Doctor Who: David Tennant rumoured to be returning for 50th anniversary

News Louisa Mellor 20 Nov 2012 - 08:52

The rumour that the tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is set to return for Who's fiftieth anniversary is gaining momentum...

The past year has seen David Tennant and his fellow former Doctors produce an array of non-commital noises when asked the now-traditional Who interview question: "And will you be returning for the show's 50th anniversary special?".

Bound no doubt by several yards of legal contract and the threatening glare of Steven Moffat, non-commital noises are as far as Tennant's gone in public, but an anonymous Doctor Who source our chums over at Bleeding Cool describe as "solid" informs them that yes, Tennant will indeed be returning for next year's anniversary.

The exact words being reported are: "Yes. David Tennant will be back in time for the Doctor Who anniversary. Be prepared to be surprised…"

Bleeding Cool

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Yay :D this will be the best role he has had since.... Well Doctor Who :s

Still my favourite doctor and yes I've watched all eps of Who old and nu. Hopefully he will star alongside Matt Smith instead of his part being a flash back set pre regeneration

Oh I hope so!

"Prepare to be surprised" is a bit of an oxymoron :P But awesome news! I'd love to see another Five Doctors special with Matt Smith, David Tenant, Christopher Eccleston and Tom Baker. The 5th slot can be up for grabs :)

I hope McGann gets the chance to expand on his meagre one episode

Oh... hmm, not sure how to react to this one.

On the one hand Ten with Moffat's guiding hand on the script is unlikely to be the annoying whinny git he became by the end of his run. I can see David and Matt working very well together and I'm sure the story will be suitably epic. All of that has my inner fan very excited.

On t'other hand Ten returning also means a return of the terrifying fangirl army. Another round of "Matt Smith sucks, Moffat is a horrible person for forcing Tennant out" shrieking may just destroy any remaining interest I had in the Who community.

not that surprised really. Get Eccleston or McGann and I'll be surprised.

As good as Matt Smith is David Tennant is still my favourite, this will be amazing!

Totally. Both of them were underrated as the Doctor.

This rumour makes me very happy :) <please be="" oh="" please="" true=""></please>

Considering that RTD pretty much built in a way for DT's 10th Doctor (or his Human/Time Lord meta-crisis thingy) to return back in Series 4, I'd have been very surprised NOT to see him come back.

I doubt they could convince Eccelston though. That would be really surprising.

I'd go for a multi-dimensional story, where each Doctor is from a different dimension where their respective Doctors (4 through to 10) wasn't killed and remains as the current incarnation, thus explaining why all the actors are much older than they were previously.

It'll likely all end with the regeneration of Matt Smith into the 12th Doctor, who really ought to be ginger this time around to save on that joke being trotted out a third time, or I'd really like it if he was black/asian etc. While it would be interesting for the Doctor to be a woman, I'd prefer they bring in a separate Time Lady (although there was that line in Neil Gaimen's episode in series 6 "The Doctor's Wife", that totally opened the door for the Doctor becoming a woman - on purpose my guess would be).

I'd vote for Chiwetel Ejiofor personally.

But it was the Five Doctors because that was all that had existed at that point. It wasn't some magical number picked for some reason only JNT understood....and it didn't feature the original five anyhow - Baker refused to take part (his inclusion was just using parts from the unbroadcast Shada), and Hartnell had been dead for about 8 years, so was replaced by a look-a-like.

Eccleston wouldn't do it. He's become a bit renowned for his ability to move on and never look back, and has always been very careful of becoming type cast. He's also without a doubt one of the shyest celebrities I've ever known, and the 50th anniversary will be a pretty big deal! I would look forwards to seeing Tennant back in the form of meta-crisis doctor, though that might be a bit obvious for Moffat's sense of unpredictability, even though I think going in the meta-crisis direction would make for a fantastic story. MC Doctor and Rose, that would be enough for me! Might become a bit cluttered if we have Martha, Donna, Jack, and Paul bloody McGann running around the same episode. 10 and 11 together would make for something I think a lot of people NEED to see. Would also make a pretty fitting return for the Master! (Or should I say, the Master of Pete's World, who returns along with MC?)

