Alex Kingston

Doctor Who: Moffat open to River Song and Captain Jack returns

Captain Jack. No, not that one...
Rob Leane News Dec 17, 2014

If the story was right, River Song and Captain Jack could return to Doctor Who, says Mr Steven Moffat…

Doctor Who: examining River Song's final "spoilers"

Rob Leane Feature Jan 31, 2014

Have we seen the last of River Song, or was her final "spoilers" a sign of things to come? Rob looks at the options

Doctor Who: who is Clara?

Andrew Blair Feature May 9, 2013

Andrew looks at some likely (and unlikely) theories to answer the question running through Doctor Who 7b: who is Clara Oswald?

Doctor Who: Alex Kingston on the future of River Song

The Wedding Of River Song
Simon Brew News Feb 2, 2012

Will River Song return to Doctor Who? Alex Kingston has been asked that very question, and you can read her answer here...