Alan Moore

Comic book access for the blind

Matthew Shifrin Feature
Jun 22, 2016

Matthew Shifrin is blind, but he still wants to enjoy comic books. Here, he explains his idea, and asks for your support...

Batman: The Killing Joke - first footage from animated movie

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Apr 4, 2016

One of Batman's most famous stories comes to the screen in The Killing Joke. Take a look at the first footage within...

Watchmen: the movie, Before Watchmen and Alan Moore

Dan Cooper Feature
Oct 29, 2015

Watchmen has never been better than the original comic book. But that hasn't stopped a film and prequel series.

Watchmen: HBO considering TV show

Rob Leane News
Oct 2, 2015

HBO has met with Zack Snyder about the possibility of bringing Alan Moore's Watchmen comic to the small screen...

League Of Extraordinary Gentleman film reboot thoughts

Dan Cooper Feature
Sep 24, 2015

Fox has recently announced a reboot for the ailing League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen franchise. We take a look at its options...

Arrow season 4: no more Constantine episodes planned

Louisa Mellor Rob Leane News
Jan 20, 2016

We may have seen the last of Matt Ryan's Constantine in Arrow, according to Marc Guggenheim...

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie reboot latest

Simon Brew News
Aug 14, 2015

The new movie of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen to be "female-centric"...

Constantine: Matt Ryan's message to fans

Louisa Mellor Rob Leane News
Jun 12, 2015

Constantine star Matt Ryan has reacted publicly to the cancellation of the show, via Twitter...

Constantine episode 13 review: Waiting For The Man

Kylie Peters Review
Feb 16, 2015

If season 1 finale Waiting For The Man turns out to be Constantine's last ever episode, it would be an enormous waste...

Constantine episode 12 review: Angels And Ministers Of Grace

Kylie Peters Review
Feb 9, 2015

Constantine's penultimate episode gives Manny and Zed some welcome development, but will the show be renewed for season 2?