I have a very bad feeling about this.

"Yes. David Tennant will be back in time for the Doctor Who anniversary. Be prepared to be surprised…"

Read that sentence again carefully. It could be interpreted as an opportunity to usurp Matt Smith. There is a back door here, with the Half Human Meta-crisis Doctor on Pete's parallel World, who in the special features is even given material to grow a TARDIS.

Of course this is only a theory, but his uncharacteristic eagerness to return to a one-off role, that will undoubtedly have a contrived mechanic, is just wierd. Despite Tennant being the number 1 Doctor in my eyes, the showhas moved on and Matt is doing a fine job.

This an opportunity to see what Ten could have been had he decided to stay on. Okay it's only likely to be a one-off but hopefully it'll show the best of Tennant as the Doctor and forget about what he became at the end.

I agree with the second half.

You're kidding right?

I don't like this idea. The best thing about doctor who is the evolution, creation & uniqueness of each doctor. Revisiting an old one is going backwards & insulting to Matt smith. Who I personally think is doing a great job. Whilst I was a fan of David I do think he got a bit 'shouty' towards the end.

Whatever the big surprises for the 50th are it would be nice, for a change, to find them out in the episode itself - let's hope any guest cameos which may occur are filmed on a closed set to stop the Twitterati ruining the surprise.

Like I said it is only a theory, but they did build in a possible way to bring Tennant back, without using a crossed timelines plot. We have already seen how they can foreshadow several seasons ahead, so they did it for a reason.

Furthermore that sentence really is ambiguous, one might even say deliberately so. On top of that, originally the Doctor could only regenerate 12 times, ergo 13 faces it's only the Sarah Jane Chronicles that said 507 times, and that's hardly canon.

I sincerely hope they don't do anything like this though.

First of all, this is from Bleeding Cool. While they have their moments, I wouldn't take what they say too seriously yet. That said, I totally expect Ten to return.

But why would you ever think he'd come back to take on the role full-time again? Why would they ever do that? They would never even think of that.

This BETTER be amazing...becuase it definitely sounds like it! God DOES answer nerd prayers!

Have you seen any of the classic series? Have you ever heard of The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and The Two Doctos? Insulting to Matt Smith?? He wouldn't care at all. He knows this is bigger than him. This isn't about Matt Smith, this is about Doctor Who. This show has always done anniversary specials. Your comment is ridiculous IMO! Do you think Jon Pertwee was insulted when Troughton came on board for The Three Doctors? Of course he wasn't...and look how brilliant those 2 actors were together...absolutely brilliant!!!
I sincerely hope Tennant comes back for the special. I would love to see McGann and Eccleston come back as well. McGann would do it for sure....Eccleston is a hard one to read, although he did make a comment in an interview ahile ago that he still had more to do with his Doctor. So, fingers crossed!!

He needs the work after, 'Nativity 2' and every other film he's been in

I never really doubted it.

Considering how resentful 10 seemed of his next regeneration in "The End of Time", a meeting with 11 should make for some great tv...

I would like to see Paul Mcgann come back and die/regenerate into Christopher Eccleston. Im sure they could use some sort of special effect to show Eccleston appear. Then we will have seen all Doctors regenerate. It would be great to see Eccleston back as I thought he did a great job. He wont come back to it though.

Whichever former Doctors return, I just hope and pray they return in their full Doctor roles with intelligence and pathos and dignity, and not as some dreadful goppelgangers, or flashbacks, or evil versions, or some other wasted opporunity. Oh and not some charity special-style "let's stand in a semi-circle and solve this puzzle together" cliche either. And I hope they face Davros at his evil genius best. In fact in my fantasy world the Doctors would be in various perilous situations brought about by a decent Davros dalek empire scheme, complicated by a rival old-style dalek faction, and also feature Earthshock-era cybermen making their return with one of them punching his fist through a new Cyberman's torso from behind.

Given that Matt Smith is likely to be leaving around the 50th Anniversary it would be a shoe-in for a regeneration storyline, but I'd like to see a multi-Doctor story involving the NEXT doctor (and I don't mean David Morrissey). Have Tennant, Smith and whoever the Doctor 12 is in one adventure working together which ultimately ends with Smith regenerating into somebody we've already been watching for the last 80 minutes.

