11 questions about X-Men Days Of Future Past answered

Feature James Hunt 23 May 2014 - 07:02

Confused by something in Days Of Future Past? James has got you covered. Here, he answers the most pressing questions about the film

This article contains spoilers for X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Lots of them.

X-Men comics have a reputation within the industry for being a little too complicated. In part, that's because the original Days Of Future Past storyline made it cool to create possible dystopian futures and mix characters from them into the team. Bishop, Cable and Rachel Summers all joined the X-Men after coming back from the future. Villains like the Dark Beast and Stryfe came from timelines that no longer exist. Keeping it straight requires a lot of work.

And now, with the release of the X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie, the X-Men movies have finally become as complicated as the comics. Despite claims to the contrary, Fox has clearly taken a look at the success of Marvel's cinematic universe and decided it wants a piece of that action. But in resurrecting a continuity it effectively left for dead in X-Men: The Last Stand, it's also introduced a few questions about exactly what happened.

In this piece we're going to look at some of the plot threads X-Men: Days Of Future Past seems to have ignored, aborted or otherwise dropped, so don't be surprised if you find a spoiler or two in the mix. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's probably best to come back later. We will have to discuss the ending, after all...

Question 1: How is Xavier alive after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand?

Professor X was memorably vaporised by an out-of-control Jean Grey during the events of X-Men: The Last Stand. The film did introduce a get-out clause for this, casually mentioning the idea of a psychic transferring their mind into a comatose man on life support, and then strongly hinting, if not outright revealing in a post-credits sequence that Xavier had done exactly this.

So that explains why he's not dead, but it doesn't explain why he's still Patrick Stewart. Well, on the commentary for DVD X-Men: The Last Stand one of the writers suggests that the brain-dead man is Xavier's twin brother, who was born without a consciousness. If Xavier transferred his mind into that body, that leaves Patrick Stewart free to reprise his role in the next film.

What this doesn't explain is why Professor X needs a hoverchair in the DOFP future, if he's not in his original paralysed body. Maybe he's just lazy?

Question 2: Why aren't Wolverine's claws still bone in the future?

In the post-credits scene of The Wolverine, the status quo is this: it's been two years since the events of depicted in the film. Yukio is no longer travelling with Wolverine. His claws, after being cut off by Yashida's giant samurai robot-suit, have regrown as bone. At the end of that sequence, he's recruited by Professor X and Magneto, and when he turns up in Days Of Future Past some years later, he's got metal claws again. So where did those claws come from?

To be fair, this isn't really a story problem, though it does cause a continuity headache. We can only assume that at some point between the end of The Wolverine and the start of DOFP, Wolverine gets Adamantium re-bonded to his claws. How? Well, that's a story for another day, I suppose. Or maybe we can assume Magneto did it with his mastery over all this metallic. Er, speaking of which…

Question 3: How did Magneto get his powers back?

Not an especially tough question, but one which doesn't really get addressed during DOFP, possibly because the writers considered it resolved in the previous film. In the final battle of X-Men: The Last Stand, Magneto is injected with the mutant "cure", and loses his powers. In the film's final scene, he's shown waiting to play chess in the park, now a broken and anonymous man with no opponent. As the film ends, he reaches out with his hand, and in the second before the scene ends one of the chess pieces moves, as if pulled by a magnet.

We can therefore assume that the cure just didn't stick. Why didn't it stick? That, we don't know. Is it the same for everyone? Again, we can't really tell. The adult Mystique (who was also "cured" during X-Men 3) doesn't appear in DOFP, and Rogue is only in it for a split second, but only in an alternate future where all bets are off, and apparently still without her powers (but not definitively). Maybe in the "happy" future, she wasn't cured but can control them. Maybe they're still gone. We doubt we'll get a definitive answer any time soon.

Question 4: Why were Magneto and Xavier recruiting Wolverine anyway?

That's a very good question. Because it didn't look a lot like a dystopian future when he was in that airport, did it? And they didn't even know they were going to send Wolverine back in time until seconds before they actually did it anyway.

So maybe what Professor X and Magneto meant by "we need your help" wasn't "we need to send you back in time in about 10 years when everyone's gone to hell" but "we need your help to stop the sentinels which have very recently become a problem for us and could get a lot worse. Right? Right.

Question 5: How come Kitty Pryde has the ability to transmit Bishop's mind back in time, when her mutant powers only let her phase through walls?

Beats me. Magic gloves?

Question 6: Wolverine gets taken away by Stryker at the end of DOFP. Except Stryker is actually Mystique. So what's that about?

Er, this one has us beat too, and it's kind of a mess if you think about it. X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed us that Stryker recruited Wolverine and Sabretooth in 1975 after rescuing them from the firing squad in Vietnam, where they'd been fighting for some time. Until then, the two had – we're told – been inseparable. Yet in 1973, Wolverine isn't in Vietnam, he's bumming around New York and Sabretooth's nowhere to be found. Maybe he's between tours?
Either way, the implication with the Stryker/Mystique moment is that the timeline has changed and that in the altered universe, Mystique is the one who takes Wolverine into military custody and gives him up to the Weapon X programme. We can't really explain why she'd do that, but fair enough.

Question 7: What happened to all those guys from First Class?

There's a long list of blink/sneeze/cough-and-you'll-miss-them explanations about what happened to the other mutants from the previous X-Men film. When Mystique infiltrates Trask's office, she sees autopsy reports and photos for several mutants, including Azazel and Angel. Magneto mentions that Emma Frost (and possibly Banshee?) as being "casualties" of the intervening years between First Class and the past of Days of Future Past. Havok, at least, is alive and part of the mutant battalion in Vietnam which Mystique rescues, though no-one actually uses his name, so if you're bad with faces (or can't remember much of a film you saw years ago) you might not notice until he uses his powers.

Question 8: If it's 1975, how come Quicksilver has those over-the-ear headphone separates that didn't seem to exist until about 3 years ago?

A better question is why Trask's Sentinels are more advanced in 1975 than anything we have in 2014.

An even better question is, if they've got a guy who can literally stop bullets with time to spare, why doesn't anything think to take him to Paris, given that their entire future hinges on stopping someone being shot?

Question 9: What actually happened at the end of the film? Why's everyone suddenly alive when Wolverine wakes up? What's going on!?

So, here's what happens. By preventing the assassination of Trask, and having a mutant save the President's life, the X-Men have averted the Sentinel-ravaged future Wolverine was sent back from. But because he's not in the future timeline when it gets erased, he arrives back in his future body in the altered timeline.

So, the actions of the 1975 X-Men have apparently changed the future dramatically. Jean's alive, Cyclops is alive, the sentinels haven't overrun the earth and Wolverine's a teacher. At the very least, the events of X-Men: The Last Stand didn't happen the way they did, and the events of X-Men and X2 are now pretty suspect as well. But Professor X does remember that a time-travelling Wolverine came to help him out. So everything in X-Men: First Class happened, and everything in the 1975 era of X-Men: Days of Future Past happened, and from that point on all continuity has been rewritten so that different stuff happened. Which does have the positive outcome of erasing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, at least.

But hey, it's time travel. It's not supposed to make sense.

Question 10: Where was Nightcrawler/Angel/Stan Lee?

Oh, what? They were here a moment ago, you just missed them. Seriously, they got almost every X-Men in there, but admittedly not all of them. Stan Lee wasn't in X-Men: First Class either, though, so maybe he's just not allowed to appear in the past looking like he does in 2014. That would just confuse people, right?

Question 11: Aren't you just nitpicking? Can't you just enjoy the film? Why doesn't this even matter?

Hey, I read comics. I've mastered nitpicking and enjoying myself at the same time.

But more seriously, here's the thing about continuity. It applies to comics, and it increasingly applies to film sagas with seven sequels too. And the thing is this: if you want what happens in your films to matter, you have to pretend that there's something at stake.

This is something Marvel Studios understands. In building a world of multiple interconnected franchises, the events in one are reflected in another. Tony Stark didn't HAVE to have PTSD in Iron Man 3. He didn't HAVE to mention that he stopped an alien invasion. But the fact that he did? That's what convinces us these characters are able to grow and change. It's what gives the story weight. It invests us in the events that are happening.

And while this might seem like a nerdish desire for consistency, it's really not. It's the desire for the experience of watching a film to be as good as it can be. Bad continuity distracts you from what's actually happening on screen. It's not that it particularly matters how Professor X came back to life - it's that they didn't acknowledge it at all. If, in his first scene of DOFP, Professor X had said to Wolverine something like "I've died before, it's not necessarily the end" or "I've come back from worse", that would've been enough. Enough for the filmmakers to say "yes, we know he was dead, and now he isn't. But we needed him alive, so let's move on."

By NOT acknowledging the past, the filmmakers leave the audience preoccupied and confused. We're waiting for an explanation that isn't coming, instead of investing in the story we're watching. It sets a precedent that essentially stops filmmakers from engaging their audiences. Because if people are watching the X-Men films for the characters, and what happens to those characters doesn't stick from one movie to the next, it doesn't matter if we miss one.

And I'm no movie producer, but teaching audiences they can miss films? That seems like a bad idea to me.

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Saw Days of Future Past last night and I've had time to let it soak in. Overall, I think it's about as good as the X-Men franchise has been, maybe just short of X2. I think they did a good job of combining the 2 time-lines, especially since First Class seemed to be a full on reboot, ignoring the previous films (Wolverine cameo aside).

I especially liked how at the end, The Last Stand and Origins: Wolverine are effectively wiped from the franchise time-line. Going forward, they could really have 2 X-Men franchises going. One with the original team and one with the First Class team.

For the first time, in a long time, I am genuinely excited for the future of the X-Men franchise. I really hope Singer's personal problems don't affect X-Men going forward, as I think him coming back has been critical in the franchise turning around.

PS. Please don't screw up Apocalypse. Thank you.

Actually, these are all valid points. Its a decent film, but it felt rushed and a bit naive in places, and big questions were either ignored or dismissed in a sentence. Singer should have done a bit better in that regard.

I've not read this article yet, but just wanted to say, why post two articles on DOG just on the day of release of a movie that would contain spoilers ..why not wait for 3 days until the weekend is over , it's when all the fans would go and see the film, then we can have an informed discussion??

Its a bank holiday weekend there wont really be any new articles until Tuesday if people see the movie this weekend they can come here and chat or even if they see it in a week the article wont disappear they can still comment.

Isn't there also a mystery with Mystique? On the one hand, there are several points which suggest that the 'Sentinel apocalypse' timeline is the same timeline as that in the original trilogy and The Wolverine (or a branch of it). But there's a snag. We're told that in the history of the 'Sentinel apocalypse' timeline, Mystique shot Trask dead in the 1970s. IIRC, immediately after the shooting, she was captured and horribly tortured to extract her powers for the Sentinels. Indeed, Trask's dialogue in DOFC suggests she would have been completely dissected in the process. But if Mystique was dissected in the 1970s in the 'Sentinel' timeline, then how on earth could she be alive and free and fighting for Magneto in the first trilogy, which was clearly set in a later decade? (Possible answer: the 'Sentinel apocalypse' timeline is NOT meant to match up with any of the previous films, despite its foreshadowing in The Wolverine, which was presented as a sequel to the first trilogy.)

I think I thought of a lot of these while watching it.... but then everyone was alive at the end, and Scott was being a dick to Logan again... I felt all warm and fuzzy and forgot my gripes!

Sounds like I'm going to be seriously confused after I see this. Not fussed about spoilers on this one as I've been seriously underwhelmed by the trailers & dodgy advertising (cough, Empire covers, cough!).

So, First Class is canon, the 70's bits of DoFP are canon, everything else is....open to speculation?
Origins is thankfully gone, X-Men, X2 and probably parts of X3 still happened (maybe?) - what about The Wolverine? Is that gone too?

Seems really baffling if they've just retconned a story out of existence that's only came out at the end of last year.

On the other hand, Cyclops!!!!

So, will Apocalypse take place in the past or present timeline?

I have one question - How did DoG rate this film only 3 stars??
Great article here though.

Interesting article but I disagree with the final paragraphs. I'm afraid, though I wouldn't have put it in those terms, the "nerdish desire for consistency" hits the nail on the head.

These intricacies scarcely seem to be an issue for the majority of viewers. I suspect that an audience who, as the article points out, may well forget Havoc was in the last film of the series, are unlikely to fret about the use of a future hover chair by a clone only mentioned in the DVD commentary of a post credits scene of a different film made almost a decade earlier.

And for those who do, well we already know the explanation. The author couldn't have put it better - "yes, we know he was dead and now he's alive but we need him alive so let's move on". Why we would need this paraphrased by a character is mysterious to me!

So now cyclops and Jean Grey are back from the dead Fox can have two X-Men franchises running at the same time. The original line up can have their own films and so can the First Class cast. Kerching for fox.
The biggest mystery to me however is how the hell did Anna Paquin get billed above Peter Dinklige? Seriously if you sneezed during her screen time you would have missed her!

Am I the only one who is freaking out about Jean being allowed to run around? XD

I think Stan Lee is in the film, Mystique changes into him just after being shot in the leg, or did i dream it?

Pretty sure she changes into a woman with an afro, but I can see why you got mixed up

Examining the timeline, DOFP wiped out the second half of Origins: Wolverine (from Logan & Victor just being recruited by Stryker till the end of the movie. Him & Victor still fought in the wars, because that all takes place before FC), X-Men was wiped, X-Men: United was wiped, X-Men: The Last Stand was wiped & The Wolverine was wiped. For now, the time between 1973 - 2023 (the new present that Wolverine wakes up to) is an unknown history that Fox can fill any way they like. Proper recruitments for Cyclops, Jean & Storm. Havok meeting his younger bro. A new backstory to how Wolverine got his adamantium. There are 50 years to fill. Also, that would make Stewart's Xavier 74 years old in the new present. Well played Fox. Also, props to them for acknowledging & showing flashbacks from all films. They structured the timeline in such a way that the events of FC, Origins, X-Men, X2, Last Stand & The Wolverine HAD to happen in order for the future events of DOFP to happen & therefore soft reboot the timeline.

First Class happened, the montage at the beginning of Origins happened (it's set before First Class) & the 1973 bit of DOFP happened. The second half of Origins (Logan & Victor going to Vietnam onwards), X-Men, X2, Last Stand & The Wolverine were all wiped. 1973 - 2023 (the new present that Wolverine wakes up to) is all unknown history to us for now. Fox can fill it any way they like. Also, X-Men: Apocalypse is going to be set in the 80's so Fox are beginning to fill up those 50 years from 1973 - 2023. Apparently, there will be young versions of Cyclops, Jean, Storm & Nightcrawler (the events of X2 have been wiped & never happened, so now it's possible for a young Nightcrawler to meet the young X-Men) along with Channing Tatum's Gambit (Taylor Kitsch's Gambit was wiped & now never existed) & it will feature only the FC cast.

My brain hurts. I still don't get why Fox would say that a film that's what - 6-8 months old - doesn't matter any more.

If nothing else, it's bold as f*ck.

Hope they have a plan, unlike DC.

Hey Bub, there's a clue in the name of this website don't you know? Although there may be a Den of Casual Viewers somewhere in the ether?

That was Newton Thomas Sigel. The regular cinematographer of the x-men movies. (mostly bryan singer's x-men movies)

X-men continuity was cover, Hugh Jackman turned up as Wolverine and people played Chess, that's pretty much all the boxes they need to tick.

I'm not entirely sure we can say that X-men Origins: Wolverine was wiped from continuity (as much as we may wish it was). It's not outside the realm of possibility that 1973 Wolverine escapes from the military and Mystique (possibly with Victor's help) and they head to Vietnam where the real Stryker recruits them two years later and events continue from there (I always assumed the creepy CGI Patrick Stewart at the end of Origins was a telepathic projection anyway which would explaining the standing). But I'd guess Apocalypse will prove me right or wrong on that front. Definitely appears that most of X-men and X2 and all of The Last Stand and The Wolverine didn't happen (Jean wasn't affected by Magneto's mutant-creating machine so her Phoenix persona never emerged and she never died at Alkali Lake). It's possible the actual events still happened but Jean just wasn't effected. Overall I enjoyed the film as much as I enjoyed First Class although less than X2. Of the superhero movies out so far this year it ranks second behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I thought I touched upon that? The article suggests the issue is one which affects the audience as a whole (which I explained I thought unlikely to be the case) and for the "geeks" my question is why do we need an onscreen fig leaf for aspects with real-world production decision explanations, which we, as geeks, already know?

And you know for sure that DC have no plan? Please share the minutes from their meetings for us all to read.

