Doctor Who: David Tennant rumoured to be returning for 50th anniversary

News Louisa Mellor
20 Nov 2012 - 08:52

The rumour that the tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is set to return for Who's fiftieth anniversary is gaining momentum...

The past year has seen David Tennant and his fellow former Doctors produce an array of non-commital noises when asked the now-traditional Who interview question: "And will you be returning for the show's 50th anniversary special?".

Bound no doubt by several yards of legal contract and the threatening glare of Steven Moffat, non-commital noises are as far as Tennant's gone in public, but an anonymous Doctor Who source our chums over at Bleeding Cool describe as "solid" informs them that yes, Tennant will indeed be returning for next year's anniversary.

The exact words being reported are: "Yes. David Tennant will be back in time for the Doctor Who anniversary. Be prepared to be surprised…"

Bleeding Cool

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