Transformers: Age Of Extinction review

Review Ryan Lambie 28 Jun 2014 - 14:35

Michael Bay returns to the Transformers franchise with the longer, louder Age Of Extinction. Here’s Ryan’s review...

In terms of robots falling apart and explosions, Michael Bay set himself a high bar with 2011‘s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. So much so that Bay stated that he wouldn’t make another one - just as he did after he shot the first sequel, Revenge Of The Fallen in 2009. But having made his low-key, low-budget passion project (the $26m action caper Pain & Gain, starring The Rock), the blockbuster auteur found himself creatively refreshed enough to make yet another Transformers flick.
The result is Age Of Extinction: a film somehow louder, more violent and, mind-bogglingly, even longer than its predecessor (the duration’s 165 minutes). Its story picks up a year or so after Dark Of The Moon and its climactic battle in Chicago, in which the entire city was destroyed by warring Autobots, Decepticons and alien ships that looked like massive metal prawns.
America has picked up the pieces after that conflict, but the memories are still raw: an anti-robot sentiment has arisen in the months since, and glowering CIA guy Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) is leading a covert operation to seek out and destroy the few surviving Autobots left behind.
Enter Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), an inventor who builds robots from scrap like a beer-drinking, Texan Geppetto. Cade’s a widower with a teenage daughter, Tessa (Nicola Peltz) who’s secretly seeing a 20-year racing car driver, Shane (Jack Reynor out of What Richard Did). One day, Cade finds an old truck sitting, incongruously, in a disused cinema, and on dragging it back to his barn, discovers that it’s a battered and ornery Optimus Prime (once again voiced by Peter Cullen).
Having Prime in his back garden immediately alerts Harold Attinger’s platoon of gun-toting heavies, led by Lost’s Titus Welliver, and Cade soon finds his house in ruins and his name on a wanted list along with Optimus Prime’s. Meanwhile, a billionaire designer named Joshua (Stanley Tucci) is busily building his own army of fiercely powerful robot machines based on the remains of Decepticons. Unsurprisingly, this experiment has far-reaching consequences for at least two major cities.
It’s taken three paragraphs to lay out the bare bones of Transformers 4‘s story, and we’re barely up to the 40 minute mark. Age Of Extinction has plot by the square yard, rolled up tightly like a cheap carpet. Bay unravels it in fits and starts: threadbare bits of narrative are repeatedly interrupted by colossal action set-pieces, to the point where it appears as though we’re just teetering on the cusp of a third and final act. Instead, Bay simply recoils for a few minutes, as though he’s drawing breath, and then unleashes another deafening bellow of disintegrating civic architecture and special effects. It’s appropriate that a fair chunk of the film takes place in China, where gunpowder and fireworks were invented.
In Bay’s defence, some of those special effects are genuinely spectacular. There are car chases. Several fist fights. A dozen buildings collapse. Yet it all feels eerily familiar, largely because Age Of Extinction looks and sounds almost identical to the earlier Transformers movies. There’s even a sequence where an Autobot transforms, flinging its occupants screaming into a lens flare, only to be caught by the robot before they land on the tarmac in a gooey mess.