At first I thought it would be him, but it wasn't.

I think the information we are being given about MoS 2/Batman V Superman/Whatever it's called this week speaks for itself. Just my opinion mind you.

The best work being done on the DC side of things is with Arrow, they seriously know what they are doing.

So far the DC movie side is looking like a knee jerk reaction to the MCU sadly. I'd love for them to get it together and give us top notch movies too, but so far I'm none too confident.

Can anyone tell me who the mutant was in the concentration camp in with the blue lightning over his eye in dofp was it xman?

I don't feel the continuity issue really matters if you've watched the films so far in their release order. It's the 2009 Star Trek conundrum, innit? It doesn't overwrite the films (although technically it does) but frees up any future installments from the franchise's history. A little confusing but nothing major.

I think the idea she was captured and experimented on may explain why she seemed so... quiet, for lack of a better word, in the original trilogy. Any physical damage she would have endured would have healed due to her morphing abilities, but the psychological scars would have remained.

Just heard a radio ad for X-Men - Days Of Future Past describing the film as "The Avengers of the X-men Universe"!!!
I can't imagine that DOFP will struggle at the box office but it seems a bit desperate to use what is essentially a competitors success to advertise your own film!
If Fox are allowed to mention "The Avengers" in their adverts then why can't Marvel mention Mutants in their movies?
P.S, I'm not spamming, I just posted this in the wrong place first time round!!

My favourite part of the whole movie was people waiting for end credits and then not getting it, sometimes there's a benefit to being a comic book nerd :) Seriously though, plot points aside I enjoyed the overall movie, I loved quicksilver, shame for continuity they aren't using the same guy in the next Avengers movie but I understand why not. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't get the mystique/stryker ending as well. I agree with other posters too that there was something warm and fuzzy about seeing the original X-Men cast assembled together again!

I would have gone up to four on this one...saw it last night, good fun

How did it feel rushed? The pacing of the film went very smooth.

It was Ink (who in comic book wasnt actually a mutant - his tattoo artist was)

If you paid attention to DOFP, the reason professor xavier still needs the wheel chair is because the powers he has alter his DNA. He was able to walk because he took the serum that beast had to help control his powers. He explained that just before he decided not to keep using the serum and they went and used cerebro.

She does, but after beast starts attacking him she runs into the crowd and transforms into an old man.

they say they have a plan to expand the X franchise dramatically--aside form the Age of Apocalypse, they are planning an X Force movie, and, of course, another Wolverine solo outing--and thats just whats been announced, so im sure we'll hear more soon since DOFP is shaping up to be a HUGE hit at the box-office--97% positive from TOP critics at rotten tomatoes is unheard of for a Super-hero movie. Even the Winter Soldier didnt rate that high & many, myself among them, consider it the best Marvel-verse film to date

dont know--rotten tomatoes has it at 97% from the TOP critics--I dont recall a superhero movie ever getting that high of a score

Childofcain: I couldn't agree more

Most of her screen time was substantially cut. She eve got her own Empire cover a few months back before they had decided to exorcise her scenes (so much so that Empire even made a point about in the edition).

Yes but seeing how this is a new body, why does he still need a wheelchair?

That question wasn't about Xavier in 1973 (James McAvoy) it was about Xavier in the future (Patrick Stewart).

I agree.... but I think Wolverine will have a new backstory..

One question.. if X-men never happened.. then How did Rogue joined x-men and have white streak??

So, let's say if the actual events happened, it could be that x-men and x-men 2 could have happened (removing Jean dying in that movie) and X-men.. I suppose it could be that Jean wasn't effected by the machine.. I think young xavier saw wolverine's timeline.. he may have prevented it happening or changed his strategies..

I hope her phoenix will reemerges again in a proper way in future movies!

The thing about RT that folks tend to forget though is that 97% could just mean 97% of critics gave it a slightly better than average mark. i.e 3 Stars. It doesn't mean that they all rated it a 97% mark. Though I have indeed seen a fair few four star reviews. I'm thinking the ending is a great uplifting moment to go out on with the Xmen all back. To the extent that people probably forget about any other scenes that dragged in the film or weren't as good as they should have been. I think most folk are just glad to have the X3 consequences wiped out!

I think you've just succinctly summed up exactly why this is getting so many good reviews LOL!

I have a theory on the Mystique / Stryker recovering Wolverine from the river. According to the comics Mystique ended up working as a freelance agent during the cold war, and had run into Wolverine and Sabertooth several times. (Supposedly had a child with Sabertooth during this time as well.) It could be that she is recruiting Wolverine for this line of work, and not handing him over to weapon x.

I could be that the events in X-men, X2 and The Last Stand (the bits dealing with the mutant cure) all happened but thanks to Xavier's knowledge of the possible future he averted certain big things especially in regard to Jean. It's even possible the events of The Wolverine still happened as Yashida would still be dying, Logan just may not have been living like a hobo in the woods because Jean didn't die.

Things that hopefully didn't happen
1) What they did to Deadpool
2) Magical amnesia Adamantium bullets
3) Chopping off Adamantium claws using a superheated Adamantium blade

Agreed on the point that maintaining continuity between films is important – but Marvel isn't *quite* as good at it as you're implying. The end of The Incredible Hulk has Tony Stark acting as a recruiter for the Avengers, heavily implying that he's a full-time member – but Iron Man 2 has him being booted from the team, necessitating a subsequent short film to iron out the continuity issue. Loki possesses Erik Selvig in Thor's post-credits scene, and then does it *again* at the beginning of The Avengers. Coulson dies, and is then brought back because Marvel wants him fronting a TV show. Marvel Studios is flying by the seat of its pants at least as often as Fox is, it's just better at hiding the fact.

That would seriously confuse viewers. They will most probably only continue with the First Class timeline with Apocalypse and recast everyone from a younger Scott to a younger Jean. Lets just have the reunited scene at the end of DOFP to be the happily ever after conclusion of the original trilogy,

I was thinking earlier actually, I wonder if they'll do a Harry Potter-esque teenage mutant spin off, following on from the end of the movie.

yeah but you forgot that in the end of this movie, wolverine was getting out of the ocean by mystique as William..... which indicated that the wolverine origin didn't happened... so deadpool and magical amnesia adanantium bullets never happened

as for the wolverine.. it would be changed.. he may never went to japan cos jean is alive

RT don't just give a rotten/fresh rating based on score, they read the review to get a "tone" assessment, I have seen 3 star reviews count towards rotten several times.

all of that stuff happened to Logan at least, so he still remembers all of it, except XMOW, because his memory was wiped, obviously.

however it is implied that Weapon X never happened (since Logan is the history teacher, why make him the history teacher if he has a blank memory?)

Actually it doesn't, Mystique may have got him out of the river and that MAY have derailed the events of Origins but considering Victor is still out there and probably looking for his brother it wouldn't take a great leap to see him free Logan and then the two of them end up in Vietnam. Also Wolverine had no direct influence over Stryker's motivations so he'd still be looking to get the adamantium and create the Deadpool.

Perhaps but not sure Jean being alive or dead would have any affect on him going to Japan, in fact her being alive may actually make him more receptive to Yukio asking him to go for Yashida

Hmm we will never know.
However I definitely think all events have been adjusted a lot. For example, jean and cyclop didn't die and jean has better control with her powers as young Xavier know the old timeline.
Nope the origin of wolverine technically has been changed Cos the kids got out of jail there. So technically, it has been removed cos next movie will tell how young cyclops joined and emma frost wouldn't exist there (two Emma frost) so technically the correct emma one is the one we saw from first class.

So I think in some ways, all events has been changed a lot. So this means dead pool is actually alive and no shooting into his head!

It has to be different backstory now.

apparently with kitty her powers arent exactly just phasing through objects but she has more of the ability to control the quantum tunneling effect, Possibly allowing her to send someones conscious mind back in time?

Im pretty sure Stan Lee was a chef in the kitchen of the pentagon

True, but Marvel Studios does try to paper over the cracks rather than just pretend they aren't there. One of the DVD-extra One Shots clears up the Stark/General Ross thing, Coulson being brought back was a major plot thread rather than something they ignored, and Loki at the end of Thor doesn't actively contradict anything. It's intentionally ambiguous where Loki was between the end of Thor and the start of Avengers. The Avengers post-credits implies he's been doing stuff off-world.

If you paid attention to my article, you'll notice I never had a problem with Professor X being able to walk (or not walk) in 1975. My question is why he COULDN'T walk in the future, if he wasn't in his paralysed body (the one Phoenix destroyed).

Where is Magneto in the new timeline? He flew off at the end, but he's out there when Wolverine wakes up. Where is he now? Is he going to help Apocalypse?

I guess it comes down to whether you think "regular" viewers will care why Professor X is suddenly alive after he died. I think people will at least wonder, especially since they're really selling the film on the platform of "The old cast is back!" - it's directly marketed to people who watched and liked the first three X-Men films, of which the third had the biggest audience. A substantial percentage of the DOFP audience saw Professor X die, and those people will wonder how he came back.

My point generally is that if a film purporting to be a continuation of a previous one ignores major plot points, that's bad storytelling, and something that'll distract the audience. We shouldn't have to make excuses for the film we're watching while we're watching it.

I've read a few new articles today that said they're still doing the effects for her action sequence and it'll be in the dvd extras

If The Wolverine didn't happen, Days of Future Past couldn't have happened. Jean's death which he dealt with through that film informed the character of Wolverine which drove his actions in the past. Basically even with a new timeline, everything in the other timeline had to happen. This is actually consistent with the comics Multiverse where various timelines must exist and affect each other as opposed to an outright retcon. Especially since the Wolverine at the end of Days still remembers and experienced the events of The Wolverine

Yet studios ignore critics all the time. Superman Returns, which I thought was a pretty good story and movie, got 76% on RT while Man of Steel only got a well deserved 56%. Which one gets a sequel? Mostly because DC has no choice but to come up with something to keep their films going.

Kitty was the active student asking about the effect of sending a consciousness in another body in the X-Men. She found a way to apply this to her phasing powers. I mean she can control matter on a molecular level.

Yeah in the comics, her child with Sabretooth is the leader of the Friends of Humanity, Graydon Creed. He's not a mutant, but a mutant hater with daddy issues

A comatose body that hasn't moved in 70 years? It would be very difficult to expect it to be fully functional

Rogue could have gotten the white streak by absorbing or overabsorbing Magneto's power at any time. Or it could be the comic book explanation: she bleaches her hair.

How much of the old timeline does young Xavier know? He saw Wolverine's future but we didn't explore him finding much about his own.

Patrick Stewart has been saying in interviews "You should have stayed until the end credits of The Last Stand". As the author said, he needed to be alive and an explanation is needed. The explanation was in the last film. Patrick Stewart played the comatose patient in those scenes.

They did not say that she would need to be killed for this to happen. Trask specifically said he needed her alive. He said he needed brain tissue and spinal tissue. Horrifying to say the least to extract from a live person. But also not uncharacteristic for a time when lobotomies were common for minor behavioral disorders. JFK's sister was famously lobotomized in real life! And yes, it would explain the quite personality of modern day Mystique.

Exactly how it happens in the days of future past comics

First Class is based during the Cold War,so your point is null n void,unless you care to explain?

That scene shows Professor X awakening in the body of a coma patient. It explains why his mind isn't gone, but not his body. If anything it just confuses the issue more.

Did you not understand that everything has changed since 1973, and therefore, everything we've seen is up for grabs? I think we can assume that X3 and Origins are gone, and perhaps even The Wolverine. Although I couldn't care less about this "continuity" obsession so many have, Singer tied up all of the loose ends that matter. It certainly wasn't a perfect movie, but still a top-notch superhero flick.

Bryan Singer did not direct Last Stand and had an uncredited role in X Men Origins: Wolverine....He needed to free himself from the mess those movies created to be able to move forward freely. It sounds like this movie reset events of the last few bad movies. This gives them a fresh start, being able to bring back characters that were "killed off". I think thats a good thing considering the recent results before First Class.

And you need information to know if a film will be good or not or to make judgements? I'm guessing you're not a Nolan fan then? So what if it's knee jerk, if we get some amazing films, why does it matter? They won't mess it up.

Theres one thing im still not understanding, if the sential future at the begining of the movie is the future after LAST STAND, and the sentials were built in the 70s or 80s, why were they never used before?? The mutants attacked the statue of liberty AND uprouted the golden gate bridge, at no time did anyone think, "hey rember those mutant killing robots we made!"???

Question 8 - it's actually supposed to be 1973. If it were 1975, Nixon would've been impeached already.

My question is why is it that only Wolverine appears to have aged in the 2023 dystopian future? His temples have gone grey, but Kitty, Colossus, Iceman, Storm, Prof. X and Magneto all look as though they haven't really aged. I thought of this when I saw the trailer and hoped it would be addressed in the film, but...no.

I too thought of many of these questions while viewing the film, and the fact that they weren't addressed tarnished my enjoyment.

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I found it nowhere near as good as a film as CA: The Winter Soldier. I found it extremely predictable and it was pretty much ruined by the trailer. I really didn't have a character to root for and if Wolverine is supposed to be the protagonist, he doesn't really take much action.

Having said that, I did enjoy the Quicksilver sequence, but was saddened to see him written out for no apparent reason.

I think they are just trying to completely forget about Origins:Wolverine. If the time travel went back to the 70's, then like you said all the stuff with Sabretooth should have happened, and Stryker being implicated on murder charges, along with a walking Xavier taking in Cyclops and EMMA FROST (non-telepathic) to the school? But they said Emma Frost (the telepath) was a casualty?

Yea the only thing about the end scene I wasn't happy about, but understood why, was not revealing the identity of the horsemen. Both Archangel and Wolverine has played the horseman Death.

Im going to tell you what marvel movie is needed.... ORIGINS:MYSTIQUE. They can use the same story lines of the end of first class and incorporate her becoming a whore and having a baby from the now dead, Azazel (Nightcrawler is the child) and eventually hooking up with Sabretooth (hopefully Liev Schrieber) and having a child from him too. Cant remember who their child was though.....Plus all the Magneto Brotherhood shenanigans.

That's a good question. I would, however, redirect you to the Danger Room sequence from The Last Stand. I think it demonstrates that Sentinels, if not being utilized, were nonetheless a real and viable threat. Real enough that Xavier included it as one of the Danger Room's training programs. As far as why they weren't used, well you had Stryker's program, the mutant cure, and mutant registration (not necessarily in that order)which were likely being used as non-violent alternatives to what most people would view as outright genocide.

Plus if you read the movie novelization to The Last Stand, it explains that that movie's POTUS is very much against using the Sentinel program...he contemplates it, but then decides against it.

Honestly, I can see him becoming one of Apocalypse's Horsemen. Or maybe Prof. X. will get offed (again) or otherwise put out of comission, and Magneto, wanting to atone or not wanting the competition, will take over as the X-Men's leader and keep this movie true to Age of Apocalypse storyline.

great reply! I had that same question as well.

But Magneto wasn't one of the Horsemen? Didn't he rip the adamantium from Wolverines body and Apocalypse put it back on Wolverine?

I thought the same with Sabretooth. Wondering how they would incorporate that and her having a baby from Azazel (who is now dead) to have nightcrawler

But what of the Walking and telepathic Xavier (Stewart) at the end of Origins Wolverine? Taking in Emma Frost (now dead) and Cyclops

I never understand why "cyclops is a dick". I love logan, but to be fair, he is the one always hitting on Scott's wife.

I thought since everyone had an altered life, Mystique as Stryker didn't take him away, but rather just gave him over then to Professor X, thereby giving him a happy life as well. It's not like we see his metal claws to prove it differently. I was disapointed by Rogue as well!
Also, how was Mystique allegedly locked up by Trask's people to take her DNA/brain matter/etc....because then she wouldn't be in the first 3 movies, right? and if X and Mystique were so tight back in the day....how is it in the first 3 movies they ignore each other?

What happens to Wolverine's new present timeline consciousness when time-traveling Wolverine's consciousness wakes up in the body at the end of the movie? Surely that Wolverine has been living his life since waking up on the police boat in 1973. (And since a potentially kinder, gentler Mystique, nay Raven, as Stryker shanghaied him, he presumably never had to suffer through the Weapon X program, and is therefore a completely different person.)
I guess that poor guy just died in his sleep?

