Scott Pilgrim

The top 50 assholes in cinema

Andrew Blair Odd List
Apr 25, 2014

They're despicable, smug and downright unpleasant. Andrew lines up his pick of 50 biggest unpleasant, sometimes heroic folk in cinema...

Celebrating the music of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Glen Chapman News
Sep 1, 2010

A film packed with plenty of solid tunes as well as pop culture references, we celebrate the eclectic soundtrack of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World...

Confused Views: the problem with movie trailers

Matt Edwards Trailer
Jun 10, 2010

Matt’s sick of having movies ruined for him by trailers that reveal too much. But can a trailer change his mind about the films he’s already dismissed?

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World gets release date

Simon Brew News
Jan 29, 2010

And what a release date: Scott Pilgrim and The Expendables are arriving on the same day. We plan to buy a lottery ticket the same day.

Alternate Cover: Tips for 2010

James Hunt News
Jan 11, 2010

James picks out the five comics to watch out for this year...