This familiarity wouldn’t necessarily matter too much, but a considerable amount of pre-release hype was put into convincing us that Age Of Extinction wouldn’t be a straight sequel to Dark Of The Moon. Much was made of the more serious tone and the change in cast, with Shia LaBeouf and his various sidekicks having been retired for Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor. Yet while Wahlberg brings puppy-eyed enthusiasm and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy as the new leading man, the film around him is simply much, much more of the same.  
The moments that could hit home - a terrific fight on the exterior of a Hong Kong building, a nervy escape from Titus Welliiver’s enjoyably evil CIA assassin - are simply lost in a sea of repetitive violence. There are few signs that lessons have been learned from the earlier films, either. The dialogue’s still as cloth-eared as it ever was (one character even goes to the trouble to explain how a magnet works during a high-speed chase), Bay’s camera still lingers dubiously over the anatomies of his scant female cast, and the film’s just as cluttered and busy, in every respect, as the previous three films.  
Screenwriter Ehren Kruger appears to have been influenced by quite a few recent science fiction films when writing Age Of Extinction. There’s a mysterious substance called Transformium which could have come from Avatar, some heavy-handed meditations on xenophobia akin to that seen in the X-Men franchise, while Cade’s relationship with his daughter appears to have been lifted wholesale from Bay’s 90s disaster film, Armageddon.  
Admittedly, Age Of Extinction is far less crass and obnoxious than Revenge Of The Fallen, but its also less coherent than Dark Of The Moon, a film which, after an extremely slow first half built to an impressively-staged battle in Chicago. Age Of Extinction, on the other hand, meanders from place to place without really building to anything.  
There are so many actors in here that it’s easy to forget them all. We haven’t even mentioned Sophia Myles’s character, Darcy, who uncovers something mysterious (borrowing a plot point from Prometheus in the process) and then disappears for a good 40 or 50 minutes. Then there are the Dinobots - heavily teased in the trailers and posters - who take an absolute eternity to finally show up, and display a disappointing lack of personality when they finally do. Even less personality, come to think of it, than the Autobot with the pot belly and beard who unaccountably smokes a cigar (Hound, voiced by John Goodman), or the green Australian one who wears a long coat like Brian May out of Queen, or the haiku-spouting samurai one voiced by Ken Watanabe.
Then again, the human cast seems to be genuinely enjoying itself. The always-welcome Stanley Tucci shouts, screams and grins, while Wahlberg throws himself around with the abandon of a child giddy on too much orange squash. Some viewers might have a similar amount o ffun with Michael Bay’s latest cavalcade of swooping cameras and grinding mayhem.

Others are likely to consider Age Of Extinction to be the worst kind of dull film: too busy to fully engage with, and too noisy to sleep through.
Transformers: Age Of Extinction is out on the 5th July.

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I have went to all three WANTING to like them but always hating them. I cant do it to myself again and clearly nothing has changed so this is a pass. Revenge Of The Fallen is still the worst film I have ever seen in my life. Die Hard 5 tried to be, but Fallen is just wrong in every way possible.

This is never gonna stop, is it?

I will not spend my hard earned money on this joke of a movie.


Transformium; Macguffin In Disguise...?

Since I have debts to pay off I think this ten pounds that will stay in my wallet.

*Takes Pass and places it straight on the floor.

Just as I expected: just another Transformers movie. Each time I've gone to see one, I go in desperately wanting to like it, and always come out disappointed. Hopefully they keep Michael Bay away from the next one...

This series is critic-proof by this point anyway, it'll make a mint. But I appreciate the review. It is the right of all sentient beings not to watch this guff.

What about the Dinobots? The fact they are in this almost makes me want to see it

*watches Think Like a Man Too instead

Hm. I think I'll just watch The Winter Soldier.

Shock horror.

I won't lie. I love these movies. Yes they lack intelligence to a certain extent, but for entertainment value, not a lot of films can compete. It's a film directed by a man-child for man-children, but man-children need to be entertained, you can't just ignore that and focus only on the artistic elements. Sometimes I don't wanna focus too much in the cinema, sometimes I just want cars and robots and explosions.

165 minutes? I actually don't mind this series but Bay needs reigning in. Also after watching Pain and Gain I'm put off by Bay's apparent morality vacuum. As a fan of all things Transformers, toys, games, cartoons etc. even I might have to pass on this. Depends on the wife.

You know it'll still take nigh-on $1 billion at the box office. I want to see it because the other ones are fun (ish), but at 165 minutes I can't

What happened to the guy who made The Rock? I'd pay to see a Transformers film made by that guy.

Went to see the third in the cinema. I don't care about robots from outer space sounding stupid - that's fine with me - but the abuse of the laws of physics just crossed a line. How are you supposed to feel any sense of peril for the characters, any sense of tension that they may not survive, when they can be juggled and dropped over skyscrapers by enormous metal hands without experiencing a single scratch? Just unforgivably poor story-telling. Spectacle for spectacles sake. Vaccuous in the extreme. And the loudness, the unremitting volume - I feel genuine pity for the parents that are "not going to be able to sleep through it" while taking their kiddy-winks on a night out to the cinema.

My concern is that these 'family' movies based on kids' toys have far too much swearing in.
Big screen violence is one thing, and not easy for kids to copy, but swearing is just crass.
The last movie had far too much... and recent Marvel movies are going down the same path (Pepper calling someone a 'dick' for example).

Just bugs me.