Same way Mystique and Nightcrawler just held some light conversation but yet they are mother and son. Or Sabretooth in Xmen 1 not speaking to Wolverine,

Maybe that's how they account for WOlverine's "memory loss" rather than a special bullet done by Stryker in Origins Xmen

True & it also comes down to personal taste. case in point--I thought Superman Returns was a good movie, bu too much of a Donner re-hash. Unlike you, i thought Man of Steel was a GREAT movie & a take on Superman that was not only long overdue, but also a much more "accurate" take---in terms of both Supes Sci-fi roots in the comics & what would really happen if a Super-powered alien revealed his presence to the world. It also had the type of action I had always thought SHOULD be in a Superman movie, but either they couldnt do it(the classic films) or chose not to--SR

On the matter of question 3:

Our screening included a Q&A with several cast members and Lauren Donner. She detailed a sequence they filmed but edited out because it damaged to flow of the film. It involved Magneto and Xavier deciding to go get Rogue after Kitty was injured by Wolverine while maintaining him in the past so they could use her to help maintain the connection. I'm assuming the point was to use her powers, which implies she does, indeed, have them back. The sequence included them rescuing (or attempting to) her from the school and the school being destroyed.

Apparently FOX has greenlit them spending the money to finish the sequence in VFX and place it on the disc for release later this year, which is pretty cool.

But the takeaway from that is yes, Rogue's powers have returned as well, somehow.

REALLY liked the film. And part of the reason I liked it was because it elegantly wiped away a lot of the mistakes made ever since SInger left the series. Sony should take note; as much as this was a reboot it reaffirmed the aspects of the series we loved in the first place.

I've never felt inclined to rewatch the two Wolverine flicks so didn't notice the direct contradictions with them and any retcons of the other films are mostly welcome.

While the whole movie could be viewed as an attempt by Singer to put things (roughly) back the way he left it 11 years ago, the fact that it was so entertaining overshadowed this.

Just go with it, people. This one is worth the effort.

Indeed. You can get all worked up about this...but we'll never get exhaustive answers to any of it.

None of this stuff really matters to anyone but us geeks, so it's not like there's going to be more than two minutes given over to this in the next film.

hey, she can take care of herself. no need for scott to be an insecure dick.

You think these are answers?

That's good the future is altered because I really want psylocke to play a bigger role with her right mutant powers. X3 ruined her so much! Plus, I want to see rogue using ms. Marvel powers! I remember reading a blog that mystique might get her own movie. If she does, I wanna see how she became rogue's adopted mother and how nightcrawler was her son.

And yet I trundle over to Rotten Tomatoes and see 92%, from reviewers I doubt are predominantly X-Men experts. It doesn't appeared to have distracted, or detracted, as far as one can see at the moment.

The 1970s and 1980s were the height of the cold war. First Class was at the beginning of the Cold War. So she and Wolverine still have nearly 10 years to be spys in the cold war.

I hate to say this, but what if she already had Nightcrawler. I mean that would make her crying over the autopsy reports even more relevant, if she was crying over Nightcrawler's father's death.

There is enough time between First Class and Days of Future Past for this to happen.


Lets be realistic & serious...we all know FOX is a company that has the knack to LIE convincingly or give a RATS ASS about the consumer satisfaction of whatever product they put out there....so if you look pass the sic illusion of the special effects in this movie, you will realize that they may have found a way to fix all their DIRE mistakes with this franchise, but nothing changes the facts that they are monopolizing the X-men brand for their own ends...we all know Marvel would have never taken this dismal route and ride FOX has put all of us through....SMFH just because they sorty got it right, doesnt mean we should forget the past.

I'll remember that when somebody attacks your wife. She can take care of herself, right?

Being facetious there, of course, but the fact that someone can "take care of themselves" by no means implies that you shouldn't pitch in or offer your verbal disapproval about some behavior that affects someone else.

Frankly I didn't care about any of the obscure, trivial questions that this comic book geek brings up. The only question I had was what was the purpose for Magneto to lift the Stadium up and put it around the perimeter of the White House?

Yeah, I know. I've also seen the reverse. It's none too reliable, or at least people take a bit to much stock in it..

Actually all of the events that happened after 1973 did not happen a new timeline was created , it's a soft reboot like Star Trek, Wolverine Remembers one timeline, but lives actually in the 2nd timeline.

Xavier saw the future where Jean died. If he was able to train Jean better in first class timeline then... it would have cause a ripple throughout X-men, X2.. this means that Jean never became phoenix and Cyclops didn't die. He also saw pretty much most of X-men movies except Wolverine's origin.

However, for Wolverine, the origin movie is definitely wiped cos Emma Frost and Cyclops are likely not to be founded at the jail.. Since next movie mentioned that how they recruit young Cyclops.. so it's obviously Wolverine origin has been changed.. However, the result of him getting metal claws and problems with william will be still there.

That ripple would likely have changed young xavier's strategies in this new timeline... So X2 in some ways, didn't happen like Jean dying.

If anyone it's Xavier who's meant to be the protagonist. But really its an ensemble.
The cast look 8 or so years older than they did in Last Stand, Magneto seemed frail and Stewart has aged more than he did during the TNG years.
The beard on Iceman is obviously an attempt to age him up.

N0.6 Its a double twist. First you see Stryker, so think that he's going to capture Logan and do the adamantium experiment. Then you realise it's Mystique, which leaves her intent ambiguous. She might be rescuing him, or possibly she wants revenge.

Wait.. actually to debunk what you guys said about Origins possibly never happened, if
you watch closely during the scene where young Charles goes through
Logan's memories, you can see the scene where the bone claws are broken
off by Sabretooth stomping on them. I know it's a small detail, but it
still counts as proof that every other X-Men movie is canon if you ask

I presumed that was to keep cops/army out as he was about to kill everyone at the white house. As it hit the ground they showed scenes of cop cars skidding to a halt. Thats the only thing i could come up with.

Did anyone else see Bryan Singer as the cameraman in the paris scene?

Regarding Question 6 I was thinking maybe Wolverine isn't taken into the Weapon X program at all in the new timeline?

That's the best description I've read; the previous films now become an alternative timeline and we (as viewers) are following a new timeline with a 60's film, a 70's film and an 80's film to follow.

Maybe the new Wolverine film could take place in the old timeline between 'The Wolverine' post credit scene and the aftermath of the war we see in DoFP?

I guess that's one explanation. It kind of made me think of the scene in Last Stand when Magneto picks up the Golden Gate Bridge. No real major purpose aside from showing off his incredible power with almost ridiculous special effects.

Also there is a folder named Sentinels on the computer in X2 (I think it is Stryker's computer)

Yeah, it was a bit over the top. Seems all big blockbusters need a bit of hyper destruction these days.

That would mean that Wolverine wouldn't have the Adamantium claws, right? It would only open up new questions in the next movie if he still has them.

If Apocalypse is set in the 80s, why did it seem like that post-credits scene was streamlined with the timeframe of the end of the DOFP? I don't remember a date being shown in the beginning of that scene.

Why don't they try sending Wolverine back in time, years before things got so bad? What happens to Wolverine's memories and consciousness, that lived during the newly created timeline, that gets replaced by the "previous" Wolverine? Does that make any sense at all? And can't they use the same time travel ploy in any future movie, to stop something bad from happening? And notice that you never see 2 mutants attacking the same Sentinel at the same time. It makes it a lot easier that the Sentinel only has to adapt to one mutant's power. Didn't the mutants learn anything from the Last Stand, where Beast and Wolverine attack Magneto? Of course. not. And why can the original sentinels fly, but the newer ones have to climb the mountain at the end of the movie. And as mentioned, the sentinel technology in 1973, is way beyond anything that would be possible. Heck, even that mutant detection technology, would have come in handy in any of the other movies. I also noted the lack of anyone being shown getting killed, from all the destruction caused by Magneto at the end of the movie, and the actions by his sentinels. Amazing! Obviously they had to do this, to give a reason why Xavier was willing to let Magneto go. He couldn't do that if Magneto had just killed a few people. And one minor last point. The very end of the money, really didn't have much of a punch. Even the ending music, sounded dull. Maybe not having a really cool fight scene at the end, took the energy out of the movie. Everybody is going to teach classes. Whoop and a do. Wolverine a history teacher? Are you kidding? The "Everything that's Wrong with" guy on Youtube, is going to a field day with this movie.

Could someone please explain why there aren't any Sentinels in the first X-men,X2,The Last Stand,The Wolverine?Since Sentinels were created in 1973,where were they in the first 3 movies?

The original DOFP was pretty much cribbing terminator and also introduced Rachel Summers, the (possible)future daughter of cyclops and phnx. Its Kitty Pryde who goes back in time in the comic. It ends with the X-men not knowing if the (possible)dark future is averted.

budget, and the fact that most people going into the movies wouldnt know who the x-men were and the world the exist in. A sentinel's head shows up in X3 though.

I really wish they included Mastermold and Nimrod(the basis for the uber sentinels).

Most of these are answered or obvious or explained by the fact that 1973 Marvel U isn't the same as 1973 real world.

For example, the timeline basically changes starting in 1973. Wolverine doesn't pop his claws at the end, so we don't know if they are metal, hence we don't know if he went to Weapon X (although he could have gotten them some other way too). IMO the movie implies that Mystique is saving him as opposed to sending him to the anti-mutant guy she is impersonating.

its not how it happened in the comics kitty is sent back in time by rachel summers using some combination of her psionic powers (telepathy telekinesis) and possibly her latent phoenix powers

I am contemplating is wether or not the circumstances of Wolverine getting the adamantium would have been different in the new adjusted timeline at the end.

Hmm I haven't seen this yet but am looking forward to it. However the fact that it needs an article to explain questions/plot holes with the film is alarming and suggests maybe its not very good and just tries to paper over all the mess by having everything automatically put back right via the time travel narrative.
Hope I am wrong as I still want to see it.

I have one question, a young Scott summers was in Xmen First class which was set before 1973, he returns at the end of Days of Future past which is 50 years after 1973...he should be about 65 lol.

Another idea I had was that Xavier was in the comatose guys head and has astral projected his image into the other's heads to make it simpler.

Plus the whole Jean and Scott death / reincarnation timeline could be used to get the Cable storyline going as we will have Apocalypse soon

The Logan and Stryker encounter is confusing.

The answer #4 and #2 simply: the post credit sequence in The Wolverine was a dream, projected into Wolverine's mind by Xavier.

Can I get a no-prize?

havoc is not scott summers (brother or half brother was never really addressed) young cyclops appears in origins wolverine

that would be my guess since its billed as another solo film & presuming the latest Wolverine happened in current time(as was suggested by the look of everything and that it followed X3) there's a 20 year gap between Xavier & Magneto coming to him in the airport and the events of DOFP--of course, that entire timeline has been altered now, but it still makes sense to set it in that gap since it DID happen, but has now been erased/changed in some ways

It's not a 20 year gap is it? But a Wolverine war movie could be good.

Or they could follow the 1973 wolverine to see what happens to him - I assume no Weapon X for example...

Or a sequel in the 'happy ending 2023' universe with the classic cast...

Loved it, want to go watch it again. Did anyone see it in 3D and is it worth it? The scenes set in the future were quite dark and was wondering whether 3D glasses would make it too dark.

Who is going to experiment on him in the new timeline - unless that becomes the story for Wolverine 3?

And how did he have metal claws in 2023 after he loses them in The Wolverine...?

That's what I understood too !

my bad--you're correct--its a 10 year gap between the end of the latest Wolverine & DOFP

hard to say Re: Weapon X--IF you havent yet seen DOFP , I wont go into any spoilers, but its not clear whether or not the Weapon X program happened as portrayed before or not, but Wolvie did get himself adamantiumized by someone.

The professor X being alive and back to his old self with absolutely no mention of it, was a HUGE sticking point for me. The whole movie I was waiting for an explanation and it never came. I don't put this on the same level as the inconstancies in the other films and this one. This was a MAJOR plot point/motivation of the previous films that was just ignored.
And the fact that flashbacks from X3 were shown suggest that the writers were saying "we acknowledge most parts of this movie but we'll just ignore that tiny little disintegrating Xavier thing."
I own all of the previous movies and am familiar with the post credits scene from X3 but that scene did not explain everything that this movie expects it's audience to go along with. And a blurb from a DVD behind the scenes feature should never be required viewing for the general public to excuse gigantic inconstancies.
My buddy that I went with said that he was thinking the same thing and that something so huge actually took him out of the movie a bit. Folks around us were talking about the same thing after the credits rolled.

All we know is certain events have been adjusted, Scott, Jean and Xavier no longer died, the Sentinels never took over, the big events in the X-men's life (more specifically the big events of Wolverine's life). I've not heard that the next movie will specifically include how Cyclops joined the X-men (I have heard that they may have Cyclops and Jean but recast, younger versions) so until it does, he was still captured by Stryker and still freed by Logan and joined Xavier then. Also whilst I'm sure they originally meant Kayla's sister to be Emma Frost she was never given that name in the film and only credited as Emma IIRC so it's not Emma Frost and no retcon is needed. Also the post credit scene of Origins shows Deadpool alive anyway so no change in timeline is need for that to be the case.

So nothing in Origins really HAS to change, you and I may want it to change because Origins wasn't a good movie, but what we've seen so far doesn't give enough evidence to suggest anything but certain specific events involving Jean and Scott and Sentinel creation having changed. Perhaps a lot more changed, but perhaps it didn't

It makes sense that Kitty Pryde developed time travelling power. If she can slip through space, it means she can slip through time as well.

Theres also a post credit scene in The Wolverine showing prof X alive and well, and while the "you're not the only one with gifts" line doesn't explain how, its not like its Singer who just resurrected the professor for the fun of it.

I really think he will get his claws by becoming one of the 4 horsemen. apocalypse will use him, he will be a bad guy in the next one and then at the end he will join the core 4 X-men

It explains it in the movie, in the beginning Trask is basically laughed out of congress, he then gets murdered in private by mystique whom they capture, they develop the other sentinels for 50 years, my guess is the were revealed after x-3, but because magneto stopped mystique from shooting Trask the whole world saw beast and magneto fight which allowed trask to get an audience with the president to unveil the sentinels. Had they not fought in public none of those early sentinels would have seen the light of day.

Not necessarily, I think he will get his Claws just not by weapon X. We know that Mystique has a history of working with Apocalypse, my guess is Logan becomes one of the 4 Horsemen, receives his Adamantium, fights the original 4 x-men in the next movie and then at the end he joins the team after being freed from apocalypse.

The issue though, is that the airport scene not only set up the next movie, it implied "Don't worry Logan, I'll explain to you (and the audience) how I'm back in the next movie." Except, the explanation never came.

So was Kitty Pryde literally spending several days maintaining Wolverines' consciousness with no sleep, and losing blood at the same time?


How did magneto control the sentinels seeing as though Trask said that they "didn't have an ounce of metal" and were made from "a type of plastic polymer" when he was talking to the president!?!? Please someone I NEED to know if I missed something that explained it or if I'm right and magneto shouldn't have been able to control them?!

I thought havoc was the little bro of cyclops
so why is he about 25 in the 70s fighting in the war

surely he should be in the 2023 war

I am a little confused on the age progression of Stryker. In First Class he appears to be the same age as the Stryker from X-2, could easily be considered a grandfather just looking at him. Then in DOFP, AFTER the events of First Class this Stryker is half the age of the Stryker from First Class and Looks like he is fresh out of college. What gives

there was a scene with Magneto jumped upon the train that was transporting the sentinels and infused old railroad bars into them while they were being shipped to DC

I agree with you it could've been handled better. i didn't know about the airport scene. After seeing DOFP i was thinking the same as you,.....i came home and watched it and thought ok Singer settled for the vagueness of prof x's comment. Maybe it will come to light in an extended cut, but i doubt it.

I think in first class it was actually William Stryker Snr......William Stryker's father

The scene where magneto manipulates the girders to infuse with the sentinels was quite detailed...did you nod off? lol

This is an awful "answered questions" list, you barely answer anything. You post questions then either make up the answers or say "beats me" and we get no real insight at all. Still an awesome movie though.

Good question. In the Marvel comics, Alex Summers is the younger brother of Scott Summers (aka Cyclops). Cyclops joins the X-Men and obtains leadership first. Havok briefly attended the X-Men but in later continuity was chosen to be the leader of X-Factor, a similarily-themed team of mutants under government jurisdiction. Their relation in the films (if any) remains unrevealed.

