New Atlantis series 2 trailer lands

Louisa Mellor Trailer Nov 7, 2014

Atlantis series 2 is a darker, more action-packed beast, and here's the trailer to prove it...

Brian Sibley interview: adapting The Once And Future King, The Lord Of The Rings, The Chronicles Of Narnia

Juliette Harrisson Interview Nov 5, 2014

Remember Radio 4's The Lord Of The Rings? Dramatist Brian Sibley chats to us about adapting that and TH White's The Once And Future King...

Is Atlantis series 2 really meaner and moodier?

Louisa Mellor Feature Oct 21, 2014

The word from Atlantis is that series 2 is much darker and less silly than the first. Here’s our spoiler-free look at episode 1…

Atlantis series 2 almost a ‘reboot’

Louisa Mellor News Oct 13, 2014

The second series of BBC fantasy series Atlantis is “a completely different show” says cast member, Mark Addy…

Atlantis episode 6 review: The Song Of The Sirens

Dave Adamson Review Nov 2, 2013

Has Atlantis reached a turning point? Here's Dave's review of its best episode yet...

Atlantis episode 5 review: White Lies

Dave Adamson Review Oct 26, 2013

Atlantis' talented cast continues to be stymied by underwhelming dialogue and storytelling. Here's Dave's review of White Lies...

Atlantis episode 4 review: Twist Of Fate

Dave Adamson Review Oct 19, 2013

Atlantis skips mystical mythology this week for a story of family and honour. Here's Dave's review...

Atlantis versus Merlin: a side-by-side comparison

Giles Marshall Feature Oct 15, 2013

Giles compares the early episodes of the BBC's Atlantis to their equivalent in Merlin's first series, but which fares better?

Atlantis episode 3 review: A Boy Of No Consequence

Dave Adamson Review Oct 12, 2013

Death and intrigue underpin this week's Atlantis, which is a massive step above the first two episodes...

Atlantis episode 1 review: The Earth Bull

Dave Adamson Review Sep 28, 2013

Atlantis arrives on the Saturday night schedule with an uneven, but not un-promising first episode...