The sad thing is this. The movie will either succeed and we'll get more of the same.
Or it will fail and the studio will say 'people don't want another Transformers movie', instead of 'People wants a GOOD Transformers movie".

i can't remember a lot about transformers tbh but i'm fairly certain hound didn't have a beard or smoke cigars

Jesus, it never ceases to amaze me how seriously people treat these films. It's a film based on a kids cartoon about giant alien robots from space for Christ's sake! If you want great acting and a complicated story go to the theatre! For me these movies do exactly what they say on the tin, fun, loud, bangs and explosions with occasional humorous dialogue. Why there's Bay and l'bouef bashing all the time i dont know. What exactly were people with negative responses to the movies expecting? Bloody robots with english accents in the style of James Mason quoting frickin Shakespeare? What a bunch of whiners, crying about "the robots transform too fast I can't see what's happening" or "the story has plot holes" really? A cartoon based movie with plot holes? Fancy that! Have you researched your star maps and realised you were lied to about the exact location of cybertron? Or... "it's too noisy" or "the actors are wooden" bla bla bla you sissy Marys snivelling about a robot action movie really boil my piss. They were hardly going to stand around for two hours discussing what was happening in a calm manner like a 1940's drama before sitting down and drafting a plan over a glass of fine motor oil were they? No doubt you will go onto attack the new jurassic Park movie for the dinosaurs hamming it up in every scene and the unreasonable plot twists you bunch of pansy assessment. Good morning to you all.

I have overlooked a lot of what you are saying about these films, mainly because regardless of what you think of them they are supposed to be dumb fun. Having said that after watching Pain And Gain I get the horrible feeling that Michael Bay really is just a bit of an arrogant thug.

I see this kind of false defence time and time again. Hint: Even kids films based on toys are capable of being GOOD ones or BAD ones AS *FILMS*. In fact you are DEEPLY condescending to actual kids on their capacity to be highly intelligent and insightful human beings. "Awww it's kids, just feed them any old shite" FFS.

What you really mean is "I personally don't ask much from films other than some flashy entertainment" . That's fine, but don't tell me or anyone else that we should share such lowest common expectations because of some BS illogic about kids films.

Spot on

Rubbish. I love good films, not just flashy entertainment, all I'm saying is there is always high expectations for the transformer movies it's hardly the passion of christ is it. It's clear what it is so why expect any more for a child or a teenager or yourself. Sorry I'm sure you have an extensive collection of high quality award winning robot movies?

You're still being deliberately disingenuous, and that 'raised expectations' defence simply does not hold water. It's one thing to be average in the realm of kids movies, but awful, racist illogical, dispassionate, sexist, exploitative, and badly designed is NOT. That has zero to do with expectations you numpty. Award winning robot movies? Are you actually aware of the history of science fiction films? and since when does 'Award winning' mean quality? I think I'll use my own judgement if you would deign to allow me a modicum of choice? Your straw man is wet and saggy. I get you are tired of the 'whining' but you know: deal with it, because it's MORE than valid. if it's not valid then nor is ANYTHING anyone (especially you) has to say about ANY films whatsoever. Your statements are also deeply ironic when in response to a review on a film review site. yeah: the author should have said "yup it's a bayformers movie". THAT would have been a great insightful review....sheesh.

i also like the way you imply that I'm asking for Citizen effing Kane thus setting up yet another impossible straw man. Honestly, think about how your argument (doesn't) work and is just an emotional and biased view lacking in actual critical coherency.

"You're still being deliberately disingenuous"

I disagree - he's being unintentionally stupid.

Haha! I stand corrected, and rightly so!

I bet you watch every Bay movie then go out of your way on a movie review site to put forward how you don't like it and why. Your still treating your own opinion seriously you pompous fool. Don't watch it if you don't like Bay movies and save yourself the anguish. I also believe that you sit at your laptop in womens underwear. Good day to you sir.

Why thank you I take your review of me in the way it was meant which is clearly in the highest regard of my opinion so again thank you.


As in "YOU'RE welcome to your opinion which is predicated on the fact you like the Transformers movies, but on a deeper level is reflective of YOUR bias towards defending this positive emotional reaction and not a cogent reason for telling people not to apply critical aptitude when talking about a film they have a negative reaction to and then give logical and artistic reasons for".

You're welcome.

So again, thank you and no... You can't be my friend on Facebook.