Havoc is the younger bro

dont know why he was in X-Men: First Class as well

I knew that but other relations in the film are just like they are in the comic books
most of them any way

They are teaching people to ignore films because the xmen films have been made across two different eras of comic book filmmaking. This is the first xmen storyline adaptation that captures the grandeur of the franchise, they wanted to keep the nostalgia of the first two films and hugh jackman, but also evolve to fit the more comic book faithful, less reality-concerned era of marvel properties-related films.

but in DOFP the young Stryker is asked about his son who I am assuming is the boy with similiar powers to Xavier as shown in X2.... I was really confused by Stryker's age as wekk

Well he must get his metal claws back between TheWolverine and the 2023 sections of DoFP somehow...

but I was talking about in 1973, after DoFP, in the new timeline - I'm assuming no Weapon X since Stryker doesn't get him at the end and it's a brand new timeline.

I thought the second was quite good but since Wolverine has been the main character in 6 out of 7 films it would be good to do something different. I would prefer X-Force to Wolverine 3 for example.

The only thing that I can say is Wolverine changing the past by going back in time explains it all. The world didn't hate mutants as a result and if you take into consideration that time travel is then known by professor Xavier from the past events forward, even with him dead in the future time travel was possible with or without him, so the idea of him needing to keep continuity isn't really a big deal, there wasn't any way he would've died. Every single movie got erased and a completely new story was created, First class happened but after the DOFP no war, no hatred of mutants, no reason to fight each other. I believe they handled the ending of this saga perfectly. Mystique took wolverine and kept him from Stryker, that wasn't too hard to follow.

And if time travel is possible from the last stand on is it too hard to fathom that they could've warned Xavier about the coming slaughter by Jean? come on my fellow nerds let's use our brains a little more

It happened. It just doesn't really affect anyone other than Wolverine anymore.

What your just giving your opinion

there is so many thing to ask I read the comments but I didn't really satisfied about anything,and there is a thing that no body asked: magneto immersed the metals to wolverines body then throw him to the sea but when raven take him from deep of sea there was no metals in his body, how is it?
here is another question: before the credits logan wake up as a teacher of school, how is that, I mean why he wake up with his former memory on that day is there any logical explenation


i said this of IGN about Stryker...watch First Class in the CIA office with Eric, Charles and Raven when they discuss their mutant abilities as Oliver Platt's character sits behind them.....if thats Stryker how in 1973 is he like 25 yrs old? They made reference to Stryker's son (didnt mention him) in First Class, is that William Stryker Jr, i do recall slightly seeing his dog tags stating Jr

I don't know why that would be a problem. The original timeline messed up a lot of things (the mutant cure, prof x, jean grey dying, x-men origins: wolverine - and a consequence, an awful deadpool).

I think they're on the right track...

"Question 5: How come Kitty Pryde has the ability to transmit
Bishop's mind back in time, when her mutant powers only let her phase
through walls?

Beats me. Magic gloves?"

The one I wanted to know the most and you answer me like that. You, my gentleman, are a troll. A very good one indeed. *slow clap*

That was "The Man In Black".... not Stryker.

He returned to some unspecified future date, presumably 2018 or 2023, and the professor has been waiting 50 years for this version of Logan to catch up with himself.

If you completely remove Wolverine Origins, the rest all basically make sense.

"Space Time Manipulation" - aka Hio Nakamura :)

if he is still anti mutant after a mutant saved everyone, that is. for all we know the weapon x program could have had good intentions in the new timeline.

SO i just rewatched the clip on FIrst Class since i have the film, and MAN IN BLACK says "i seen this magic trick u gonna ask us to guess a # between 1-10" Charles responds " No agent Stryker" then follows up with "thinking of your son William" so thats William Strykers dad....thanks

Yes, the time traveler that was "out of time" when the changes are made replaces the new timelines version of himself when he returns. It sounds sad for alternate Logan, until you realize that alternate Logan would have never existed if it wasn't for the dominant, time traveling Logan's actions, so of course he is the one that deserves to remain the dominant set of memories and therefore rewrites the previous iteration. This has been happening in time travel for years. What do you think happened to the Marty McFly that grew up with his cool family?

The Master of Metal recruited him to fight sentinels.... does that really need an explanation?

If Jean and Scott are back, then Jean never went into Phoenix mode because she was not altered at the Statue of Liberty. Yet, Rogue had the white stripe to her hair in the ending moments in the movie, which she got at the Statue of Liberty. If Jean and Scott are alive, Rogue would not have the stripe.

As for the end of question #1 (why Prof. X is still in a wheelchair): after over 40 years of not moving or exercising his muscles, they would have completely atrophied, leaving him incapable of walking...or moving his arms, also. But I explained half of it.

I got the impression that they showed Mystique taking Wolverine at the end to maybe set up some sort of team up in a sequel. Much like the Black Widow/Captain American team up in Cap 2. I do not think that this will alter Stryker still being responsible for the Weapon X program. In the movie timeline, this is before Stryker had the program established at all. I'm assuming that after seeing what Wolverine can do, Stryker will come looking for Wolverine one day.

Kitty Pryde got the ability to transmit Bishop's mind back in time since she grabbed so many EXP during the time, before DOFP, that she chose the ability from her skill tree.

which makes sense in the first class universe but does not add up in the original universe as mystique did not even bat an eye at nightcrawler when she saw him nor was there any mixed feeling towards xavier either..she definitely was nothing like a sister to charles in the original movies...which is why dofp ended so great they just erased everything and are continuing with the first class universe continuity.

stan lee cameo would have been a good fit for the guard all masked tape in the elevator. also beast got all fat and chubby like me when he got old in the new rebooted timeline ;)

There is a reason why I stopped buying xmen comics back in the 90s. This movie is exactly why. Basically, there is no point to any xmen story because there is no continuity. Each time you walk into one, just assume you never heard of the xmen and that its a new continuity. Yes, that is lame as hell. Thats why I stopped buying the comic. Its just a cash cow and that is all. Too bad really, because you only need 1 good writer to make everything work but there is too much commercial interest in these films to get a "good" writer. Thats why we end up with popular writers instead. Same thing happened to the comics as well.

Here is my Review:

X-MEN DOFP - 8/10 (as a stand alone movie with no ties to xmen)
X-MEN DOFP - 3/10 (as an xmen movie because the story stunk like a skunk)

So if in the 'dark' timeline the sentials are pretty much up and running in the 1970's why did they not use them in the previous xmen movies when the mutants where fighting the humans?

I have a real problem with the fact that, in that unaltered timeline, Mystique is captured by Boliver Trask in the 70s, and then some years later, she appears to be fighting alongside Magneto again. Was she randomly released?

In original timeline where all of those happened I can see a lot of problems... In altered timeline I think the Adamantium bit still happened, just that Mystique did it, but Wolverine 2 definitely didn't happen, along with original trilogy.

I am just ticked off that they didn't fry the flesh off Wolverine circa "The uncanny X-men 142" , it was the cover of part two of the original comic story and an iconic moment in the X-Men graphic history. I liked the movie but the writer of the article got it spot on when he talked about it distracting from your enjoyment of the movie , if you are waiting for a moment or an explanation of events that never comes. Mr Singer needs to read an X-Men comic and watch his own movies. What a missed opportunity that shot could have been an iconic moment in movies too.

The headphone thing bugged me too, but I would've liked to have seen more of Quicksilver because Evan Peters is a great actor. I wondered why they didn't take Quicksilver to London too, but later on when they're watching the footage from France and he's sitting in the floor with his sister, you realize just how young he is. Taking him would've taken a lot of explaining to his mother, no matter how aggravated she was with him. It wasn't like First Class where they were recruiting mutants. As far as addressing back-stories, I liked that Peters said to Magneto ("You can move metal, that's cool. Hey, my mom used to know someone that could do that"), it was subtle, but cool. I love Wolverine and especially Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (it's the best casting next to Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark\Iron Man), but this felt like another Wolverine movie to me. That said, GREAT movie!

lol at the ridiculous poster above that looks like "xmen go to disneyland"... hey wait a minute...

I probably should've answered this in the main article, but the movie does make this clear: in the original timeline the Sentinel program didn't get up and running until much later, because Mystique killed Trask. Only when the time-displaced X-Men prevented her from killing Trask did the US government rush them into production. Remember that scene where Trask gives Nixon the file saying "actually, we do have countermeasures ready." - that didn't happen in the original timeline.

That's literally the best explanation I've got! Although I like that guy's Skill Tree suggestion up above.

Unfortunately, there were clips from Origins when Xavier scanned Wolverine's memory, so it did happen!

another, but wayy better Wolverine movie for me... Totally agree on RDJ as Ironman, they are so perfect as their roles. I also like Heath Ledger as Joker...

Oooooh, that must have been when I needed the toilet :/ if I was a mutant I would definitely pick to have a bladder big enough to sit the whole way through a film without needing to pee!! Thanks for letting me know, (now I just need to work out all the other bits that I either missed or the ones that didn't make sense)

ooooh, that must have been when I needed the toilet :/ if I was a mutant I would definitely pick to have a bladder big enough to sit the whole way through a film without needing to pee!! Thanks for letting me know, (now I just need to work out all the other bits that I either missed or the ones that didn't make sense)

Why are we supposed to get the Mystique/Stryker ending? Surely, it's a just tease for either Mystique doing the Weapon X herself or she has saved him from it. We'll get a better idea when his claws come out and they're either metal or bone. It's almost like a comic book film is setting up a sequel or something...

P.S does this reboot mean they'll now start on a non comic canon storyline? Would that even be accepted? Did the film leave off in the same place the comic did?

No problem lol, i think its worth going to see again.

Thats exactly right, but i think Brett is confused about the the old man william stryker in first class, its confusing because they have the same name.

Oh right Thanks for explaining :)

It needed to be at least referenced as it went against what happend in the last film. If you're making a timetravel film combining six films and creating a new timeline it's not a good idea to purposely add continuity issues, especially when so many already exist...

Yeah, they have managed a 'soft reboot' so can now carry on into the 80's without having to worry about what happened before.... (Although Origins pre-1973 is still part of this new timeline)

One major gripe about the article: The "past" is not 1975, it's 1973, the year when the Paris Peace Accords happened. Specifically, that happened in January 27, 1973. Why everyone was wearing summer clothing instead of winter outfits is the real problem.

So I guess that means there's time to send Wolverine back to Vietnam with Sabretooth.

Here's a question...

Why does basically every mutant in Singer's X-Men films wear clothes in either a black or grey shade?

What a f'n visually dull and monotone X-Men ensemble he had created imo.

The movie ends on the same note as T2, which begs the question, why not just send Logan back to assassinate Trask before he came into the spotlight? It’s not like Wolverine is above killing, which is made exceedingly apparent in his first scene back in the 70s. You’d still have time-travel logic issues where you shouldn’t be able to go back in time to change the events directly leading to you being sent back in the first place, but this movie much like Terminator suffers from this same flaw regardless.

Anyhow, one could sit and pick apart the myriad of logical inconsistencies & flaws of this movie till the sunsets.

Well Angle was said to be killed in that '25 Moments' website and Nightcrawler just sort of ceased to exist after X2.


If The Bride can wiggle her big toe, I'm sure Professor X can manage it ;-)

On 4, they were recruiting during first class, and there was a scene with wolverine sitting at a bar, and he said "fuck off"

And that appears more like the original sentinels we saw in the 1973 bit of DOFP, supporting the claim that their development was stalled by Trask's death.

i would think he'd need a wheelchair still because all he knew for so long by that time was not having legs, he would have to learn how to walk again, that would make sense. and being in a brain dead person doesn't mean they have great healthy legs either.

they deleted all her scenes that's why. then didn't have enough time to edit that hahaha

that dvd will be awesome.

nah wolverine or wolverine origins i think we can all forget about.

they've made 2 so far, and they both suck, they shouldn't make another one.

How did Rogue get the white strip in her hair if X-men 1 never happened?

Thats a good question. Maybe Magneto still wanted to make all humans mutant?

But then why wasn't Jean also affected and why didn't she become the Phoenix?

the dark pheonix saga could have happened earlier now. Xavier had all his powers back and was with logan for most the end of the movie, so he could literally know everything, plus even if he didn't do that even in the movie we see that he sees more than enough to completely alter the future way earlier than the events in x-men 1., maybe knowing the future he did something different to keep jean from going phoenix but set it off earlier, yeah, even x-men 1 is by no means a certainty anymore, it could be that none of it happened.

Unfortunately, we just have to accept that Days of Future Past is supposed to show the future of the original trilogy of movies because that's what it was intended to be, but as an onlooker, it is plainly clear that the first future shown cannot be a result of that assassination AND be a continuation of the original trilogy. The second future can exist if it is the result of a change from the first future and the 1973 past, but as I said, that future can't coexist with the original trilogy. There is too much that is wrong and can't be answered for them to work

My only theory that can explain why Mystique is so different in the first trilogy is a memory loss after they experimented with her to develop the Sentinels.

Basically the timeline would be something like:

- Mystique kills Trask; gets captured

- Mystique is tortured and experimented, after which she is given a memory loss and she doesn't remember anything from birth, forgets her relationship with Xavier (or the possible birth of Nightcrawler and giving him up for adoption)

- Magneto finds her and convinces her that she was his righthand woman

- Mystique works with Magneto, leading up to X-Men 1

the matrix was still a thing back when the first 3 movies came out.

Wolverine gives Xavier the names of people to get, including Cyclops. That alone could keep him from getting captured.

this is one the reasons I hate the Fox version of X-men.

no eating, pissing or taking a dump either. the more you think about it the more holes...oh well.

"Which does have the positive outcome of erasing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, at least."

This is actually not true as the majority of events in Origins: Wolverine actually take place in 1973, while Logan and Victor join "Team X" in 1971... And Days of Future Past also takes place in 1973.

William Stryker senior is in First class, his son William Stryker junior is in dofp and William Stryker Jnr's son Jason is the one that is mentioned as being 10yrs old.

Agreed. Watching that final scene, it felt like the final time we'd see those characters (or at least those versions) and it was good to see them one last time.

More importantly why is Cyclops in First Class at about 15 years old...he should be about 75 years old in the new future lol.

I know Havoc is Scott's brother. I'm talking about in First Class when the kids escape and Prof X gets in Scott's head to lead him the school. First Class was set in the 60s and he looked about 15 in that. So he should be an old man, during all of the X-Men films actually. Basically they shouldn't have put him in First Class because it's set too early.

The thing is, the X-Men continuity was ridiculously messy as it was. See io9's excellent article "8 ways X-Men movie continuity is irretrievably f**ked" for examples (you'll need to google it, Disqus won't allow links. Or swear words. Very useful.). Singer and Kinberg did an incredible job trying to form all of that into one coherent whole, and they just about managed it.

And the 'don't make films skippable' thing works both ways; if you told everyone going in that they had to have seen The Last Stand, First Class and the Wolverine films or they wouldn't enjoy DOFP, then they'd make about a grand in ticket sales and stop there. It's true they could have addressed SOME of the continuity issues better (although Stan Lee not being in it isn't really that...), like X's return and Logan's claws, but in a film salvaging the stories of 6 other films (half of which have been critically loathed) they performed a near miracle forming a coherent film that resolved so many issues, and cleared the path for future films.

So how is professor x alive in the future before Logan goes back in time to change everything.

U can't just forget about it. It's half ass. I won't watch another xmen movie till it's completely rebooted.

Loved the movie, but I do agree that there were many questions that should have at least been addressed if not outright explained. I also have no idea why Mystique was Stryker... That seems only to complicate things where they didn't need to be complicated. Of the things you mention above, the ones that I felt needed explaining most were how professor Xavier was still alive, how Magneto still has his powers, how Wolverine now again has adamantium claws, and how Kitty can send people back in time. Although the Professor X being alive and Magneto having his powers are briefly hinted at at the end of Last Stand they still needed explaining. If these issues were addressed even briefly I think the movie would have satisfied my continuity issues. Otherwise I thought the movie was great. Doing this story arc was an immense challenge and I think overall Singer did a great job.

That could have been handled similarly to the World of Warcraft episode for South Park. Someone just put a bucket under her butt while she relieved herself... Demeaning for an X-man, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

OR her excrement can pass through matter the way she can pass through walls. That's just as plausible. :p

The problem with that explanation is that we are shown multiple times the vanishing of the previous timeline that was changed. First when we see the Sentinel's attack at the beginning of the movie and then at the end.
Not only having the old timeline not disappear would be kind of cruel to the characters but it also doesn't matches the way the power is shown to work.

