Pioneering Paranormal Investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley Dies at 69

Renowned author and paranormal investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley brought a fearless intimacy to otherworldly studies.

UFO, spiritual and occult expert and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley died on Thursday, July 18, 2019, at the age of 69, according to numerous reports in the paranormal community, including Coast to Coast AM. No cause of death has been reported. A true pioneer in the field of occult research, her death shook the world of supernatural investigations.

“Rosemary Ellen Guiley was the Executive Editor of FATE magazine,” the publication shared to their Facebook page. “We are stunned and saddened and offer our prayers and condolences to her family and friends and colleagues. She will be missed.”

Guiley was born on July 8, 1950, in Florida. She grew up in Anchorage and Seattle. She attended the University of Washington, earning a BA in Communications before relocating to New York to work a news journalist. Besides her regular pieces and columns in Fate, Guiley was a regular contributor to TAPS Paramagazine, and The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research. Her writings and research cover the entire spectrum of the paranormal, and she prided herself for getting first-hand experiences of many of the things she documented.

She conducted field investigations of ghosts, UFOs, aliens, ultraterrestrials, Shadow People, Bigfoot, mysterious creatures, Djinn, demons, angels, and fairies. In spite of criticism from Christian evangelist John Ankerberg, who cited Guiley’s book Angels of Mercy in attacks on New Age writers, her works were exhaustive studies which went beyond mere witness interviews.

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Guiley didn’t only study the paranormal from the outside. She engaged in different forms of spirit contact. She trained as a facilitator in mirror gazing, which enables people to summon visions of spiritual apparitions. Based on classic Greek  texts, this practice is done in psychomanteums.  She worked with Dr. Raymond Moody, who coined the term “near-death experience” in his 1975 best-seller Life After Life, who built a psychomanetum called the Dr. John Dee Theater of the Mind in Alabama.

Guiley was well known to the communities she studied, including the early vampire scene. Her 1991 book, Vampires Among Us, was one of the first books to seriously study the growing phenomenon of the self-proclaimed vampire. She also wrote The Complete Vampire Companion, published by Macmillan in 1994, The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters. Facts On File, which was published in 2005, and Vampires, which was part of the Mysteries, Legends and Unexplained Phenomena series, in 2008.

She was the author or co-author of over 65 books, including UFOs and the ET Presence, Moonscapes: A Celebration of Lunar Astronomy, Magic, Legend and Lore, and Ouija Gone Wild: Shocking True Stories, which she wrote with Rick Fisher. Her last two books were Werewolves and Dogmen, which came out in 2017, and 2018’a Haunted Hills and Hollows: What Lurks in Greene County, Pennsylvania, which she wrote with Kevin Paul.

She wrote ten encyclopedias including Atlas of the Mysterious in North America (1995), The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft; Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, The Encyclopedia of Angels, and The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology.

Guiley appeared on NBC’s Sightings; A&E’s The Secret Life of Vampires;  Angels: Good or Evil, which ran on the History Channel; The Lost Tapes and The Haunted for Animal Planet; The Travel Channel’s Witchcraft in Salem and Mysterious Journeys;  Children of the Grave, The Possessed  and The Haunted Collector, which all aired on The Syfy Channel; and The Discovery Channel’s The Quest: Lunar Mysteries and William Shatner’s Weird or What. Her expertise was included in the special features for WB’s Supernatural season 4 DVD.

She was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, with whom she co-wrote the 2011 book Talking to the Dead.

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Guiley spoke with Den of Geek writer Aaron Sagers to explain the supernatural connection dolls have with the spirit world in his piece “Annabelle: Real-Life Haunted Dolls to Disturb Your Dreams.”   

Guiley won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society, Michigan. She was board director for both the National Museum of Mysteries and Researchand the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

Guiley believed we live on an “Interdimensional Earth,” which reveals itself as consciousness expands.  As a metaphysical worker she specialized in angels; dreams and dreamwork; intuitive, psychic and manifestation skills; the afterlife; spirit communication; meditation and prayer; past lives; and “other experiences of an intense spiritual nature,” according to her official biography. She was also a certified hypnotist with the International Hypnosis Federation.

She is survived by her husband, Joseph Redmiles.

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