Bring back Colin Baker! An invasion by the Daleks will be a walk in the park, when he's just spent two weeks in the jungle with Helen Flanagan !

I hope they get Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton back too; Sean Connery is probably too old and would never do it.

I think if they go through with it then it will work better if Matt Smith and Tennant don't get on. That is what worked so well with the three doctors was they didn't get on and the first doctor was brought in to try and get them to focus. If Russell T. Davis was still in charge, I'd imagine that they would tell each other how much they love each other.

The idea of an old Doctor and a new Doctor meeting up to solve a common enemy is an integral part of the show and it dates back to the early 70s. It's not going backwards - it's integrating a well loved tradition into the Nu-Who - much in the same way as writing episodes starring the Daleks, Sontaran, Silurians or Cybermen is.

The best thing about the multi Doctor stories was how the uniqueness of each different incarnation interacted with the others.

You don't need to do crossed timelines to do this - just set it for Doctor Ten in a period we never saw him adventuring - like between series 2 and 3, 3 and 4, 4 and the specials or between The Next Doctor, The Waters Of Mars and The End of Time. All we have for info on what happened in those unaccounted periods are the Doc's ramblings about The Virgin Queen. Who knows - it could even be a Doc & Rose story set between episodes.

I doubt Tennant is coming back for more than a one-off special episode.

The 12 regenerations thing was a rule set out by the Time Lords and they are hardly in a position to uphold it now are they? The Master was able to come back after using up all 13 of his lives his so why not the Doctor?

I'll put $500 on the fact that when/if Tennant comes back he won't be playing the Meta-Crisis Doctor. And here's what I hope: speaking of the Meta-Crisis, I hope they find a way for Donna to be the Doctor-Donna again without her life depending on it.

I doubt that Donna will be a large feature of it, if at all. Multiple Doctor stories were always from the point of view of the current imcumbent, with past incarnations acting a little more than supporting characters and that's how it should be.

We are following Eleven's story now and any crossover episode needs to be from his point of view.

I sincerely hope you're right. I'm praying for Steven Moffat to completely ignore that Meta-Crisis thing. That was completely ridiculous, and I hope we've heard the last of it.

I pray for McGann, Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith to all appear together. This would be incredible...especially when you consider it would be a Moffat script. I can't wait to see what happens.

I at least hope she shows up and doesn't have a mental meltdown because she's seeing the Doctor again. It was heartbreaking to see her become so awesome, more importantly, to SEE that awesomeness for herself, and then for it all to be gone in the blink of an eye. Donna was a wonderful companion (besides Martha, who I contend is MY favorite companion). She was better for having been with the Doctor, and I want to see that resolved somehow!

I don't know about "completely ridiculous". It was an interesting story to some degree. I just think the execution and resolution sucked.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah... Eleventh is more demanding than Tenth. So there'll be a power struggle.

My wife and I just started watching Dr. Who over the summer. We are currently on series 5. We both liked Tenant the best, and I would love to see him in some capacity during the 50th anniversary.

Not sure I care if it's the Meta-Crisis Doctor or not. I'd like to see Rose, too, though.

Gosh. Matt's doing Ok but I really do miss Tennant. I still think he could return to the role full time.

That indeed would be a great way to do the next regeneration.
They could even do a story where we don't know which of the characters is the next Doctor until the end.

Unless they do what DS9 did for Star Trek's 30th edition, embed Matt Smith in one or perhaps multiple previous storylines???

Pertwee was a bit miffed about Troughton tbh. He went off script regularly and stole every scene he was in.

So? Are you suggesting that any multi doctor story requires all available doctors to at least be written into it?
See: The two doctors or time crash

Creating a story called the five doctors with any five is perfectly feasible

I've heard that story before. However, Pertwee and Troughton often put on the facade of not getting along when they were in public, so I don't know how much of that story is actually true. They often argued when doing appearances together, and told stories of how much they irritated each other...many people thought this was real, but it wasn't. They actually got along very well, and had obvious on-screen chemistry together.
Anyway, my point was it wouldn't have mattered what Pertwee thought because it wasn't about him, it was about the show...and the show is bigger than any one actor.

recent activity on twitter makes me think we may have a Neil Gaiman script for this....