As far as time travel stories go, this one wasn't too difficult to follow, the point was to sweep X3 and the wolverine movies under the rug and start off the heels of First Class - I get that. What I didn't like was the convenient erasure of the events that happened in movies that weren't popular. It's a cheap cop out and a slap in the face of the fans who shelled out money to see those films but I suppose it is better than the "just a bad dream" device. But reading the comments here, I think people are willing to forgive and forget that bit - fair enough. The time travel Deus Ex Machina is a bit overused and the next film better be airtight plot-wise. What they need to do is give Storm 1 accent and stick with it forever Amen so they can allow one of the most powerful mutants to do her thing and be a leader, if they can manage to do that, all of their continuity problems will be sorted for good.

When we pick up with the story in the late 70s / 80s, it will be with a Logan that has no idea how he ended up dead in the water, and has never interacted with Charles and Erik. We will probably never pick up after the ending we just saw. My opinion, of course.

The Wolverine was on the path to the original DOFP future, but I agree, I think we can completely delete the first Wolverine; Then everything makes decent sense.

we don't know that. we never saw the adamantium in the "good" future. but, we do know that something restored the metal between the wolverine and the beginning of dotp.

Here is one not addressed by the author... in the wolverine movie, Logan and his brother were sitting in a military prison after being shot by a firing squad, an OLDER Stryker comes in their cell and asks if they want to join his team. So, why is the 1973 Stryker a young kid in DOFP?

they mentioned that if wolverine's conciousness is sent into the past his brain will be broken but healed back as fast as it breaks. however in wolverine origins stryker said that the final bullet he shot into wolverine will destroy his brain and even if its healed it will never be the same again. Doesnt that mean that his memories will be lost as long as he is in time travel? i dunno i might be wrong

Even with its failings, Superman Returns set the stage for a much better sequel. Man of Steels is a good action movie, but that is NOT SUPERMAN.

Not to mention, Stryker was older in the Wolverine movie. He recruited Logan and his brother from a military prison after Victor went berserk and attacked fellow soldiers. But, in DOFP, Stryker is just a young pup.

I don't understand how the future Sentinels got their abilities from Mystique's DNA. Rogue had the ability to absorb powers, not Mystique. In fact, in X2, she impersonates Logan, and when she fights him, her claws shatter when they contact Logan's real adamantium claws. So this shows that she only has the ability to copy appearance, not powers. Therefore that ability was never in her DNA, so how could Trask develop that ability in the Sentinels from her DNA?.

I get the feeling that we are supposed to ignore that movie completely.

What personal problems? I purposefully have stayed away from any film related info, so I could be surprised. Liked the movie.

Wolverine won't remember any time soon, since that was 2023.... when we return back for the next movie, set in the 80s, Wolverine will essentially have been rebooted as well.

Or she remembers, and just doesn't care, and has gone emotionally cold from the torture.

"And I'm no movie producer, but teaching audiences they can miss films? That seems like a bad idea to me."

Trouble is, that ship has sailed -- the last Wolverine film had the lowest domestic grosses of any of the X-Men films. People *did* miss the last film. They want to convince people that it's okay to watch this one even if they did.

(On the flipside, it had some of the highest grosses overseas. That's why it's such a tricky balancing act.)

ignore that movie completely, and all the contradictions in the series go away.

The beginning of Days of Future Past is a continuation of both FC and the original trilogy.... Mystique escapes before X1 begins, and without Trask, it takes decades of research to get the Sentinels on line, and they are deployed after X3, which is what the Professor and Magneto are coming to Logan about at the end of The Wolverine.

Question 1: see the easter egg at the end of LAST STAND. Question 2: quit being silly. Question 3: see easter egg at the end of last stand. Question 4: wolverine is the best at what he does. Question 5: her name is shadow cat and she can do that. Question 6: Mystique is a kinda sorta good guy who saved wolverine. Question 7: ....pay attention... trask experimented on them... Question 8: piss off. Question 9: time line changed, again, pay attention. Question 10: again, piss off. Question 11: you're not nitpicking anything that can't be explained.

No they don't there are tons of them that were opened up about the original trilogy from Days of Future Past

Chris Evens plays both Caption America and The Human Torch.. strange much?

yeah but i dint like a lot of things in the old xmen so this whole universe reset thing really appeals to me hehehe they did this in ben ten omniverse too

The movie is a clusterfuck, and most of these explanations still don't add up.

Right. A guy can hit on another guy's wife. He's not a jerk. Another guy responds in a less than friendly way. That makes him a jerk.

That reasoning only applies when you're LOOKING for a reason to like the first guy. Objectively speaking, he's a creep.

1. Did you miss the metal falling onto the deck of the ship? Logan's healing had kicked in and pushed the metal out of his body. 2. It was explained before Kitty sent him back that he would be the only one who would remember the unaltered timeline. Logical explaination? It's time travel, they can make it work anyway they want.

Havoc in the comics is Cyclops brother but that was never established in the films just like it's never actually said that Quicksilver is Magneto's son (just hinted). The films are not the comics so they can give Kitty the time travel ability if they want.

Just saw it in 3D. Not too dark. Not sure the 3D adds a whole lot tho.

What makes you think that Rogue's powers are still cured in the new timeline? I mean, I couldn't see her face rightly, and she appears for, I don't know, 5 seconds or less.

But she seems to encourage it...

"What this doesn't explain is why Professor X needs a hoverchair in the
DOFP future, if he's not in his original paralysed body. Maybe he's just

I'm sure this was addressed in one of the Dark Phoenix comic books - he gets given a synthetic, completely new body, fully functional, but still can't use his legs. The Queen of the Shi'ar (my memory is fuzzy, so I'm not 100% sure what they were called) determines that his paralysis is, ironically, all in his mind. The second-strongest psychic alive has a psychosomatic disability - it's strangely satisfying.

I can't be sure, but it looked to me (and some others) like she was holding Bobby's hand and not wearing gloves. (If anyone goes to see it twice, check this and report back!)

The last few paragraphs pretty much sum it up for me. Dont get me wrong it was one hell of a movie but all the way through rather than just watching and enjoying I was constantly waiting for tie-ins to previous movies that never came which kinda stopped me enjoying it to its fullest.

I see it as a star trek like reboot, go back in time, change a few things and youve got free reign over a whole new storyline and characters. Lets face it, Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen are getting on now so to keep the franchise alive it needed to bring in the younger crew but without a reboot like this you would be restricted to the storylines or to origin type movies.

Where the hell do they go from here?!

I enjoyed the film, but think it would of been cool if they went a bit more ambitious and maybe made it a two parter film (one of the few times it would of been acceptable). Maybe a Future set one, then a 70's set one, which would of added to the epicness of it all. Also I can't help but feel there is nowhere for McAvoy/Fassbender crew to go, and I don't want to say goodbye to Fassbender Magneto :(

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole eradicating of the first 3 X-Men films. Kinda feel like they just killed of Newt here! You invest in a story and then they go, "actually it doesn't matter, this is way cooler."

Also I would like to propose a new film phrase to go along side the likes of "Nuking the Fridge"; "Killing Newt". For all these films that now days that just disregard previous films decisions and consequences undermining the emotional journey of the previous film.

Lol stan lee shud have been the new prof x for in the future lol

there is no longer an original trilogy, charles knows the future, everyone met logan decades too early, even x-men 1 probably didn't happen exactly the same way since charles looked through logan's mind for memories of himself and you'd figure the events of x-men 1 would stand out pretty strongly in logan's pantheon of charles related memories, so knowing the future does charles waste any time on the mysterious logan, who is no mystery to him since they've already met, or just put rogue in an undisclosed location until after magneto is discovered or beaten some other way, plus, lets keep jean away from that glowy mutunt maker 2000 that magneto whipped up, getting disintigrated, not so fun, so effectively there was no x-men 1, 2 or 3. So the good knews is there was no x-men 3 the last stand. Some of origens had to have happened, those events are pre First Class. Don't know why anyone is suggesting they didn't happen. I'd be pretty surprised if the overall arch to that movie changes at all, stryker already knows about logan and his brother, in the next couple years he's gonna figure out that he wants to bond that metal meteor he got to the bones of a living being and make a really awesome weapon, even if things happen differently, he's still gonna probably pick logan over his brother (because.. uh.. science) and he'll try by hook or crook to get him.

At the start of the original Xmen film Logan had lost all his memories, I'd imagine the same thing will happen in the new timeline when he gets his new claws again.

well, fair point re: we didnt see it in the good future, but without naming names--you do recall who Wolvie was leaving with at the end of the movie dont you? I suspect that person made sure that that part of the Weapon X program did happened--but then, im just guessing

"Stryker" does get him at the end though

Explained in the movie. She escaped and became even more violently anti-human.

Yeah, cos all history teachers remember everything they teach...

Ok, thanks for reply Dan.

I think they were clips from X2, not Wolverine. They showed Brian Cox as Stryker while Logan was going through the procedure.

Nope, it showed Sabretooth breaking Wolverine's (bone) claws. Definitely from Origins.

Question 3: How did Magneto get his powers back?

They do get their powers back. Rogue is supposed to have a part in the future where she borrows the time traveling powers and she continues Wolverine's travels when Kitty was scratched.

TSo, okay then that Victor and him still fought those wars as the inseparable brothers.' But now if everything has been totally altered/changed and Stryker didn't recruit them after their execution, then Wolverine won't get shot at the end, right? With those adamantium bullets that caused his amnesia? That means he may still remember that he is Jimmy!
Unless, of course the "Stryker" that did shoot him was still Mystique all along.
Do any of you agree?

But that was Mystique, why would she have anything to do with weapon X?

well, since were talking spoilers--my point about that was , to me the implication of that scene was to let us know that one way or another Wolverine was gonna end up part of the WeaponX program & get adamantiumized--granted, that is just MY interpretation of the scene & i may be wrong, but I fully expect he will be sporting the adamantium claws the next time we see him--explanation given or not

well, there's about a 6-7 year gap between the 2, but like you--I thought they cast Stryker a bit young in DOFP

I actually thought the fact that he was a history teacher in the new future implied he never had his memory wiped and therefore never went through weapon X. Also he can potentially get his adamantium another way, such as via Magneto.

yes! i just came back from it 1 hour ago and she was wearing gloves. i paid close attention to that lol.

I took the Ending of The Wolverine to be more connected to X-Men Apocalypse ..which makes more sense to me.

THANK YOU!!! someone who understands the X-Men trilogy, The Wolverine movie and origins is altered in a huge way if not changed completely. Ive been arguing with people about this for the past few days.

good one! lol

as i was watching the movie, i was thinking the same exact thing.

I agree with your point about continuity from film to film, that's why I have a problem with the rebooty nature of this movie. With this movie, the fate of every single major character has now been undone. Jean Grey died in X2, comes back in X3. Jean Grey dies in X3, comes back in DOFP. Cyclops dies in X3, comes back in DOFP. Rogue is cured in X3, undone in DOFP. Wolverine suffers through the Weapon X procedure, and is a huge part of his character arc in X1 and X2, and the basis of XO:W, all undone in DOFP. Xavier dies in X3, undone in The Wolverine. Magneto is cured in X3, undone in The Wolverine. I get, some of the movies in this series aren't as good as others (tho to be honest, I DO LIKE X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine; X-Men 3 in certain ways is even my favorite of the main trilogy), but bad continuity is still continuity and should still be maintained.

All that said, the death of Xavier and the curing of Magneto WAS addressed, both in X-Men 3 AND The Wolverine. There's really no need for X-Men: Days Of Future Past to rehash it again when the series has already established it.

his arms are fully functional.

Stan Lee was one of the cooks leaving the kitchen when they set off the sprinklers.

Professor X has already been shown twice to be alive in both the end of Last Stand and at the end of The Wolverine. How many times are they supposed to say that he came back from the dead? The audience are not stupid, I am pretty sure they can figure out a feasible reason for Prof X being alive. A different body with him projecting his old self (which as far as I know is something he has done many times in the comics.) It isn't worth nitpicking things, how about writing articles about the positives of a film, rather than the negatives?

Another answer to Number 10 could be that he's a Watcher.

Well that was my question. Maybe I have to see the movie again, but was there any hint that he had the metal claws in the alternate "good" 2023 at the end of the movie?

I assume that would mean going by the comic books, which we all know the movies haven't really done.

Re: #8. "We wanted him to wear a specially modified Walkman that would stay on his head as he moved really fast. But the Walkman hadn't been invented yet. We did some research and found that there was a device, a portable cassette device with headphones that came before the Sony Walkman and the guy that invented it sued Sony and won a settlement. What Quicksilver wears is an early replica of that device that did exist in '73. We've chosen a song now, it's cute. It's funny. It's era specific and also subject matter specific." -Bryan Singer.

Are you asking why they didn't take a, what 14 year old (?) kid, on a plane into a very dangerous situation? SOOO glad they erased the Wolverine films and Last Stand. In my mind, X1 and X2 happened and Jean has just come back more powerful, with the whole fake Dark Pheinox hthing not happeneing.

LOL, no. "But you/she want/s it" is the rapists motto.

There's two questions;

1. Will he still get his metal skeleton and claws in the new timeline?

2. How did he get his metal claws back in the the post-apocalyptic future that occurred in the 2023 after he lost them in The Wolverine?

Yeah, they are casting a younger Scott, Jean and Storm for the next one. I reckon they will just carry on and rewrite the timeline until they catch up.

You can't have it both ways.
Origins/X1/X2/X3/Wolverine still all occur - but in a different timeline

We can forget about it.

Well, you CAN. Some things would change drastically, some things would happen the same. I'm not too fussed. First Class and DOFP are the way X Men films should be.

William Stryker doesn't get him - it's Mystique in disguise that takes Wolverine at the end of DoFP...

Basically yeah, although the scenes with Wolverine's childhood and fighting in the Civil War/WW1/WW2 still occur in the new timeline.

Good point. Does he mention having a son?

possibly so--or they may just be playing off the fact that he was Headmaster of the academy until recently in the comics. I presume? we may get an explanation in the next one, but I wouldnt count on it--there was more than one paradox created by the events in this movie, but it was so good, I dont really care. Its just nice to have the whole "family" back together.

As I wrote above--forgot I was responding on a thread where the article was full odf spoilers, and I agree with what it says: "Either way the implication with the Stryker/Mystique moment is that the
timeline has changed and that in the altered universe, Mystique is the
one who takes Wolverine into military custody and gives him up to the
Weapon X programme. We can't really explain why she'd do that, but fair

If they "erased the Wolverine films and Last Stand" they also erased X1 and X2.

I know that--I saw the movie. I was responding to a comment as prompted by my email & didnt want to get too spoilery--I forgot that this article had already spoiled it, because I have commented on a lot of different threads about this movie. I think waht the article says is consistent with my take on that scene: "Either way, the implication with the Stryker/Mystique moment is that the
timeline has changed and that in the altered universe, Mystique is the
one who takes Wolverine into military custody and gives him up to the
Weapon X programme. We can't really explain why she'd do that, but fair


I'm just glad that Storm finally showed us what she's capable of. The bit where she summons the lightning and blasts the plane Magneto is controlling causing that massive explosion. One of my favourite parts of the movie!

The future sentinels dont absorb mutants powers, they adapt to fight a mutants power. They do say that Mystique's DNA is the key to unlocking a way to adapt, although somewhat vaguely.

Sorry if what I said came out as if I was saying she was asking for it. What I wanted to say (and seemed to do a bad job of saying) is Jean seems to like the attention and does not really discourage Logan. Also in the films, there is this sexual tension which I guess Cyclops picks up. Thusly he is the one to go all alpha male on Logan. But what do I know. I don't read the comics and I was really confused by this Jean Grey - Wolverine attraction since I remember watching an old X-Men cartoon where Logan and Storm were in love. Ugh.

this article is a fail. "we can only assume"... in other words the movie actually failed in detailing so we must do it ourselves with assumptions.

"magic gloves.. beats me?"

my only problem is they give Logan white hair at the temples to make him look older but he isn't supposed to age.

Why do you correctly say "1973" and then switch incorrectly to "1975?"

I'm glad that I'm not the only bothered about the claws, or xaviers inexplicable new body and lack of ability to walk, I mean given how the film ended, they could have put him back in the chair at the end anyway and I'd have been fine with that, now it just sticks out like a plot hole.

I only wish that time could have been altered enough that gambit could become an xmen

Cyclops is Havoc older brother . not sure why Havoc is in Vietnam ? Does have Shi'ar implications since their father is space traveling Corsair ?

So, I think it's correct to assume Jean Grey has to die to become the Phoenix.

That would lead me to assume that the events of X-Men and (more particularly) X-Men 2 never happened. If they had, Jean would have died (as it happens in X-2) and become the Phoenix.

Since when in the films does it say Jean is Cyclops' wife??? NEVER. Maybe in the comics, but in the movies it's "his girl". Hence why he says, "Stay away from my girl" and not 'my wife'.

