Supergirl: Katie McGrath on Kara/Lena Relationship

Katie McGrath understands why fans are so impressed with Kara and Lena's friendship on Supergirl.

Lena Luthor, played by Katie McGrath has become a beloved presence on Supergirl since she was introduced during the show’s second season. The big surprise, of course, is that Lena, the sister of Superman’s greatest enemy, has become one of Kara’s closest friends.

The excellent on-screen chemistry between Ms. McGrath and Melissa Benoist has led to some fans reading their friendship as a romantic one. 

“I think no matter what show you do, and no matter what relationship you have, fans have expectations of it. People have expectations of Melissa and Chris’ characters’ relationship.” Katie McGrath said at San Diego Comic-Con. “Whatever they want to write, I’m game for doing, but I feel so lucky that I get to be able to play this role and to have an actress like Melissa to play with. It’s rare that you get that.”

The people involved in making the show do seem to be aware of how strongly fans feel about the Kara/Lena relationship, too.

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“I’m pretty sure the producers weren’t expecting this, as I wasn’t [originally] signed for that many episodes, but here I am,” Ms. McGrath says. “What’s nice is that they’ve responded not only to how Melissa and I are together but also to how the fans like it. They’re very intuitive and very involved with the feedback and what they see online. They’re responding to something, so here we still are!”

Supergirl Season 3 premieres on October 9. We have everything you need to know about it right here.

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