Matt Stokoe interview: Misfits, Alex, series 5 & more...

Interview Caroline Preece 19 Dec 2012 - 07:10

Caroline chats to Misfits' Matt Stokoe about his character Alex, the new cast, and plans for series five...

Contains spoilers for anyone who isn't up-to-date with Misfits series four.

After the series four finale, we caught up with Misfits newcomer Matt Stokoe to chat about the E4 show, the fan reaction to the new cast, and his character Alex's downstairs mix-up...

How has it been joining the show this year?

It’s a real privilege to be honest, as it’s got to a point now where, we were all really nervous, but it’s like going to work with your best mates and just messing around. It’s brilliant – nerve-wracking – but we’ve kind of come together as a gang and turned a corner. It’s been the best job in the world.

How do you think the fan reaction has been to your character?

I think it’s been good. People have been a bit unsure about it, as Alex has been a nice bloke until he got his penis back, and then he suddenly turned into a bit of a womaniser. I think that’s left people with some mixed emotions about him, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they start on his side or think of him as a bad guy if we go again for another series. 

How did you feel about your storyline when you first read the script?

A good way to sum it up is just awkwardness, as I wasn’t really bragging to people about what my power would be on Misfits. As with anything, the more we kind of discussed it and the more time that was given to it, it became a bit more normalised. We could all talk about Alex having a man-gina without really cracking up. Then it went full circle as, the closer we came to the air date, I was getting texts from Nathan McMullan (Finn) like, “Dude, you’re gonna be getting your vagina out soon”. It seemed like, it had become normal for me but a million people were going to be seeing me with a vagina soon. So that was very strange but it’s starting to wear off now that it’s been out there. 

Were you already a fan of the show?

I used to be in the National Youth Theatre with Antonia Thomas (Alisha) so I was aware of the show when she was first cast on it. I didn’t watch it religiously but I was definitely a fan and knew all about it when I went to the audition. I knew about the high standards of it.

Did you worry that viewers might not accept you guys as new characters?

Yeah I think that was a worry just because the other characters had done such a good job of creating this fanbase and setting up these really amazing characters. We didn’t want to feel like we were stepping on anyone’s toes but I think that our characters have been written in such a way that we’re not replacing anyone, but bulking out the Misfits universe with brand new characters that aren’t direct swaps for old fan favourites. We’re just really thankful that people have tuned in and given it a new lease of life. I think most of the fans enjoy the world of Misfits, and who’s involved in it is secondary to that. I think it’s about the world that everyone’s creating - that’s the attraction to it. 

If you could have worked with any of the original cast members, who would it have been?

Everybody’s favourite is Robert Sheehan (Nathan), but I would have loved to have worked with Iwan (Rheon, who played Simon) because I know he’s got a reputation for being a lovely guy and he created such an iconic character on so many levels; it would have been amazing to see him in action. I think he was really understated and did a lovely job on Misfits

Do you think Alex will ever end up in the orange jumpsuit?

Initially, I really wanted him to, but now I’m quite glad he’s not in the orange jumpsuit. I could speculate but we’ll never know, as I think it’s locked in the labyrinth of Howard Overman’s brain. It would be nice because I would feel less out of the gang but at the same time it’s quite nice to have something that sets you apart from everybody – the leather jacket and Hawaiian shirt.

Having finished the year as a bad guy, how do you think Alex can redeem himself?

He built up a proper emotional connection with Jess because she was so understanding when he confided in her about his problem, so I think a way to redeem himself is to regain Jess’s trust. He was obviously thinking with his genitals as opposed to his head, so I think by recovering that kind of trust and proving to both her and Finn that he’s a nice guy. 

Where do you see your character going in the future?

I’d like to be a super-villain, but I really don’t know where he’s going. In this series it was mainly to do with Alex’s immediate problem, we didn’t really learn that much about him, so there’s still a lot to be discovered. I’ve always wanted to play a super-villain so hopefully I’ll come back with a cape and a big twirly moustache.

I think a super-villain is something that Misfits hasn’t really seen yet. They have these guest villains but if there was some over-riding, evil, character that they were all trying to kill throughout the season – or he was trying to kill them throughout the season – that could be brilliant. The good thing about Misfits is that you get to dabble in everything. No one is a really good person and no one is a really bad person – they’ve got these real human flaws. It’s essentially a really, really, really dark comedy so you get to flex those muscles as well. But everyone remembers the villain, so that’s always been a dream of mine.

To be honest, any power that isn’t a vagina, however menial and pointless, then I would be happy. Rather than be a victim of someone else’s power, I’d like him to have his own. Obviously, it’d be great if I could fly or shoot lasers out of my eyes but, even if it’s something like never having to tie my shoes, that would be great.

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I'd be very surprised if there's a fifth series; the viewing fiures for this series have been terrible, it doesn't even figure in E4's Top Ten which means it's pulling in under 400,000 this year. It's a classic example of a show which has just run out of steam.

It already has been confirmed as renewed. The E4 announcer lady said it over the end credits of the final episode.
Also according to wikipedia the ratings were over 1 million for the premiere (including E4+1) and usually around 250 000 for E4+1 alone.
It still has rating way above what Skins had when they canned it.
Also it's pretty much E4's flagship show, and has been since they canceled Skins. What do they have to replace it? Made in Chelsea? Midnight Beast?

I hope they make Alex a super villain. They could make Series 5 really epic.

Something new?? I don't see the point in flogging a horse which is well and truly dead. The official BARB website hasn't registered Misfits in the E4 chart since the first episode and it's certainly not figured in the 'other' (ie non terrestrial) Top 30 since week one pulled in around 700,000 on E4. Figures have been falling every week; by episode two alone it had lost over 50% of the previous year's viewers. I suspect the fifth season renewal was done at the same time as the fourth and I'd bet E4 are regretting that one now.

I found Alex to be a terrible character with an awful storyline, maybe that's just me though

Are you saying the format is dead or you just don't like the characters/actors they've brought in?

Personally, I was worried when they killed off Curtis that it hadn't been strong enough but strangely after that there was no longer the shadow of the original cast hanging over the others and, for me, the show improved again.

This was a transition season as much as anything and I expect that now we have no more introductions, the next series will be better placed to judge if it can live on or not.

I liked his reveal and turnaround as a character, but the best character this year was the new probation worker who I think will have a bigger part to play in the next series.

I hope Alex fits during the operation. He has been a boring forced character since the first moment.
This season was horrible.

great comment the next 1 will be the the time to judge if it should live or die. Me at the moment I would like to see more

I have to agree, he was a terrible character from the get go.

I love this show and I'm glad its being renewed for a fifth season, but I think one of the problems is that they keep changing characters. I'm glad to hearI'm used tk changed but I was really hoping the old cast would return. I really loved them. However, I've also grown to love Rudy as well. It would actually be pretty cool if they combined the original cast members with the new ones, but that pretty unlikely and more expensive.

I'm also not too fond of the US remake that will be happening. I think it will just ruin it everything.

I'm fed up with getting gripped on tv shows then the television company decide not to make another season, why don't they let them end it properly
I loved heroes got cancelled before it was finished if they do it the same to misfits ill never watch a tv series again!!!

Finish the shows properly with decent endings, don't be like the Americans and just cancel it


Was alex gonna rape that computer girl in series 5 episode 5???
He looked at her and began to undo his pant buttons and then said threateningly, "I'll handle this." But Finn stopped him.
I didn't think alex could be that bad. Do you think he would of done it???

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