Supernatural: Will We See Sister Jo Again?

Danneel Ackles introduced Sister Jo on Supernatural, and we're likely to see her again.

The latest episode of Supernatural, “Devil’s Bargain” debuted Sister Jo, a woman who is more than she appears. The character is played by none other than Danneel Ackles, known for her role in One Tree Hill… as well as being married to Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.

After a few years away from acting, Ackles found a great character to sink her teeth into with angel-turned-faith healer Sister Jo.

“Sister Jo is a very strong, very opinionated business woman,” Danneel Ackles explained. “She uses her faith healing powers as her business. Lucifer comes to her because he’s attracted to this powerful healing that she does and she makes a deal. The deal is on her terms, which I love about this character.”

That personality breathed a breath of fresh air into an angelic character. She’s not all good, not all bad, and very self serving. She differs from the rest of the pack in many ways.

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Speaking from her character’s perspective, Ackles said, “You’re either going to help me or I don’t have time for you. She’ll make a deal with the Devil, so what if it’s Lucifer? He’s offering a great thing, no judgement there. She can do many things and not need to get caught up in who the people are.”

The experience on set was “like some crazy family that’s all been locked in an insane asylum together. In a really great way.” A common theme among cast from the show has been complimenting their fellow actors and crew on the atmosphere of the set, and that was no different here when Ackles was shooting Devil’s Bargain.

“That’s why the show works for thirteen years is because Jared and Jensen love each other, they love the crew, they respect the crew,” Ackles said. “It literally is one big happy family and people don’t believe it until they come there after some other shows. We’ll all be in the makeup trailer even before I guest starred, y’know, just hanging out talking with some of the other girls and they’re like, ‘This set is unreal. I’ve never worked on a set like this before!’ I’m like ‘I know. And you probably won’t again because it’s just one of those magical places.’ ”

Given her connection to the main cast, the question then turns to whether the new kid was picked on at all. Turns out, she got it easy.

“I’m really good friends with Gen Padalecki and she was threatening Jared ‘If you do anything to her…you know you’re going to hear about it.’ So I had a bunch of people rooting for me.” She then added, “Sister Jo may be a badass but Danneel – Jensen’s Wife – he’d be more scared of her.”

Ackles also talked about her new business venture with Jensen – The Family Business Beer Company located just outside Austin, Texas. The brewery, which opened about a month ago, has been a long time in the planning – about seven and a half years. They’re excited to share it now with fans of the show and beer aficionados alike. The name, as you’d expect, is a nod to the Supernatural fandom. It is a true-to-life family business.

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“I’ve got to go over there after this and clean toilets and I’m not kidding you,” Ackles said. “We’re doing absolutely everything ourselves. A lot of the fans of the show stop by and say ‘Oh my gosh, Jensen is mopping the floor.’ I’m like yep, he’s a good mopper. It’s so much fun.”

Although she hasn’t been on the acting scene for a few years, Ackles definitely has her hands full with kids and the Family Business.

“The brewery and the kids and this special little gift that is Supernatural is pretty much my world right now,” she said.

You can expect to see Sister Jo appear in at least one more episode this season. “Whether or not she dies a horrible death or they let her live, I don’t know,” Ackles admitted.