Tales From the Borderlands Leaked Trailer Hints at Remaster and Sequel

Tales From the Borderlands may soon make its long-awaited return.

Photo: Telltale Games

A recently leaked trailer suggests that we’re not only getting a remaster of Tales From the Borderlands but even hints that a sequel to the adventure game may be in development.

The trailer, which appears to have first spread to Reddit, begins simply enough by showcasing footage from Telltale Games’ Tales From the Borderlands. The on-screen text suggests that Tales From the Borderlands is set to return with previously unreleased content. All of that clearly suggests that the recently revived Telltale Games will soon release a remaster of one of the studio’s most famous titles.

That’s a big deal in and of itself, but what’s really got everyone talking is what happens at the end of the leaked trailer. After teasing a vague 2020 release date for the Tales From the Borderlands remaster, the trailer leaves an equally vague number “2” lingering on screen for a few seconds. While it’s true that there are two 2s in 2020 (a fact that we cannot deny despite input from various sources), most people tend to think that’s our first hint that Telltale is working on a Tales From the Borderlands sequel.

Let’s focus on that sequel for a moment. While it makes sense that Telltale would revisit Tales From the Borderlands given the success of the original game and the fairly recent release of a new Borderlands title, there are a couple of things that may hinder a potential sequel.

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First off, as Borderlands 3 writer Sam Winkler points out in a recent interview which expresses his desire to see a new Tales From the Borderlands game, Borderlands 3 did incorporate some Tales From the Borderlands characters. As such, there would possibly have to be some kind of time jump or other chronological manipulation in order to account for what we learned in that game.

The other, potentially bigger, issue is that Troy Baker (who originally voiced one of Tales From the Borderlands lead characters) had a falling out with Gearbox prior to the development of Borderlands 3. While it’s certainly possible that the redesigned version of that character (and his new voice actor) that we saw in Borderlands 3 could just make the jump to Tales From the Borderlands, we’d be a little disappointed to learn that Baker won’t return for a new Tales From the Borderlands game.

Regardless, we’re happy to possibly get more of this series in whatever form it may arrive. Tales From the Borderlands is arguably Telltale’s finest game. It brilliantly expanded the universe of the Borderlands‘ games while telling a fascinating story starring memorable characters. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if elements of the game found their way into that upcoming Borderlands movie.

We’ll bring you confirmation of this story as soon as it is available.