Sucks to be wrong but don't worry if you drop the ego you can use it as a starting point for self improvement. It's just nature's way of challenging you to be better.

Sounds like the kind of tosh Cineworld Unlimited was made for. Wouldn't pay a tenner for it, but seeing as I can wander in for 'free' I will give it a go. Walk-out optional...

So the "Battle of Chicago" is supposed to be this big defining moment in history, a moment where it's stated that most of the city was destroyed, yet 5 years later, it doesn't seem to be doing so bad. And only 1,000 people died? That's only 1/3 of the 9/11 deaths from a handful of buildings and aircraft.

For the over the top action and explosions that Bay has in his films, he sure seems averse to the scale of actual death that would have happened to Chicago by itself.

No doubt AOE will do well in the box office, even though it's a crappy movie. It's too bad that much better movies like Dredd weren't as successful. Instead we're treated to this Micheal Bay crapfest.

I get my mindless action fix from these film, I've mentioned in another post I have found Bay hard to stomach of late. I am also ignoring a lot of the back and forth between you and this guy that is doing the people that like these film no favours!
What do you mean by badly designed? Are you talking the film as whole? Cuts and editing and so forth or the Robot designs? Personally I like those and is one of the reasons I do come back to the franchise if nothing else. They may not be be as close to the cartoons or toys (which I would prefer) but I think they are fantastic pieces of design work. I'm curious is all.

Cheers for the welcome questions dude. I just want to point out I'm not damning anyone for enjoying the films, I'm damning anyone who says we shouldn't point out where we can critically give reasons for a film that we think is a mess, especially when they are really just defending the fact they like 'em with made up logic.

Re: design, yeah I'm not a fan of the look of the bayformers. In still images they work better but up on an action packed screen they (IMHO of course) just don't work. I dunno who's hitting who or with what. I can't even tell the difference between factions oon small, big OR 3D screens. It spoils my experience. So I have aesthetic problems with them, but also I question how battle hardened millions of tiny moving spiky bits can be and even why they are Occam's Razor...i.e minimum moving parts to achieve transformation would make for a better representation of the 'formers. But that's just me and I don't use that as a reason to expect others to hate it too! I also admit that I would have liked a more G1 look channelled into the designs whilst making them look realistic.

I grew up with the cartoons and the AMAZING Marvel UK comics and what is great about them to me is the characters and dynamics, all so individual and engaging. Prime was my number one hero growing up and I see him step on fountains and say 'oops my bad', murder a wounded Megatron and many other things that simply give me course to hate it. I'm not even anti-Bay either, and thoroughly enjoy a couple of his films.

I get what you're saying. Thank you, don't worry I have no problem someone not liking something I do. I mean given the choice Bay would be out and the design would be a lot closer to the cartoons and comics. I still have copies of my mine, dated 89 to 90. I hope he does hand the reigns over, there are so many other directors with a handle on large scale action now it would be a shame for Bay to keep his grubby little mits on it. The camera ogling young girls and casual racism has never sat well with me but I wonder sometimes because my mate at work is black and I said Skids and Mudflap from ROTF were I felt black racist stereo types and he thought they were funny! Horses for courses it would seem.

Yeah it's a lot of grey areas with the racism however it is possible to be racist in ignorant, rather than calculated ways, and it's possible for those who are in the demographic being stereotyped to be unaware of the stereotypes being portrayed or their provenance. Why would a young black englishman (for example) be aware of the MAMMY! MAMMY! stereotyping in the 1st film and it's descent from overtly racist films in america from the early days of Hollywood.

Ultimately I just wish the films were made by someone who had actually had a love for the transformers in their life and didn't just see it as a money maker aimed at kids. I think that kind of thing usually helps a film no end.

For me ignorance is Bay's biggest problem. It leads to all the others. Anyway, I appreciate the well thought out and articulate answers. The one thing that bugs me on these comments pages (which you haven't done) is the assumption that anybody who likes these films are stupid and the people who don't are pompous. It seems to me the box office must come from the ones in between.

Yes yes you're right my ego must make way for yours as I realise only opinions that are yours are allowed here. I realise my tongue in cheek rant at the beginning confused you and your pompous friends and made you cry so take an imaginary tissue from me and dry your cheeks. You can carry on hating Bay and transformers don't worry no one will take that from you. Night night my socially challenged movie critic. xxx

Feel free to join us again Mark, no need to hide under the duvet.

