Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop 4 put on hold

Simon Brew News May 7, 2015

Paramount puts Beverly Hills Cop 4 back - and avoids a clash with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in the process...

Eddie Murphy not happy with Beverly Hills Cop 4 script

Simon Brew News Jan 16, 2015

Beverly Hills Cop 4 may have hit a problem, as Eddie Murphy suggests it's not as close as we thought...

Brett Ratner wants R-rated Beverly Hills Cop 4

Simon Brew News Jul 23, 2014

We might just be getting the Eddie Murphy of old in Beverly Hills Cop 4, director Brett Ratner has revealed...

Beverly Hills Cop 4 confirmed for 2016

Simon Brew News May 6, 2014

It's definite: Eddie Murphy will be back for Beverly Hills Cop 4, which is due in March 2016.

Eddie Murphy signs up for a fourth Beverly Hills Cop

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 29, 2013

After almost 20 years, Eddie Murphy's returning to the role of Axel Foley in a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie...

Beverly Hills Cop TV show dead, new movie coming instead?

Simon Brew News Jul 20, 2013

The pilot of the Beverly Hills Cop TV show has been turned down by another network. But there's another movie in the works instead...

Looking back at Beverly Hills Cop

Rob Kemp Feature Nov 27, 2012

It was a hit for Eddie Murphy, and contained an unforgettable 80s soundtrack. Rob looks back at Beverly Hills Cop...

Is a Beverly Hills Cop TV series in the works?

Glen Chapman News Aug 30, 2012

Eddie Murphy, Shawn Ryan and Sony Pictures Television are teaming up to bring Beverly Hills Cop to the small screen...

10 signs that the movie you’re watching is from the 80s

Ryan Lambie News Apr 4, 2012

Struggling to work out what decade the film you’re watching is from? If it fulfils the criteria on this list, then it’s probably from the 80s…

Is Beverly Hills Cop heading to TV?

Beverly Hills Cop
Ryan Lambie News Oct 26, 2011

A Beverly Hills Cop 4 movie isn’t looking too likely right now, but could a TV series be more successful? Eddie Murphy certainly thinks so…