the audience may not be listened to again.

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