I thought you couldn't go any lower in this "debate", and then you upvoted your own comment.

Ha thanks, will do.

That was by accident but thanks for taking the time to read through every comment checking every vote to see who'd actually voted on it then pointing that out to me in a typed message. I'm flattered by both your efforts and your attention but unfortunately for you I'm married so don't waste your time with me there's other fish in the sea my friend, nothing personal

I have liked all the Transformers films, and I am actually really looking forward to this. I guess I must be the casual racist, sexist, and morally ambiguous target audience for a Bay film (if the comments here are anything to go by)

X-Men: DOFP is probably one of the worst for that recently.

Unless we get a review from an 8yr old child, it doesn't matter what other reviews say.

Bay is not making this film for us. He is making it for children who want silly humor, silly characters, massive robots and lots of explosions.

And he has succeeded with a bang. Four times in a row...

If you asked a kid to give it a rating out of 5, they would no doubt say "A million zillion!!!".

My thoughts exactly.

A lot of people I know have been so excited to see this film. It's a Michael Bay film, guys. It was always going to be a poorly constructed two-plus hour toy commercial. The man took one of the most beloved cartoons/toy-lines of the 80's and turned it into absolute rubbish. Mr. Bay, if you are reading this, let me tell you three things that will fix the Transformers series, should it continue beyond this latest travesty.

1. Make the robots look and act more like their cartoon/toy counterparts. If you actually watch the cartoon, you will see that all of the transformers have a human element to their design and personality. This enables the viewer to identify with the character and actually care about them. In your films, viewers only care about Optimus Prime...simply because you used the original voice actor. In the classic cartoon there are zero stereotypes. Putting them in these films teaches children things we parents try to keep them from learning.

2. Follow the formula from the cartoons. More transformers, less humans. People pay to see transformers....Not actors talking ABOUT transformers. Additionally - pay homage to the source material. The families going to see these movies actually WATCHED the original cartoon on TV when they were kids. Give them something to geek out about. You almost did that with Prime having that energy sword in the second film. Or was that the third one? They all run together, sorry.

3. The original transformers cartoon was so simple and pure in the message it delivered - protecting our natural resources. You don't need a massive government conspiracy, a love triangle, a soldier trying to get revenge on the decepticons, a school bus full of kids stuck in the middle, and a guy acting like a complete loon because he saw some transformer symbol glowing on the wall. Keep it simple. These are kids movies whether you realize it or not. Kids need things kept simple. What you have amassed with these four movies is 613 minutes of confusion.

There, I said what I wanted to say. Please let the nerd rage begin.

Michael Bay made The Rock, and is responsible for filming one of the greatest lines in cinematic history (definitely helped immeasurably by the delivery of Sean Connery) and forever changing my response to when people talk about their "best". So I will always view every film he makes with a sense of optimism, including this one.

I know where you're coming from, however with easy access to adult language content on you-tube it's too easy for kids to be exposed to swearing. My kids know what the swear words are, they know the consequences of using them, they look at me when they hear them but we talk about it, explaining that they'll hear it online, in games, at school etc does not mean they have to use ir or repeat it. I'm in my early 40's and I remember hanging out with my mates and casually swearing, it's part of life and language. I don't mind swear words if they add something, swearing for the sake of it (the F word in X-men added nothing) or swearing in songs (pink is a good example) to make yourself edgy or cool baffles me. My concern with Transformers and to some extent X-Men is that I think my kids would be bored. Thankfully How to train your dragon 2 is out soon :)

agreed, don't forget to allocate your seat near the exit if your cinema does that!!

Some of the best films I've seen in the cinema in recent years are the ones with my kids, a film like Paranorman is a good example. I have no issue with any of the Transformer movies and I'm not precious about the source material. I'll see it over the coming weeks, if I enjoy it for what it is then great if not no loss (Cineworld unlimited has got me covered). My youngest was sold on the flash band adverts that have started appearing on the tv and asked me if I'll take him, he only managed part way through the first on DVD before he gave up and did something else instead. They're enjoyable (in some parts) films about alien robots who can transform into vehicles, I suspend my disbelief from my rear view mirror when I park the car in the cinema =)

U r crazy!!!

I like your thinking!

Yes it does.

