Harold Ramis

The Ghostbusters sequels that have already been made

Alex Carter Feature
Nov 10, 2015

If you're not keen on the idea of the new reboot - or can't wait for it - there are plenty of other Ghostbusters sequels that already exist.

Cannibals and comedy: Ivan Reitman’s path to Ghostbusters

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 31, 2014

It’s 30 years since Ghostbusters first hit cinemas. But what led its director and producer from Canada to Hollywood? Ryan takes a look...

Defending Ghostbusters II

Seb Patrick Feature
Sep 23, 2014

Ghostbusters II might not have the esteemed reputation of the 1984 original, but Seb argues that it's well worth another look...

Tim Allen confirms a Galaxy Quest sequel was written

Galaxy Quest
Simon Brew News
Jul 31, 2014

Can we get a Galaxy Quest 2? Probably not. But there's a script written, and the cast are keen...

Why the Ghostbusters game is “essentially the third movie”

Philip Tibbetts Feature
Jun 2, 2014

There's still no Ghostbusters 3, but maybe the 2009 videogame adaptation could fill that gap? Philip explains...

Ghostbusters 3 to shoot in early 2015, new director needed

Simon Brew News
Mar 19, 2014

Director Ivan Reitman bows out of Ghostbusters 3, with the film now set to shoot at the start of 2015...

Ghostbusters 3 update: Dan Aykroyd now on script duties?

Simon Brew News
Oct 8, 2010

After Bill Murray’s interview, just what is the state of Ghostbusters 3? Somebody asked Dan Aykroyd that very question…

Bill Murray vs Ghostbusters 3: the latest chapter

Simon Brew News
Jul 20, 2010

In a new interview, Bill Murray talks about his decreasing interest in Ghostbuster 3, and how he made Garfield because he thought one of the Coen Brothers had written it…

Ghostbusters 3 arriving Christmas 2012?

Simon Brew News
May 12, 2010

Finally: there’s some sign of a firm schedule for Ghostbusters 3, with news of a potential release date….

Year One Blu-ray review

Glen Chapman Review
Nov 9, 2009

Harold Ramis' latest film failed at the box office. But does Year One deserve a fresh chance on Blu-ray?