I know it is not a surprise, but I am so happy to hear this, I love David Tennant. Now all we need is Eccleston. :)

Unless they're hinting that Tennant isn't returning as The Doctor (for instance, as Bad Wolf Bay Doc?)

Exciting news for any Whovian but I'm not sure how I feel about Tennant under Moffat's unworthy wing. I don't want my opinions of David's doctor to be crushed by terrible writing.

But, saying that also makes me think Tennant would probably not want to be included with Moffat's writing. Moffat wrote episodes during his era but under Russell's guidance. I don't think Tennant would want any dignity removed from his doctor if the role he plays in the 50th is weak and unsatisfactory.

Eccleston and McGann were excellent. Eccleston has made it though, he is a hollywood star.. possibly even moving into the upper B lister tier after Thor 2 comes. As Cygnus said it will be David's best role since Dr. Who!

Moffat is terrible

Nice critique. Lots of points to back up your argument. Maybe it's not so much that Moffat is terrible, but that you're a braindead idiot!!

Haha, fanboy troll are you? Points to back it up, Jekyll was terrible. He's Doctor Who stories are typical BBC self congratulatory hype which create fanboy trolls like you. Now Warren Ellis, he'd get Doctor Who right!

But Russell got not right did he? Get a clue, bud. I'm a troll?!?! You're the one who replied to MY positive comment with "Moffat is terrible." That sounds like a troll to me. I've been reading your comments. So, let me get this straight. You thought Jekyll was terrible. You thought RTD's Who was better than Moffat's, and you think Elementary is better than Sherlock?!?! You have completely lost any credibility here. Now, go away. This is supposed to be positive stuff about the 50th anniversary. No-one here needs your BS know it all comments.

Look, you obviously work for the BBC little troll. Did you know Jimmy Savile?

I must work for the BBC coz I like Moffat. Haha. You sound like someone that used to work for Moffat, but got fired! Now I get it. Bye bye, troll boy. Perhaps you should go watch Love and Monsters. That's clearly more your thing than Moffat.

Zaphod, you are obviously a BBC shill. It's clear as crystal!

Actually genius, I live overseas. Nice try though. I'm just a Doctor Who fan that happens to like Moffat's writing style. And I understand not everyone likes the same thing, but for you to say Moffat is terrible makes it sound like you have a personal problem with the guy. You're hatred has no place here. This is for Dr Who fans, not Moffat's ex-employees.

You are "just" a "rabid fanboy" then. Ha, bet you wish you were interesting enough to be a BBC shill. Moffat is a terrible writer little troll. Accept it you must!

Are you seriously telling me you don't like anything he's written. Empty Child? Girl in the Fireplace? Blink? You don't like any of those at all? Really?

He is a hack, recycling many better writers work. He is simply a user of the twist, all smoke and mirrors.

I'm sure glad you're telling me how it is. Since I'm unable to tell if a story is good on my own, I rely on people like you. Clearly you're a man of superior intellect, having done so much television writing yourself. Hahaha. Get a clue, buddy.
Incidentally, what was Empty Child recycled from?

Obviously you can't, glad I could help. Empty child is simply a zombie story with a post humanist twist. Many comic books have used nanite clouds to heal.

That's a bit of a stretch to put it could apply that logic to just about any story if you try hard enough. You must hate the Hinchcliffe/Holmes era then. So what, out of extreme curiousity, would you rate as your favourite Dr. Who story? Clearly we're both fans here; there must be something we both like.

My favourite Doctor Who story for Nostalgia's sake is Planet of the Spiders, which given the time was superb. In the modern era I liked Gaiman's "The Doctor's Wife". Gaiman is not as inventive as he was twenty years ago; however, he is not a hack.

Okay I absolutely love both of those stories!! So, let's end this on a high note.

No problem, it was all fun anyway :-)

Agreed! Cheers!

You're wrong

C'mon. Tennant was the best part of the Fright Night remake.

Was anything good about the fright night movie?

My God, THAT would be awesome :D

And berty crouch jr

YAY! David Tennant is my favorite Doctor.