Also. Why is young Xavier not in a wheel chair has First Class at the end shows him as receiving his injury disabling him!?

Everyone knows the X-men films ignore continuity. The film makers just cherry pick what they like from the previous films and ignore the rest. As stand alone films they're decent watches but they don't stack up together at all.

Dear Den of Geek. Please note that X-Men Origins: Wolverine, whilst cripplingly riddled with continuity problems, a mashed together plot and a lack of Brian Cox, was infinitely better than The Wolverine, where nothing remotely interesting happened for 2 hours.

Thankyou! Better watch it more carefully next time.

It was Mystique though, so the past timeline can honestly go in any direction it wants; He could get the metal from Apocolypse next movie, for all we know. She could be leading him on his destiny to Weapon X, or she could be saving him. Its a blank slate from now until a "good" 2023 future... and Apocolypse is rather 4 dimensional, with his insane powerset... anything can happen.

Yup. This Stryker matches up fine with the one from the original trilogy, and with his father in First Class, but not with Wolverine: Origins. That movie is the black sheep that creates most of the plot inconsistancies, and I'm pretty sure we are supposed to take it as non canon at this point. I think the attention to detail in casting everyone else, while purposefully casting a different Stryker in the same time period and putting Logan in a different place, confirms this. Good enough for me, anyways. :)

Crossed wires. Didn't catch it in the proof.

Yeah, because breaking into the pentagon to release a powerful mutant terrorist is much safer than going on a plane flight to France.


Question 6 Earlier in the film Mystique is masquerading as military personnel to save mutants, she's just doing the same thing for Logan at the end.

Or maybe all that actually happened but in X3 Prof X brought her back before she went nuclear. We'll never know unless they remake those films with the new timeline.

So, my best guess on Kitty Pride's new awesome powers. So she has the power to phase, and forgetting her magical dragon who did not make an appearance, we will have to attach some good ole' comic thinking to this. Assuming she got no magic from the dragon, they had to look at her ability to phase her body, or the body of others. The simple act of making your body corporeal is not enough to travel time, but it seems that she is focusing her powers, and only on the consciousness. So that in mind, and the comic stretch, she is phasing a non-physical entity through time as she would a physical body through matter.
Yeah, again you have to make the comic stretch, but in the comic world that is not too hard to make. Her powers in the comics have never been fully explored and only the physical aspect has ever really been looked at. It would be quite cool if she could phase something in time. Course that leaves the problem of why not just phase forward to the future, but perhaps her power requires her to have a body that has already been in the hosts past.... who know ;P

it is hinted that Quicksilver is son of Magneto so where is his twin sister?

Question 2 - he HAD bone claws in the future. When he accidentally attacked Kitty his claws were bone. After he slipped back to the present when he saw Stryker, they became Adamantium again.

At the end of the movie when they show Quicksilver watching tv with his mom, the the mom is holding a baby girl.

Question 3 - I know it was brief, but Rogue was wearing gloves inferring that she still has her powers.

Enjoyed the film, but my more basic question is whether it actually works as a sequel to First Class (not as a story but as the second part of a film trilogy). Apart from Professor X, Magneto, Beast and Mystique, the other First Class characters were barely on screen (Havok) or declared dead off screen (most of the rest). This kind of makes their introduction in First Class a bit pointless and certainly doesn't really lead them into the next fim. I also think that splitting the four remaining cast members apart for much of the film didn't help the idea of there being a viable group of X-Men for the next one. Add to that the played out feel of the idea of prequel adventures this time round (in spite of the time uncertainties) and the happy return of the old (and, let's face it, more interesting/classic) gang at the end of the film and I can't be the only one who would rather see a furture X-Men film with Cyclops, Pheonix, Beast, Storm, Ice Man, Rogue, Colossus, Wolverine et al than another retro adventure.

They are twins in the comics so should be same age but I believe quick silver and Scarlet witch are in the new avengers so we will see . I am unhappy that they have recast the role as I thought the actor Nailed it in DOFP

Why didn't the mutants use the cure which prof X use and avoid detection of the sentinels?

Still... you would be taking a kid you don't know to a different country. Some might call that kid napping.

Jean and Wolverine never had a love interest in the comics, as far as I remember. There was a one sided attraction. Last Stand aside, I just believe Jean was being nice. Though I haven't seen the first films in a while now.

Again, not necessarily. It's all speculation at this point. I don't see how X1 couldn't have happened, and X2 very well could have, maybe having a different ending. Some things wouldn't change, as I said.

Again, because kidnapping someone is a far lesser crime than convincing him to break into the pentagon and release a mutant terrorist? It's not like they were dragging him off the street against his will.

All you read about is speculation and suggestions; everything from the Mystique herself getting involved with Striker to implant the adamantium to Magneto manipulating any leftover metal in Wolverine's body to cover the skeleton again.

Did you not watch the movie? It's explicitedly explained in the movie.

Don't mistake... Avengers and X-men are two totally separate franchises owned by separate companies and license rights. If anything, using Quicksilver here in X-men was only to piss off the Marvel Avengers crew... that said, yeah he nailed it.. just needed the bangs.

My biggest gripe/nitpick - How long did future Kitty squat there doing her hand magic with Wolvie? If future time = present time, had to be at least two days (ie. from start to mansion to Quicksilver to Pentagon to Paris back to mansion to DC). Were Charles, Magnus, Bobby and Kitty just hanging out in that small room for two days? What did they talk about? And where was the restroom? Who made dinner?

Settle in, cause i have a lot to say. Haha Some people say that 'The Last Stand' was the worst X-men movie of the franchise. I disagree. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't all bad. In my opinion, 'Origins' was by far the worst. There were times in that one I couldn't even tell they were in the 70s/80s. Deadpool was all wrong. Sabertooth was all wrong. The technology was way too advanced for the time period. It didn't follow the cinematic timeline. If 'First Class' takes place in 1962, then tell me why Professor X is 'walking' out of a helicopter at the end of 'Origins!' The only thing I liked about it was Gambit. I have loved the X-men since i was a boy and 'Origins' just ruined my hope for any future X-men movie. But after 'Origins' came 'First Class' and my hope was restored. And then 'The Wolverine' came, and I was pleasantly surprised. But 'DOFP' just made me so freaking happy! It changed everything. I like to think that when they were writing the screenplay for this movie, they thought 'let's look back at what we did wrong. We killed off characters in 'The last stand'...that seemed to piss of the fans. And we made 'Origins.' How can we correct this?' BOOM! 'Days of Future Past'! LOVE IT!! It completely changed everything! (Spoiler) At the end, after Logan wakes up and sees Rouge and Bobby, i thought 'well good, they're ok.' Then he sees Beast and i thought 'Cool! That was a great cameo by Kelsey!' Then he sees a red head across the hall and I'm like 'What the crap?! This is fantastic!' She turns and it's Jean! Then Scott comes in the picture! My heart was jumping for joy! 'DOFP' is now my favorite of the franchise, right up there with X2. Now, that being said, i have some questions of my own. I know there is talk about doing a X-force movie, but how about doing a Generation X film? That team is headed up by Emma Frost and Banshee and it includes Jubilee, a character not fully developed in the franchise but was a favorite in the comic and animated series. (There was a TV movie made of Gen X in the 90s but it really needs to be redone) Will Nightcrawler be explained? His mother in the comic is Mystique and his father is Azazel. Seeing as how both were in 'First Class' would make for an interesting love child storyline. And lastly, I think Peter Dinklage did an excellent job as Trask, but he is a 4 foot dwarf. Trask in 'The last Stand' was played by Bill Duke, a 6 foot black man. Figure that one out! HA! Anyway, 'DOFP' was an excellent movie and a great addition to the X-men cinematic universe! Not one you should miss!

Jean liked wolverine in the comics and the movies in x2 after magneto saved the plain from crashing logan kissed her she kissed back then pulled away and said dont make do this he replies do what? And she replies this

The X-Men continuity has been a mess since Origins: Wolverine. Best to just ignore it and hope they can at least keep things straight in each individual film....

To the author...your conclusion to this article is right on point. It does become very distracting when you're watching a new movie, to have to dissect through an old one to try to make sense of a scene or line in the new one. I found myself saying it to my BFF the moment I saw him, "I thought professor X died". Even the last scene where Logan wakes up and everyone, previously dead or not, is there, does not make "enough" sense. How did they come back? What was it about the altered past that produced this altered future? We don't go to these movies merely to be entertained. And i also agree that it isn't some "nerdish desire". It's the principle of story-telling. With all this being said, I still enjoyed the movie!

Of course he would want to come, but they only had him for a day for the pentagon. It would still be kidnapping and it would have exposed him to the world. He is still a kid and that wasn't his fight.

No I haven't seen it. Tomorrow I will. It was a genuine question and just knowing it's addressed is good enough for me.

Sorry I was a little condenscending towards you bro. It was a genuine question. The movie is good and it does answers a lot of questions and clean up a lot of stuff.

add a 12th question- How can quicksilver listen to the music at normal speed during the slow-mo scene of a fraction of second.

The "X-MEN" movieverse continuity has been a mess since "X-MEN: FIRST-CLASS". Apparently some people prefer to blame the less popular movies.
["Er, this one has us beat too, and it's kind of a mess if you think about it. X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed us that Stryker recruited Wolverine and Sabretooth in 1975 after rescuing them from the firing squad in Vietnam, where they'd been fighting for some time. Until then, the two had – we're told – been inseparable. Yet in 1973, Wolverine isn't in Vietnam, he's bumming around New York and Sabretooth's nowhere to be found. Maybe he's between tours?"]
Please do the math. Wolverine and Sabretooth worked with Stryker for five years before Wolverine left. Six years later, Wolverine got his steel claws; and he and Sabertooth confronted Deadpool, which resulted in the Three Mile Island accident, which happened in 1979. Which means, Wolverine and Sabretooth were recruited by Stryker in Vietnam in 1968 and Wolverine left in 1973.
Which leads to my next question . . . what happened to Stryker's merry band of mutants that included Sabretooth in this new movie? Where are they? They can't be the mutants "rescued" by Mystique. Sabretooth and Agent Zero, who worked for Stryker until 1979? Where are they? Why is Xavier still physically disdabled, when he clearly wasn't in the 1980s prologue in "X-MEN: LAST STAND" and near the end of "X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE", set in 1979?
If the answer is that Bryan Singer was trying to clear up the "mess" of those two movies, I'm not buying it. All Singer (and Matthew Vaughn) did was create a lot of mess on their own.

Na ink was in the army I meant right at the start the mutant concentration camp based in the future time line, they are wearing something that is bored into the back of their necks that I believe restricts their powers. Their is a mutant about 50 year old with a striking blue tattoo over his eye.

She explicitly states she is his wife in X-Men 2.

In regards to Wolverine 'getting his adamantium claws back'.... Didn't he only lose them in one hand? And as far as I recall, they only showed him having adamantium claws on one hand in the future timeline, no?

I am also puzzled by all these questions but there is one question that hasnt been asked or answered on here (as far as i can see) that has been bothering me,

After Professor X lost his legs, it shows in the beginning of Days of Future Past that he has to take a drug to be able to walk again but at the cost of his powers. He finally gives it up and sticks to the wheelchair. HOWEVER, in X-Men Orgins: Wolverine and the flashback intro in Last Stand, Professor X can walk and use his powers. Why is this???

["Also, that would make Stewart's Xavier 74 years old in the new present."]

The "new" present was set in the 2020s. I believe Xavier was a lot older. For Xavier to be 74, the present in which they are being hunted by the Sentinels should have been between 2000 and 2010.

No, it doesn't. This is just wishful thinking on your part.

No. He lost all of his adamantium in "The Wolverine".

This is just a big mess. In fact, this movie has created a bigger continuity mess than even "XMFC".

Wait, Logan didn't back in time to 1975, that was 3 years late. Logan went back to 1973.

Well, if that's the case, how did Magneto control him in the airport during the post-credits scene then?

I watched X-men movie today, it was bit dangerous, i was not expecting mutants to get such a thrashing from sentinels and younger Erik doesn't get it, he can't ever stay united with team in a proper mindset, but I have question what happened to Ajajel (if i am spelling correctly), he was in X-men First class but how can someone capture him since he can tele-port himself anywhere right?

Scott is Not a Dick, cuz he's her boyfriend...He could only be a dick, if he was over competing ( being a dick ), to BE her boyfriend...Thus, logan should NEVER touch her...Although, since he's the only one who knows, that the future allows all of them to live... He of course, has that overwhelming urge, to see if she is ACTUALLY real...NOT in a "hitting on her" way :):):)

So the Space age Polymer, that Trask said, the sentinels were made of...Could they really be a substance, that the guy w/ fire power couldn't burn or melt?? Aren't polymers a plastic like/based substance ???

I'm pretty sure kitty's powers must've evolved as well as other mutants power have evolved as well, Perhaps she can also move people through time. I'll have to re-watch the movies to be sure but I think her power is centrally focused in her hands.

Professer X needed a hoverchair because of the rough terrain and I thought it was being powered my Magneto but I could be wrong.

Hey, its been anywhere from 6 to 20 years between Last Stand and DOFP. They've had plenty of adventures. The Prof had loads of time to recombobulate his body - paralyzed or not... You want a movie explaining that? The proof is it happened- there he is. Don't get too bogged down.

He didn't lose all his adamantium in The Wolverine he only lost the adamantium claws on both hands, he still has the adamantium on his bones throughout the rest of his body hence why Magneto could control him in the post credit sequence.

No they weren't, they were definitely metal claws at all times during those future scenes

I'm pretty sure he does age, just much more slowly than an average person/mutant.

Apparently, her full screen time that has been removed was not only 2 minutes, but 10 minutes (or longer). And that scene was involving with future Sentinels, Magneto, Iceman and her second ability, which is flying.

I rewatched Origins the other day. The stuff from Wolverine's birth and fighting through the wars up to early 1970's still counts. I think DoFP starts before he goes to Nam in Origins so it still happens in the old timeline but obviously not in the new timeline.

I've not read those theories. It would make sense if he didn't get the metal treatment at all in this timeline, would be an interesting new take...

If X2 happened then Jean is dead...

Why don't we just face the fact that when it comes to continuity, the X-MEN movie franchise sucks? What is the point in debating these issues? If you like the entire franchise, despite its flaws, fine. If you only like certain movies, fine. Or if you don't like the entire franchise, fine. But I refuse to accept this idea that it's perfect or certain movies in the franchise are perfect. As far as I'm concerned, none of the movies are perfect . . . including the overrated ones that Singer was involved with.

If the writers wanted Wolverine to go through Weapon X again they could have just have made it that Stryker took him at the end.

However, they made the point that Mystique has him - so I think it's completely up in the aiir. What if he doesn't get the metal in this brand new timeline? From this point on there is no way of knowing what comes next, what happened in the other timeline is irrelevant.

Which now possibly didn't happen

I suspect he will get involved in Apocalypse, nothing in the ending said he wasnt one after all

Because that isnt the case at all. It DOES matter, it lives on in Wolverine's personality.

You missed the most important question. Does the alternative timeline now mean that we can get the real deadpool?

the biggest blunders imho: 1) functional sentinels in the original timeline in 1973. 2) hand held mutant detectors, 3) new timeline wolverine murdered and replaced with old timeline wolverine, 4) kitty still has omnipotent power of time travel - the xmen are invincible. they can reset any situation they are in (ps keep kitty off the front lines). i'm guessing we never see this ability again.

so what happened to Emma Frost? Will she be in the next Xmen movie?

In the comic after Magnito removed Wolverines adamentium didn't Apacolypse restore it? It would be a great story in the new timeline for Apacolypse to bring Wolverine in as a horseman and give him an adamentium skeleton. Since Apacolypse is so powerful he may be aware of both timelines and how things "should" be.

Like one article suggested, hindsight is 20-20. See the movie. Enjoy the movie. Go home happy. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. Remember all the continuity issues that the Back to the Future movies had; even within each movie!

Can anyone explain why if the sentinels were built in the 70s why they were not used until 40/50 years later and there was no mention of them in the original x-men films

If a Trask Industries have Azazel's DNA, why don't the Sentinels teleport?

Charles was able to use his powers while walking before the accident happened.

Even in the X-Men animated series, there was the few episodes where he and Magneto were in the Savage Land. Charles lost his powers but was able to walk as a side effect. Personally, I've never really read the exact explanation for why that is.

"And while this might seem like a nerdish desire for consistency, it's really not."
No, it is. And that's a good thing.

