Robin Williams

John Cleese turned down Robin Williams role in The Birdcage

Simon Brew News Dec 10, 2014

Exclusive: In a new interview, John Cleese reveals that he turned down Anthony Hopkins' role in The Remains Of The Day too...

The death of Robin Williams, and a call to be better

Simon Brew Feature Aug 20, 2014

The tragedy surrounding Robin Williams' passing was made worse by crass reporting in some sectors of the media, Simon writes...

Where to get help with depression

Den Of Geek Feature Aug 12, 2014

If you're feeling depressed, low, or worse, then please take a look at this, and consider reaching out to someone.

Robin Williams dies, aged 63

Simon Brew News Aug 12, 2014

Shocking and upsetting news: Robin Williams has passed away, at the age of 63.

Robin Williams returning for Mrs Doubtfire 2

Simon Brew News Apr 17, 2014

The long-mooted sequel to Mrs Doubtfire is happening, with both Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus returning...

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Why Mrs Doubtfire mattered

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Just a silly comedy? There might be more to Mrs Doubtfire than it's given credit for...

20 interesting films from one-time movie megastars

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We look at 20 former A-list actors, and the interesting film choices they've made...

Top 10 WTF With Marc Maron episodes

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Glen counts down ten terrific episodes of Marc Maron's WTF comedy podcast. See if your favourites made the cut...

Looking back at Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King

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In 1991, director Terry Gilliam turned from grand spectacle to moving drama with The Fisher King. Andrew looks back at a well-acted, visually stunning movie…