Completely agree. I like Matt alot but I loved David. Of course there was that period of adjustment we all have with a new doc. Hated Tennant til the last half hour of his first full story xmas invasion. Then I was sold that quick. matt hated his intro and im glad they ditched the "geronimo" which was ridiculous. But grew to like him alot. Just not on board with the storytelling completely. But its Who and I love it.

For every one overly enthusiastic "fangirl" of DT I've read/met, there's 20 misogynistic, angry Moffat "fanboys" prepared to blame all aesthetic preferences on hormones and implied inferiority of taste. News flash to Stephen Middlehurst, your nerdboy misogyny is neither a virtue nor a hidden vice.

If anyone deserves more screentime to redeem that horribly scripted movie, it's him.

How? Tell me! Tell me! I HAVE TO KNOW TELL ME!!!

I partially agree. Eccleston was awesome but I would be equally surprised if either of Eccleston or Tennant show up. :D

Tennant will DEFINITELY show up. In this new generation of Doctor Who he's the one who most current fans fell in love with. And he was completely awesome as the Doctor. So yeah, DT will be there. I'd love some witty banter between Eccleston and Tennant though.

No TardInSexy to bemoan David's return? How odd, she seems to be on every other forum in existence.

David is a far superior actor to Smith. I know he won't be returning to the role for good, but under Moff's, no logic, all nonsense plotlines, just maybe it will happen. Good fiction is grounded in reality, Moff just can't write good fiction. People calling him a genius must have very low standards and be easily impressed with dialogue written by a child.

DT's dialogue will suffer under Moff.

No he isn't.

A braindead idiot is a person easily impressed with Moff's turd dialogue.

Russel brought the show back and made it a success. Had Moff brought it back, he would have bored all the viewers away by series 1, half way through.

All rubbish, far too overhyped.

Go away, idiot!

Go away. Find a new show to like. You're an idiot.

Idiots like Moffs 12yr old dialogue. They can't understand big words like those used in Robert Holmes scripts. That's why they love Moff, he made Dr Who a show for people who have trouble with basic grammar.

Go away and be an idiot somewhere else. If you don't like the show, stop watching. You're bringing people down.

Go suck Moff's......

I have stopped watching. Me and many others. This show sucks. You must have the mentality of a child under 5 to enjoy it, these days.

Like Zaphod.

Matt Smith would be outclassed by any of the other actors who have taken on the mantle of The Doctor. The guy just cant act. His attempts at anger are pathetic.

You are without a doubt the biggest moron I've ever spoken with. Do yourself a favour and stop talking. The more you talk, the more I realise that you're about 11years old....sneaking onto your mom's computer when she's mot using it. God, what a negative putz you are. You just can't understand why other people like something that you don't. MORON!!

Then go away, you inbred moron!!!


See ya later, moron.

I understand the teletubby dialogue Moff thinks is genius. No doubt you struggle to understand the meaning of "chin boy". But most people have far higher standards than you.


Yes, morons like Moff

Moff fangirls do make me laugh. Any body with an IQ over 5 is dismissed as a so called moron because they can tell how terrible Muffs pretend writing is. People like Zaphod finally got what they wanted when Moff came on board, Dr Who was at last relegated into a children's show. It's only fit for the youngsters to watch now. It has no substance but lots of nice fx for Zaphod's child-like mind to admire.

Look, I know your infant mind appreciates the flashy fx, but most adults prefer something with a bit of meaning.

Actually what most adults would prefer is for you to go away.

Why are you defending a show on par with power rangers? Are you an infant, tacky?

Most adults would prefer it if Moff could write a bit more maturely.

Cant present another argument in return, Sean?

Moff thinks the show is about him, now:)

Who's Sean? Are you high or something?

The working class doctor.

I thought this was a kids show for kids? And yet here you are, quite well versed in Who-lore. Another of your blatant lies.

As RTD did when he was in charge. You seem to have a lot of anger in you. I recommend some therapy.

At least Moff didn't create Samey and Borey, the guy who died every episode. And why would I be angry? You are the one poaching on here waiting for people to post. What's up mate? Not got a life?

Shame Smith cant act half as good as whiney DT:)

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