The timeline of The Wolverine did happen until Logan was sent back in time and changed history. That is why Scott and Jean were still alive at the end of DOFP. The Logan at the end of DOFP retained all of his memories of all the events of the previous X men films and spin offs, but the events that they portrayed have no longer happened.

Dear Den of Geek...Could you tell me, where the comment I made yesterday is...It was in response to, why Logan should Not touch Jean, cuz she is Scott's Girlfriend or wife...I Don't have a clue, why it was posted, and now it's not....Thank You, and Thank you for sharing your Website :):):)

He's ABSOLUTELY not a dick...Logan should Never touch jean, as she's either Scott's girlfriend or Wife....Of course, it was Understandable that he did touch her, at the end of DOFP, to see if she was Corporeal...OR really there, in a Physical Body...

.Of course, Scott had No idea why he was checking on that, cuz ONLY wolverine remembered changing the Future, to allow the X men and Mutants to live...Although as one Commenter said, she kind of flirts w/ Logan...So ??

I Just wanna know, who sent that mutant robots ? they were very powerful.

Hold tight.... is everyone forgetting that as lovely and warm the ending was (and it was...) doesn't that now mean whatever happens in the 'First Class era' set 'X-Men Apocalypse' film has effectively already happened (in the 'original line up' era aka - the end of DOFP) so therefore it rules out any surprise deaths of any of our favourite mutants because they are all alive, and happy, in 'the future'?? (you may have to read this a few times for it to make sense, I did...).

Unless of course the future is altered again by the events of 'X-Men: Apocalypse', but then that leads to a whole host of continuity problems and effectively renders the end of DOFP null and void.
Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed DOFP (apart from the unexplained return of Xavier), but I'll be very interested to see how they deal the 'X-Men: Apocalypse' that's for sure.

I presume that, since Mystique world for Magneto, she took Wolverine for project X so Magneto can control him

Thank you this is helpful.
But there is still something that is bugging the hell out of me.
Well forget all about the time travel stuff, suppose the past wasn't changed, and the future where mutants are exterminated by the Sentinels happened. That would mean Mystique was captured and killed by Trask (as he said he would need her brain and marrow bones etc) right??? So how was she alive in the first trilogy???
Hope my question even makes sense...

Dinklage is an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor, and considered one of the best actors around, and he's pretty damn famous at the moment. Hell, Trask isn't even a dwarf in the comics, but they didn't care because they wanted Dinklage. And he's in quite many scenes and most likely on screen longer than Paquin even if you include her deleted scene. It really doesn't make that much sense. My best guess for why she's billed above him is because she's been in the previous movies.

Can someone tell me how can Azazel be killed since he has ability to teleport himself so how can trask experiment on him, I understand Emma frost can be captured and experimented on since in a way she is like colossus who really got bad thrashing from sentinels but I can't understand how Azazel can be killed, he could have helped all of them more than blink in this war

Do you know how can Azazel be killed by trask since he can tele-port himself, I saw movie in theater and it was really good but I am confused with this question and I think answer to your question is may be Mystique escaped.

The only thing I care about is that they brought Cyclops back! I was so happy when I saw him at the end. All we could see was Jean talking to someone and I was like "please, be Scott. please, be Scott. Please, be Scott" I hope the writers will treat Cyclops character better

Good stuff. I have even more to ask and add. My expectations for this film were insanely high and I was completely let down because of that. If anything, I hope people who hated on The Last Stand for killing off top characters realize even without this movie, nobody stays dead in comic world. Just watch the first 8 minutes of DOFP and see an example of how easy it really is to not kill off somebody you have killed off.

The flashback was after the accident though...

Most comic book movies are overhyped. Once everyone sees them and has a chance to analyze them objectively a lot of times they begin to see the flaws. Even the hype around really good superhero movies like Cap 2 and Avengers has waned significantly as time went on. The important thing is that when you saw the movie were you entertained?

I don't think any movie can come close to the experience one has reading these superhero stories in the comics because of how the different mediums are utilized. In the comics you can use your imagination to bring the art and story to life based on your personal perspective. Movies cannot do that and are reliant on the visions of a handful of people to bring to life a story that literally millions of other people view differently. Unlike comics, movies have restrictions placed upon them that make them very difficult to adapt comics faithfully. Restrictions such as time, budget, schedules, pacing, and amount of characters. A lot of superhero movies are adaptations of story arcs from the comics that stretch over years or months. Because of this most movies compress timelines in the comics and have to pick and choose what stays and what goes. The most superhero movies can do is give the gist of what the original story was trying to tell in the most entertaining way possible.

Sure Azazel can teleport but that is only if he knows a threat is present. If he was lured into a trap then they could easily of captured him. Also to answer your first question Azazel died between the events of First Class and DoFP. We see his autopsy file when Mystique breaks into Bolivar Trask's office.

I think that 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' has proven to be too much of a white elephant for the franchise that it is being ignored from continuity. Kind of like the Onslaught storyline in the X-Men comics from the 90s. Just forget about Origins, it makes it a whole lot easier.

Who cares? The character can run faster then a bullet and your concerned about how he can listen to music. You have already accepted that a person can move at speeds impossible to comprehend yet the ability to listen to music is what perplexes you?

Well said. I have ignored 'Origins: Wolverine's' existence and I feel better about it.

How did Tony Stark drive from Tennessee to Miami in less then a day in the movie 'Iron Man 3'?

They reference Wanda Maximoff's existence in a scene that was cut from the theatrical cut.

The baby girl is supposed to be Polaris (Lorna Dane). The mother was supposed to tell her to go play with her "big sister" upstairs. The scene was trimmed for the theatrical release of DoFP. The new Avengers movie is a completely different continuity from the X-Men franchise. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are two characters that overlapped in ownership rights for both Marvel Studios and FOX.

"The Wolverine, where nothing remotely interesting happened for 2 hours." Yeah if you think character development and drama isn't interesting. Sheesh.

I think that 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' has proven to be too much of a white elephant for the franchise that it is being ignored from continuity. Kind of like the Onslaught storyline in the X-Men comics from the 90s. Just forget about Origins, it makes it a whole lot easier.

I think that 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' has proven to be too much of a white elephant for the franchise that it is being ignored from continuity. Kind of like the Onslaught storyline in the X-Men comics from the 90s. Just forget about Origins, it makes it a whole lot easier..

Drama? Please enlighten me as to where the drama was, I must have blinked and missed it.

Character development? Are you stoned?

The idea of using Dofp as the basis of this film was decided after they made first class. So when writing first class they had no idea of the hole they were creating for themselves.

that was an old ink

Sorry if I came off condenscending. It was a good movie. I hope you saw it and enjoyed it.

Ok I understand but one thing more so if Azazel was captured by some surprise attack then he can't teleport himself, is that the reason, I know Emma frost and Banshee can be captured since colossus also had metallic skin like Emma's diamond shape and colossus was beaten ruthlessly by sentinels but I got confused and was thinking about Azazel's death

so true.

Well if Azazel was knocked unconscious when the trap was sprung before he could react by teleporting then they could capture him. Trask probably had Azazel sedated the whole time he was in captivity.

You must have been asleep from the gonja you smoked before the movie. The whole film is about Wolverine coming to terms with the loss of Jean and finding a new direction in life. It's a classic wandering samarai trope only, in this case, told with superheroes involved. Sorry that went over your head but I'm guessing your not the type of person who enjoys a little drama. With a name like "voodoomonkey" I assume you prefer Adam Sandler and Michael Bay movies and stoner comedies.

Stan lee helped produced DOFP so does it really matter if it's not exactly like the comics

No, because at the end of X2, there was a clear sign she is still alive, wrapped in the psychic cocoon like in the comics.

LOOOL at those saddos who I can't reply to! SHE LOOKS AT HIM!!! So that MUST mean she wants him! I fear for what goes through your heads. Just because a girl looks at you, doesn't mean she want to have sex with you, you do not deserve it because you love her and she doesn't feel the same way you do. Look past your hard on for Wolverine. She chose Cyclops because she actually likes him in that way. Idiots.

That was awesome wasn't it


Oh cheers

If she was in Afghanistan she would be strapped at the ankles, legs spread, tied to a donkey, and dragged around while the locals throw rocks at her. So a good rapping would do her good.

only an idiot would ask question 9

Except there was the speech about the future being fluid and not fixed from Xavier. Who knows what Singer's time travel laws are? We know it's based on alternate universes, so they could spin off at any point (as you suggest, Apocalypse seems like a good a time as any).

The character is exactly the same at the beginning of the film as he is at the end. I think you're just trying to read into a film you wanted to be good but which ended up being sorely lacking.

Good work getting all defensive and judging me purely on a username, thus proving that you're nothing more than an ignorant, arrogant prick.

But remember, Stan Lee's cameo in the Last Stand took place when Magneto and Xavier meet Jean as a child - so decades before.

Please be sarcasm. If not, then you are actually ridiculous.

Just like you judged me as being stoned because I liked a movie that you didn't? Don't be a hypocrite.

I loved the movie but I was so confused at times. How the hell did Kitty get her time travel ability ?

It's actually very simple, if nobody has pointed this out: Days of Future Past starts in a timeline parallel to the events of X1, X2, and X3: The Last Stand. It starts out in a timeline where Xavier did not die by being evaporated in X3. It is therefore incidental that Jean is deceased in this alternate timeline. Wolverine is sent back in time and establishes the timeline from the previous three movies. Case and Point: In X3 they run a simulation where they fight sentinels in holo-chamber of some sort. And yet - nobody seems that concerned about the non-existent sentinels. Sure, it may not mesh with the comic book story-line, but it does vibe with the events the movies have established. Days of Future Past is a PREQUEL to the first films, not a sequel. It is called, after all, Days of FUTURE PAST. at least as far as Logan is concerned...to rephrase, an alternate future that is now a past event...because that future has been erased.

If Wolverine is surprised to see Jean alive at the end, it is because she was dead in the alternate timeline and relieved to see her alive again...not knowing what is about to become of her...the phoenix and all that.

It follows that the Logan in the first two movies of the original trilogy would already know about his shadowy origins with the adamantium skeleton and the like if what I said above were true...unless the final scene in DOFP occurred between the events of X2 and X3, in which he would have already figured that out.


I don't agree with the 'don't think about it' approach. I like films to make sense.

Screenwriters and directors have their reasons for not following a set pattern of continuity across sequels as well as time travel events. The best bet is to rent the DVD or Blu-Ray and watch the commentary all the way through.

The last 4 minutes ruined everything, to be fair. Still a great film, but man, did they drop the ball on that. If Xavier, Jean and Cyclops were dead at the end, the whole film could have been a prequel to X-Men, X-2, Last Stand and the rest. So those films took place AFTER the timeline was altered. It would have worked brilliantly and explained it all. As it was, they totally undermined themselves and cancelled all of the other movies but one out.

I didn't judge you as being stoned, I just asked if you were. Defensive much.

Defensive much? Likewise.

Ha! Good one little man.

So if the Sentinels are destined to wipe out the mutants in the future, why is Magneto trying to protect them in 1973?

Not just the headphones, Walkman was not invented yet in 1973. It debuted in 1979.

Why thank you. :P

Dude soundwaves travel with speed too you know... So that is a very logical question...

What about the hank thing? Logan told Hank in DOFP he doesn't make it. He didn't die in any of the other X-men movies. So like, what the hell?

Can't anybody just enjoy a movie without nitpicking it to death? It really takes the fun out of the movies. :(

i've got an answer for the first that all our body parts are controlled by our brain if he's transferring his mind into his twin brother's body,that part of the brain is still damaged and that's why he cannot walk

I didn't notice that. I was laughing hard at this scene. BUT that doesn't mean he is not right...

You forgot something huge... The film fails to explain why the story Professor-X tells Wolverine in the original film (you know, Magneto and the professor met at age 17, Magento helped building Cerebro, Magneto's helmet was build while making Cerebro, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm where his first students, etc, etc.) does not match with First Class at all, even though these films are apparently based on the same timeline. Maybe we are set to believe Xavier is a pathological liar? Who knows...

Also, Moira looks so young in the post-credits scene of The Last Stand, like barely 10 years older than what she looked like in first class. Which also irritates me.

Other than that, this is a very fine list of discrepancies. We will keep scratching our heads then.

Wrong. When logan is convincing young xavier by letting him enter his mind, xavier saw the scene where logan killed jean in x3..

I believe that the director didnt really read the comic of X-men before. They create a new story using the character in X-men, just wanting to earn more money. Quite disappointing.... In the comic Mystique is never the main character. Instead, she is the adoptive mother for Rogue and under Magneto only. How come she become the lover for Charles Xavier? I dun wanna watch next X-men-apocalypse anymore, it's cheating the original comic fans. Well, I guess nobody cares either that Cyclops is the main character in X-men-apocalypse comic as he is the one who sacrifices himself to merge with Apocalypse to save everyone life.....

On question 6: Isn't Mystique sometimes allied with Apocalypse - the main focus of the next film? Couldn't the fact the timeline was altered (and the bit between Mystique and Magneto at the end) mean that instead of hooking up with Magneto she hooks up with Apocalypse who has the idea of adamantiuming Wolverine? They do say allegiances will be blurred in the next film plus they said many of the events in DOFP would be causal towards the Apocalypse film (though not in obvious ways). As for the Last Stand being ignored I think most of us agree it was probably for the best - Omega Red is in the credits for that film, that's how bad they made it.

I have another question: (warning - spoilers ahead)

How does Mystique's DNA make the future centinels able to adapt to the powers of the mutants they fight? That kind of abitity fits more with Rogue's power (if somehow they find a way to make the robots absorb different powers, store them and use them whenever they want to) or Darwin's ability to adapt and survive (I know he died in X-Men First Class, just wanted to use him as a example). Mystique is only able to change the way she looks, not the powers she has.

She died between First Class and DOFT, Magneto mentioned her when he was listing all the casualties he had suffered since he and Charles parted ways.

Did Wolverine change the future for Magneto? We see Jean and Cyclops are alive. Does that mean Emma Frost and the others are alive too?

Why is Moira a scientist in "LAST STAND" and a CIA agent in "FIRST-CLASS".

Are you serious? I haven't heard anything so pathetic in my life.

Are we really supposed to believe that "X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE" didn't happen? Does Bryan Singer really expect us moviegoers to be that stupid? Most of the 2009 film happened in 1979. Six years earlier, in 1973, Wolverine left Stryker and his band of mutants. Five years earlier, he and Sabretooth met Stryker for the first time in Vietnam circa 1968. Even I remember that. And now we're supposed to accept that the 2009 movie never happened and that 28 year-old Josh Helman is portraying a William Stryker who already has a 10-12 year-old son?

God! This is so stupid! I can't believe Singer would do something so incredibly stupid! Screw this movie! This is nothing but a rehash of that mess known as "STAR TREK" . .. you know, the crapfest directed by J.J. Abrams some five to six years ago.

Singer and Matthew Vaughn screwed up everything in 2011's "X-MEN" FIRST-CLASS". Then Singer screwed everything up further in this latest film. You're bashing "X-MEN 3", because Prof. X, Cyclops and Jean (for the second time) got bumped off. Apparently, a lot of X-MEN fans couldn't deal with the loss. That's why there has been a major bitchfest over "X-MEN 3". An inability to deal with loss - even a fictional character.

In a way, I'm rather disgusted with "DAYS OF FUTURE PAST". The script was far from remarkable, as far as I'm concerned. And the sad thing is that this film could have been one of the best in the franchise, if Singer and his writers had not screwed up with the franchise's consistencies even more that the 2011 film, "X-MEN: FIRST-CLASS" did. And most of the plot inconsistencies appeared long before the timeline was changed. Nothing was tidied up to me. I think Singer gave the fans a neat ending that included the resurrection of Scott Summers and Jean Grey to make the fans happy. And to this day, I don't see how the destruction of Trask's Sentinnel program led to their resurrection. This movie could have been a masterpiece, if it were not for the sloppy inconsistencies. Oh well. Too bad.

Hi, thanks for this, I have only seen the films once so could remember all the details but was wondering about why Xavier was alive and also about Wolverine and Stryder still can't get that one into perspective but his does help.

Wow, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard on the internet. What is actually wrong with you? First of all Jean has always made it clear to Wolverine that she chose Scott. She's never actually cheated on him... Even if she did, a "good rapping" wouldn't do anyone good. Plus it's Jean and she could just turn your dick into dust.

no because they were already dead in 73. only things that happened after 73 have changed or have the ability to have changed. ultimately it'll be up to the producers, directors and whoever else what did and didn't happen from 73 onward.

