Did you see the hidden Easter eggs in Disney's Frozen?

News Simon Brew 10 Dec 2013 - 17:54

Just a few of the nods in Disney's Frozen to one or two other Disney projects....

Now making lots of money across the globe is Disney's latest animated movie, the excellent Frozen. The movie more than stands on its own two feet, but it also has a few ties back to the Disney legacy of old. Not least in the collection of a few Easter eggs that are contained within the film.

We understand there may be more than the ones we've cited here, but how many of these did you spot?

First up,  at the coronation scene, you might spot a couple of guests from Tangled sneaking in...

See them? If not, peak towards the left of the picture, and there's Flynn and Rapunzel. As you can see in this zoomed shot, here...

Next? Can you spot a special guest in the next shot, taken from Wandering Oaken's Trading Post & Sauna?

No? Again, let's zoom in and take a closer look...

Just two more. Firstly, this is Lisa Keene's painting, based on The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard, that was used in the development of Tangled...

It pops up in Frozen during the first singing of For The First Time In Forever, when Anna leaps up and copies the pose from the painting...

And finally, take a closer look at the treat on the table here in the next shot. That's found its way into Frozen from Disney's previous animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph. It's the chocolate truffles you're looking at...

If you spot any more Frozen Easter eggs, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Frozen is in cinemas now.

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Sorry, but I can't make out the Wreck-It Ralph easter egg. What is it, please?

Just updated with a zoomed version! - Simon

How long did it take you to find the Mickey Mouse in the trading post picture?!

Oh, the terrain! That's good. Thanks.

The easter-egg for the Tangled characters is just lovely :)

ohhh so THAT'S what was in that pic lol

I'm sure I saw a Merida from Brave doll on the floor in the bedroom.

My mother noticed Olaf's "Summer" dance sequence with the seagulls was from Mary Poppins.

The mother goose and her babies also made an appearance in Lilo & Stitch

At the trading post you can see several carved bear figurines similar to the witch's carvings in Brave.

Everyone seems to have missed this appearance from Tiana. :)

The roses in the trading post look like the roses from Alice in Wonderland. The bit with Christophe and Sven with the carrots when they're in the shed was very reminiscent of the Prince and his horse and "No.. carrots!" in Sleeping Beauty.

I must still be missing it. These truffles look like all truffles I have ever seen. How is that an Easter Egg?

It's part of the terrain from Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph.

Right after Anna sings "do you wanna build a snowman" transition into the next scene is the song "you'll bring honor to us all" from MULAN. 11:44 ish into the movie.

You can see Merida's archery target as Anna walks into Oaken's Trading Post. It's right next to the door. :)

What about Cinderella? Same picture... take a good look (right next to Elsa's head to the left) granted there are two other ladies in the same dress this is the only one with blonde hair.

when Anna is singing for 'the first time in forever' she enters the room with all the paintings, there's a painting of a couple in a picnic, and when she poses with it the picture has flipped, the guy is on the other side! the painting is on the left of the screen when she bursts thru the door.

The clock they do the "mental synchronization" part of the love is an open door song, is the It's a Small World clock. The Frozen song has a nod to the music from the electric light parade.

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