Orange Is The New Black: 40 Oz Of Furlough review

Piper tastes some freedom and Pornstache is back in this jam-packed episode of Orange is the New Black season 2.

What a great episode. A reality check, a redemption, and a descent into dickishness. Where to where to begin?

With Pornstache of course! ‘Stache is back in action and a bigger piece of shit than ever. He could not care less about the politicking and embraces the CO shot quota with gusto. The irony being, when Bennett (who can’t deal with ‘Stache being back in close proximity to Daya) snaps out on the inmates, he is calmed down by ‘Stache. The entire time ‘Stache has been trying to look out for Bennett, the younger dude has been trying to get him in trouble. Basically, Bennett tells Caputo that Daya is preggers and points the finger at Pornstache.

While Bennett is throwing his coworker under the bus, Piper is out on the long awaited furlough. Her brother Cal picks her up and takes her to their grandmother’s funeral. As it concludes, Cal and his fiancé appropriate the ceremony for their own wedding. Piper’s parents are appalled, but Piper and Larry take it in stride. That is until they hit the wake and Piper bundles Larry into a bathroom for a quickie. Larry is not feeling it, not even with his dick (literally) and tells Piper that he has slept with someone else.

He neglects to mention the “someone” is Polly. Either way, the relationship is over. They sit on the floor of the bathroom together and contemplate their future, which is largely unknown. Before she returns to Litchfield, Piper gets drunk, eats some fast food, and takes a trip out to see Red’s grocery store. She can’t bring herself to tell Red that the store is closed, and lies about how good the food was.

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For her part, Red is having a good episode. She puts together a special apology dinner for her girls with supplies from Mendoza’s kitchen that she and the other OGs appropriated. She has Nicky gather the girls into the greenhouse for a lavish meal. Red is forgiven, but not before she embarrasses Big Boo in front of the group. Not a good move; as Boo happens to see the tunnel beneath the floorboards.

Red’s need to win back her friends is multifaceted though. She needs allies if she is going to contend with Vee. Remember how Taystee warned Black Cindy not to get on Vee’s bad side or she would go Wolverine on them? Red learned that first hand when she arrived at Litchfield. Even back them, Vee had quickly taken control of the clique of black inmates. When Red would not relinquish the kitchen or the contraband pipe line, her “friend” Vee ordered Red to be brutally beaten.

We finally see why Red fought so hard to keep the kitchen; why she had such a strong objection to Pornstache smuggling drugs through there. Vee not only finds a way to bring drugs into Litchfield, she has Taystee peddle heroin to Nicky.

And finally: Healy goes to therapy. The session is horribly uncomfortable. Healy does not think he should be there, implies that he does the therapist’s job at Litchfield and is better at it. He does admit that what he does at the prison is a complete waste of time. While he is obviously suffering from burnout, his dickishness is pretty substantial. He calls the therapist a condescending cunt.

My, my, someone does not care to be subordinate to a person with lady parts.

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4 out of 5