The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 4 review: Memory Lane

More Katherine, please! Tiffany checks out the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries...

2.4 Memory Lane

This review contains spoilers if you haven’t yet seen the episode.

In the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, we are taken back to 1864 via Stefan’s dream. When the past flashes forward to the present, we see that Stefan’s great fear is losing Elena to Damon. Upon waking Stefan realizes that Katherine has snuck into his room and was playing with his head, influencing his dreams.

Stefan, then, tricks Katherine into thinking that he still has feelings for her, and stabs her in the back. He doesn’t kill her, but captures her so he can find out why she is back in town. She continues to say she is back for him. She also informs him that she conspired with the Lockwoods to burn the vampires in the church in order to fake her own death. Unfortunately for Stefan, Katherine was pretending to be chained up, and when he attempts to stake her, she breaks free and tells him to stay away from Elena or else she will kill her and her whole family.

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So what else happened? Well, at Jenna’s barbecue, Mason confronts Damon and tells hims that they shouldn’t let past supernatural feuds dictate their behavior. Damon doesn’t agree and pockets a silver knife. After said barbecue, Damon follows Mason and stabs him with a silver knife. However, it turns out silver does nothing to werewolves. Damon has made another enemy, only this one can kill him.

Caroline is playing along with Katherine’s game, and feeding Elena, lies about how difficult it is for Stefan to resist drinking her blood. Caroline also sabotages her own car so that when the two of them leave to go check on Damon, they won’t make it. When the tyre goes flat, she derails her and Elena’s friendship by saying that vampires and humans shouldn’t be together. 

Later, Caroline gets yelled at by Katherine for her inability to keep Elena busy while she was with Stefan. Luckily for Caroline, Elena forgives her for the things she said about her and Stefan’s relationship.

Elena and Stefan argue at dinner because of Katherine’s dangerous nature and threats. Elena counters saying that they are doing exactly what Katherine wants by arguing. It becomes clear that Stefan thinks the only way for Elena to be safe is if they spend some time apart. Sadly Elena walks away. However, it was all a big trick on their part to figure out if Caroline is working with Katherine. Looks like the jig is up for Caroline.

The episode concludes with a final viewing of 1864 where we see that Katherine isn’t back solely for Stefan, she also has something to do with the moon stone that Mason is after. We also see that while Stefan was “dead” and changing into a vampire she promised him that they would someday be together again.

That’s the story, so how did it play out?

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Well, finally, this week we got to see some Katherine action. Nina Dobrev is seriously doing a fantastic job portraying Elena/Katherine. Her use of volatile emotions when playing Katherine are quite fun to watch. They way Katherine manipulates her peers is wonderful.

When Elena and Katherine finally met face to face I was surprised that Katherine didn’t take Elena hostage, though I suppose the writers are saving that for another episode. Oh, the fun that Katherine brings to this show. 

My only complaint is that we haven’t see enough of her. I think she is a fun addition to the show and I enjoy the shake up it is providing the rest of the characters. I am also curious to see how close she comes to getting Stefan…

I was sad to see all the drama that Caroline is bringing up between Elena and Stefan, I know she is our resident drama queen, but I was hoping the only speed bump for the couple this season would be Katherine. But now Caroline has to bring up the blood lust and the lack of aging on Stefan’s part. It looks to me like this is going to be a rough season for the couple. However, they’re still holding strong I just wonder how long they can hang on? I did think their make-up kiss after their fake kiss was very sweet.

This season looks like it is going to put quite a strain on everyone. Caroline has her death threats from Katherine. Damon has deadly werewolf enemy. Elena and Stefan are trying to figure out how to defeat Katherine. Everyone else in Mystic Falls is along for  bumpy ride.

The new feud between Mason and Damon was interesting. For a minute there I was holding my breath that they would end up bonding over Pictionary and beer, but alas with Damon that never turns out to be true. I am wondering what is going to happen with this aspect of the story line. I liked watching the boys flex some muscle and stare each other down, Ian Somerhalder (Damon) has his sneer down to a T, it’s great.

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I am always surprised at the amount of story writers, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson are able to pack into an hour long episode. One would think that all the mysteries, characters and story lines would get confusing but they never do. The Vampire Diaries is lucky to have such a skilled writing team guiding their show and keeping the viewer captivated and hungry for more.

All in all, tonight’s episode provided us with further insight into the mind of Katherine and the lengths that she will go to get what she wants. The question is, are our characters prepared to deal with a ruthless Katherine? Things in Mystic Falls are becoming more and more interesting. I find myself being taken along on a captivating, emotional roller coaster.

I like where this season is heading, though I will admit I am a bit scared for the fate of my favorite couple. Only time shall tell what will happen. Until next week, then…

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