L O L totally agree that to why Dinklige was given less money than Anna. I saw the movie streaming (horrible 280p) but got the jist of the story is all i wanted. i dont remember seeing rogue in the movie, lol.

Question 8 really is a film plot hole when you think about it. Guess no film is perfect. Maybe that's why the original script had a young Juggernaut rescue Magneto.

That would have avoided this problem.

Regarding why Professor X looks like Sir Patrick Stewart, remember that Professor X's mutation can alter what someone sees. My hypothesis is that Xavier did come back in that comatose guy's body, but he's using his telepathy to make himself look like Sir Patrick Stewart in a wheelchair in order to not throw everyone off too much.

I just want to know if the Sentinels now have Mystique's genes so wouldn't that in a way make them a hybrid Mutant which would make them target each other? Unless they some how don't see each other as Mutants even though they're, also since they now have her genes couldn't they use the cure on the Sentinels as well because they still have the Mutant gene? I guess writers don't think about genetics even though the whole movie is about that lol

Cyclops is always a dick, read the comics he is a dick there too.

If the body of his twin brother was theoretically born without a consciousness, it's feasible that the body would be very weak as I'm assuming movement would be impossible. It's a reach that I came up with in 7 seconds or so but it does tie in.

Professor X loved into Wolverine's mind about all the terrible things that happened So he knew what was going to happen to Jean and Cyclops "I don't want your future!!"

The main problem with all of these questions and supposed answers about these movies is that the writer forgets that in the comic worlds not only do they use they device of alternate timelines but they also use alternate earths. The events of the previous trilogy do not have to have anything to do with the events going on in this new set of movies. That like comparing the events of the Sam Raimi Spiderman to the events of the reboot with Andrew Garfield. Sure the X-Men series has the same actors so it's not a reboot it's just more likely and alternate earth/reality, where the events happen differently. Also with all that being said how will the Age of Apocalypse fit in with the the last few films or will it once again be another reality?

The really big question:
In the future, both Erik and Charles say that everything started when Mystique killed Trask in 1973, after which she was captured and dissected to make the new, improved Sentinels.

Fine. So if she was killed some time in the mid-1970s, why-- in the original timeline-- did we see her in X1, X2, and X3? She shouldn't have been alive at that point.

Other ponderings:

Why is Toad the same age (or younger) in 1973 as he was in the 1990s?

Kitty's new powers... WTF?

Why didn't they just send Quicksilver to save Trask? He already proved bullets are no threat to him, or anyone he wishes to save. Hell, he could have been to Paris LONG before the others got there in the plane.

Why did they cut the scene that explains that the power-mimicry of Sentinels comes from Rogue's powers, and NOT from Mystique's shapeshifting ability? That's kind of important since they establish that Mystique doesn't copy powers.

I'm not sure if I'm right about this, but last I checked, a plastic gun still needs a one metal component-- a pin- inside of it to function properly. Also, even if they could make a 100% plastic gun in 1973, the gunpowder itself would have enough metal content to allow Erik to control it. Gunpowder includes potassium nitrate. Erik has shown the ability to use trace amounts of metal to form weapons and control objects.

How did Trask go from being a White little person to an average-sized Black man in the course of 30 years?

How does putting metal into the Sentinels allow Erik to change their programming? If he's directly controlling them it makes sense, but there are clearly points where he's not directly controlling them and they're still acting on his behalf.

If you're going to kill the important guys in the bunker, wouldn't it be easier to simply CRUSH the all-metal bunker instead of pointing guns at them?

Why is Azazel considered a mutant in this franchise? He was never a mutant in the comics; He's a demon (and he's Nightcrawler's dad).

Why does young Charles have so much hair?

If the body at the end of X3 is Charles' brain-dead twin brother, WHERE THE HELL is this twin brother in First Class? Why is he never mentioned? You'd think having a twin brother would be rather noticeable when Charles was a child, and a young man, and a graduate, and so on... Even if the twin brother was ALWAYS a vegetable (and they kept him on life support for 50 years?!) it would still be something he'd know about, you'd think.

So the dark future takes place in 2023? (50 years after 1973) -- That seems rather rushed from the state of things in X3, considering how different (and dark) the world looks by that time.

Whose DUMB idea was it to make Beast capable of switching from human-form to mutant-form in 1973? I get that he made a chemical cure 20-odd years before it was "discovered" in X3... So if McCoy discovered the mutant cure in 1973, then WHY was he awe-stricken (and offended!) by the discovery of the cure in the 1990s?

Sorry, but once again Singer and company show they don't give a crap about their own continuity. There are plot holes in this movie big enough for the Blob to walk through them.

Didnt blink and iceman die at the start of the film .

this movie just has way too many holes....

I dont think anyone said Mystique had been killed, just that she had been captured and experimented on.

what is the reason behind wolverine rescued by mystique at the end

Question 5: They explain Kitty's time travel by her developing a secondary mutation. I think Fox declared something to clear things up for the story that went on apart from the movie. .

Technically it is explained near the end of Last stand, Xavier says that it's possible to put your mind and spirit in someone else's body. I'n the after credit scene there is a man (supposedly Xavier's twin) who Xavier puts his mind in his body. His twins mind is basically dead and unresponsive, though it does not explain why he can't walk.

Maybe Moira in X3 is actually the daughter/niece of Moira from First Class, and was named after her.

I think Mystique would give him up to the weapon X program in order for Magneto to be able to control him. Does explain the fact that he said something like this in the movie: "It would be a shame if those claws were made of metal." Just a theory thou.

Paradoxes bit lyk ff13 part 2

Why u guys fighting over it use your energy to try and put real thoughts and answeres to wt is going on :)

The producers have said that Origins is no longer canon. That doesn't mean that its events don't happen in the new timeline, but that they didn't happen in the original timeline either.
For all purposes, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was never made and never happened.

In the original timeline, we still have no idea how Logan got his claws, and he got his memory wiped in the process, not afterwards. We don't know anything about his past.

In the new timeline, it's a bit more complicated. Stryker has him, and will presumably take him to Weapon-X. However, he's actually Mystique. Does that mean that it was her who orchestrated the adamantium bonding and memory wiping? I hope this gets explained in future movies, since I'd like the real Stryker to play a part and not just Mystique.

I'd prefer a movie set in either the "good" future, with Logan looking for clues about his past and showing how it happened in the new timeline (although I hate Mystique taking over Stryker) or in the past, making the retcon of X-Men Origins: Wolverine official by showing us a new, accurate past.

There's no way Wolverine would ever get his adamantium because Mystique wouldn't put him into Stryker's program.

at the end of the xmen first class, professor x showed up, and hes standing? is he from the future?

I have a question you did not cover: When the president asks Trask something about huge metal robots, Trask replies that theyre made from polymer and don't have an ounce of metal on them, yet Magneto seems to be perfectly capable of manipulating and controling them. How is that possible??

If Stan lee never made a cameo in first class a DOFP because its in the past of the 70's and it wouldn't make sense that he was the same in the past as he is in the future the how do u explain his cameo in Captain America where he looks the same and it's in the 40's then we see him again afterwards 70 years later in the events of Avengers Assembled looking like the same old Stan Lee

For someone who says having read the comics, but doesn't understand Shadowcat's power, you need to dig into Uncanny

if havoc is cyclop's younger brother how is he there in 1973 with xavier . he's even there in first class?

"Proper recruitments for Cyclops, Jean & Storm. Havok meeting his younger bro"
Just another thing they got wrong; In the comics Cyclops is the older brother and the first X-Man. Though Jean was the Prof's first student.

You gotta think the events of x-men 1-3 would have to be completely different because Wolverine knows the entirety of what will happen. He knows about phoenix already so they can start dealing with it before anything goes sour so everyone lives because they have a Class 5 mutant that can control her limitless powers.

Kitty Pryde transfers Wolverine to his past. i.e She sends only ONE person into his past.
In the initial scene of the movie , if she just transfers Bishop into his past ( cuz she can transfer only one person), technically, kitty Pryde shouldnt disappear from the future. She should be present in the future and only bishop should go back into the past, isn't it?

I was a little dissapointed in old Magneto's powers while he was fighting sentinels, in fact younger mutants did better job than him but then I remembered he was weakened by the cure in Last Stand. Maybe he couldn't get his powers back in all it's glory. Or maybe he is just too old.

Could someone explain to me how the connection between Kitty and Wolverine worked? Did she stay connected with him the whole time of his time-travel? I'm so lost in my head

he's not as much a dick as he is an great leader and firm in his role.. he has dickish moments, but his movie counter part was just actually a dick with very little leadership anything going on. Hopefully that gets fixed since it's a brand new day for X-Men now.

Why is proffesor x alive at the begining of the movie? Didnt he died in x men the last stand

Paquins contract could go all the way back to before the first xmen movie and could contain all sorts of clauses regarding billing, and salary for that matter.

What's the point of this article if your answer to every single question is "I don't know" or "all we can do is guess".

The blue doggie pasted professor back together that's why he is alive and mystic just likes to be the nude crude dudette, Cyclopes is a baby cry that's why that red peppered lady kilt him off a while ago, cause she was tired of his bitchy face

The blue doggie is the besss I think he and storm have babies in the comics

The doggie beast and mystic are brother and sister and their dad is Dr. Manhattan

Da fuq? He lifted an entire Jet and propelled it out into battle far away enough that Storm's explosion wouldn't reach them.

Also, that Future Battle was all about Storm's domination. Not Magneto's. He got talking scenes instead and he got to participate in another Scenario that got cut but will be on the Blu-Ray.

So Bai.

He sneaks in and infuses them with Metal one night. Weren't you paying attention? You should.

One more problem:
Original timeline: Mystique shoots Trask. Thirty years later, the X-Men 1-3 films happen (Last Stand, ugh). Where are the sentinels? If things were so bad in 2023, why is there no sign of them around 2000? Shouldn't they have at least started hunting mutants by this point? They've had 30 years....
Obviously they won't be around AFTER Wolverine changes the timeline, but X-Men 1-3 are supposedly set in the ORIGINAL timeline, before Wolverine has changed it.
So why is there no trace of them anywhere?

Dude, I Just watched it And i want to know More.
Question :D, Will There be another movie after X-men Days of future past, of Wolverine Living His Life Over Again?, Because Remember, He Woke Up And Everyone was old and stuff, I want to see the Part Where He Relives His Life

I appreciate knowing that there aren't good answers that I somehow missed.

Quicksilver seems like such an iconoclast and loose cannon. He wanted to break into the Pentagon because, sure, stick it to the man, you know! But rescue some suit-wearing military contractor? Even if he agreed, he'd be just as likely to change his mind at the last moment (ha), and no telling what he might do then.

While a lot of this list is based on info we have, the 'Raven hands Logan over to weapon x' bit has absolutely no basis and is inaccurate. While I personally am starting to wonder if they are ignoring X-men Origins and treating it as no longer canon (which would explain a few things in this movie), the part at the end has to do with what Charles is saying in VO. Infinite possibilities.

How would you go about getting that area searched for one man and then retrieving him from the water? - you need authority. Striker gives Raven that. Yes, she could have chosen anyone else, but his character is deliberately chosen so that you see Striker at the end and wonder -since the timeline has been altered- if this is how Wolverine ends up in Weapon X, in this new timeline. But in the moment that Raven reveals herself to the audience our fears of that are calmed.

Whatever happens after that is for future movies to decide, but that end sequence was specifically to play with the audience, unnerve them with a new possibility and then allow them to leave on a reassured and excited note. It's a basic cinematic trope and has nothing to do with handing Wolverine over to the weapon x program, which would against Raven's entire DOFP character anyway, if you were paying attention to the movie at all.

Q1. Thank you! I didn't even know that existed, that was my question right away when I saw he was alive.

Q2. Well I just look at it as, if they can have all their technology ( invisible jets, cerebro), I'm sure Logan decided his metal body was clearly better and they did a much safer surgery at some point.

Q3. The end scene clearly explained it. And as for Rogue, in DOFP she is wearing black gloves before grabbing bobbys hands.

Q4. How about because wolverine is bad ass and can't die...? And Professor X knows all about the future ever since 1973, they show him say welcome back to Logan, they have a whole conversation basically!

Q5. ...Because as mutants age.. I can't believe I'm saying this. As they age, their powers keep mutating thus allowing them to get more control over their power. She has the power to go through matter not just walls, she goes through people, she falls into the ground, lets missiles fly through her ( in this scene it also shows he able to pass he power onto bobby ), so it "kinda" makes sense that her power could evolve to now go through time and space. Gene was shown lifting objects as a kid, then as The Phoenix she could break things down to the atomic level. They get better.

Q6. First off! all we know is that Mystique is Stryker and saving Logan. Thats it! its a cliffhanger, and we have to deal with it. I love cliffhangers. ( Elizabeth Shaw where did you fly TOOO?! I WANT TO KNOW!, different movie I know, Fassbender?

Q7. Nicely answered my friend. How is that even a question, how the hell didn't you notice Azazels sweet goatee.

Q8. Well no one cares about that little detail, honestly. But you answered it perfectly and those are also my questions as well. So you introduce quite possibly one of the best characters in all Marvel "Films" and also one of the best scenes showcasing a superpower in just about any movie, Ive ever seen. Then you just leave the kid?

Q9. If you ask that question then you didn't even watch the movie...You answered it perfectly but I just want to add, that she says in the beginning you will be the only one who remembers everyone else will only remember the changed timeline. And If the butterfly is in effect then yes the new timeline would clearly be a lot different then the past decade of Marvel Films we've been watching.

Q10. You know what ya! Where hell is Nightcrawler! My number 2 Character. Azazel you had my hopes up, Whyyy whyyyyyyy. And omg, who cares about angel, all he ever did was save his father who he hated, boo hoo we all have problems guy.

Q11. You brought a tear to my eye with that speech :') but I mean they did mention the subconscious thing, they showed the coma guy, they said it was his "twin" and a twin is a twin is a twin so they look like twins , kitty can send people through time, they give you kinda a lot to piece together stuff. But yea if he mentioned a line like that it would of put me more at ease.

P.s. Sorry for this rant but I literally just got back from watching the movie, and I'm a huge movie/ superhero buff.

Scott's a dick. Always has been. This has been most proven by the murder of Charles Xavier at his own hands (X-Men vs Avengers).
I was so glad when they supposedly "killed" him off in the aftermath of "The Twelve" storyline and so disappointed when they brought him back.

I guess I'm talking more about 90s Scott Summers. I don't read current X-men titles because like a lot of stuff from Marvel and DC.. it's a little tired now.

Yeah, but he still sees her as his woman.

Wow, you are SMUG, eh?

I Want to See the One Where Random words are Capitalized

Ah, shutup


Quiet, 'tard

What? hah seriously? This page is literally dedicated to the movie for fans with questions. So no. I am however very interested, and possibly obsessed with the marvel universe. I would say though,
"Wow, you are a troll, eh?"

Xmen origins was already not apart of the original timeline

First of all, Wolverine's Adamantium is able to regenerate, it's not normal and it is bonded on a cellular level, not just coated around his bones. If I remember correctly it was called Adamantium type B or something like that, have to go back and read the explanation again to be sure.

Secondly, wouldn't both wolverine movies be erased by DOFP so he may have never gotten his claws cut off. I still need to watch DOFP I just came here trying to figure out how Prof X came back. That one is rather strange, and if it is his twin brother, maybe he's still paralyzed because of the whole consciousness transfer thing and maybe he will be able to recuperate given time. I remember some of the comics where he was able to walk again, hmmm need to look into that too.

Totally agree... and women get pissed when You get upset at the fact the dude is hitting on her, knowing damn well she would want to kick another female's ass if she tried the same thing.

Ha, the X-Men films are great at making you forget that Scott's the guy whose wife/girlfriend is being hit on by another man constantly right in front of his face. Because we like Logan, we see him as the nice one and Scott as the dick... but that makes no sense.

I don't know if someone in the comments may have mentioned this either.. but being a comic nerd myself I'm quite confused on how they are planning this all out.. DOFP Peter aka-Quicksilver- whom in the comics and cartoon shows is Magnetos son-yet they never touch on that concept (other then quicksilver saying "my mom used to know someone who could do that") and then the after credits of Captain america:Winter solider show the twins AKA: Quicksilver and Scarlet witch both of whom are Magnetos children... still marvel and all and also present day in CAP2 but a bit confusing.. any insights?

Answer to part of 10 Stan Lee was busy and they were shooting to far for him to go to

why is Mystique in x-men 1, 2 and 3 if she dies in 1973

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