Farm Frenzy 2 PC review

More casual game frivolity - even if it is just more of the same...

If you didn’t like the first incarnation of this casual game then this review won’t change your mind. Farm Frenzy 2 is basically more of the same.

If you enjoyed the first one then you’ll jump straight into this game and want to get on with it. However, as with most casual games, it’ll start you off slow as a tutorial. But beware, as you start to progress through the levels you’ll soon be scheming along with the best of them. The thing about Farm Frenzy 2 is that passing the level isn’t just about as clicking as quickly as you can and hoping for the best. There’s actually more to it than that.

Animals include chickens, pigs, cows and ostriches. Each of these give you produce which you can either use as ingredients for something else, or take directly to market to sell it. The more money you make, the more buildings you can buy. The buildings then allow you to make pork joints into steaks, milk into cream… you get the picture. You can then upgrade your buildings to make them work more quickly and therefore give more output.

It’s not all as simple as watching your animals lay eggs and produce milk, though. You’ll be terrorised by various different types of bear, from panda to grizzly. Catch them before they get to your animals, though, or they will be dead meat! Sell the bears at market to make a bit more cash.

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Overall, Farm Frenzy 2 isn’t that much different from the original. The graphics, as you would expect, have been improved, but the game play is identical. You simply have different animals and therefore different things you can do with their produce. There are hidden gags throughout and also 19 awards to win. Some of them are for simple things like gathering a certain amount of eggs, but others are much more difficult, including the final trophy which is given for collecting all of the others!

Basically, this game is what you make it. It’s not as fast and frantic as many other casual games, but it does involve a bit more thinking about as sometimes you’ll just plough into a level, only to realise that you haven’t started it off quite right and therefore you’ll have no chance of completing it within the gold or silver bonus times. Luckily, though, if you suss out a better way, you can restart the level and try again.

I personally don’t feel there’s much replay value in this game. You can, of course, go back and replay each level until you have gold on all of them, and collect all the trophies. But as much as I enjoyed playing Farm Frenzy 2, once was enough. By the time I had completed the last level, I was ready to move onto my next casual challenge…


3 out of 5