The real question is "Do I see it on a $5 movie night or wait and rent it from Redbox?"

You had me at "Bay’s camera still lingers dubiously over the anatomies of his scant female cast". loll

Exactly, I hate all the movie snobbery that goes on. I like different types of movie depending on what mood I'm in and sometimes I'm perfectly happy to pay for blockbuster robot action movie!

Anyway, it'll be a lot better than Man of Steel!

Moon is way worse than fallen.

I must be odd, I really enjoy the brainless fun of the Transformers movies (apart from the puerile and bad-taste jokes of the 2nd movie) and am looking forward to this one.

And my kids love it too, as do millions of others... so it seems odd that 90% of posters hate on it.

Everybody who I've heard from who has seen it says it sucks.

Then go see "Pacific Rim".

I don't hate it.

I don't hate it. I'm just disappointed because we all know it could be so much better.

Bay may be making it for 8 year old children, but we adults are the ones that have to take them to see it.

And that's why it's made so much money.

This is the best of the four movies. The idea of humans building transformers is actually interesting. And there was much less idiotic dialogue. Still a fair amount of course, but I don't understand why these movies never introduce who the transformers are. About the only way you'd know is if you read em all on that computer map thing. That's just stupid. And I have absolutely no idea the names of any dinobots since they were never named either. I guess it was a cool idea how they were introduced anyway, as captives on that ship.

And I hate some of the transformers faces. Hound is stupid but by far the worst was the samurai, of whom I don't know his name offhand. Why does he have a big human samurai head. He's a transformer not a human. That was annoying and looks dumb

Also these transformers are way too easy to kill. It's like they're barely held together. They can live basically forever, except they're killed easily by human guns and by regular transformers bullets. So I think the general plot was good, let's keep going with less human stuff in each movie from now on. It's obvious if Michael bay is the director most of the good people human dialogue will be stupid, at least those parents weren't in this movie.

It's just the fact that they won't make a more serious transformers movie when this style makes billions. At least the movie looks good. Probably about the best looking movie ever made.

HTTYD2 is stunningly good, saw it with both my kids last weekend at a preview showing - up there with the Lego movie for entertainment.

I did and I love it too!

It's a kids film like dr who made for kids and we are all adults we need to remember this for most of the stuff that's commented on, on DoG

There are some proper judgemental knobs on here. You make a film any film and let's see whT you can create. 99% fail rate for all the keyboard warriors out there. I bet the majority on here will hate Star Wars VII cos they are not children anymore. Hey ho

I actually enjoyed the first three. TRANSFORMERS FOUR ISNTHE WORST FILM I HAVE SEEN SINCE THE HAPPENING, and I think Marky Mark may have done better acting there. This is a joyless, terrible film. It makes no sense and is mind be singly long and boring.

you guys are stupid..the movie is an action movie- not intended to be intelligent thought provoking movie. For entertainment value you cant beat any of the transformers. For pure entertainment i'll watch all 4 movies back to back 4 times in a row!.
Just go watch it for a fun 3hours and let your imagination run wild...

Well, I went. Sorry.

Thing is, it's the best of the four, the length works in its favor, the acting is great (for this type of film), the comic relief dies and is replaced by a MUCH BETTER one and, finally, it's MUCH closer to what a Transformers live-action movie should be.

Its main flaw, other than having the wrong director at the helm (imagine what C. Nolan could do or even Ridley Scott), is the same as the others: HORRIBLE editing. Get past that and it's great fun, but nothing more. 7/10.

Nope, it's actually a bomb called a "seed".

I'd rather see Transformers 4 with my 7-year old daughter (which I did) than Frozen (also did).

I want to see it again and I'm 40. Best movie of the summer so far, including X-Men.

Underused, overintroduced and badly so. On the plus side, Galvatron is in it and voiced by Frank Welker.

The last act of AOE, they destroy Chicago again. I found myself trying to count the deaths during these sequences. At one point there's a train/subway moving on elevated tracks and something throws a huge boat on that train, completely destroying the middle third of it. Did I mention it's a passenger train? Or a family car trying to escape and is instead crushed under Hound as he tries to evade enemy fire. In Hong Kong, in between apartment buildings, again Hound jumps and drops himself INTO a building like it was a bean bag, effectively destroying at least 2 dozen apartments that have, at no point, been evacuated. And I haven't even mention the carnage the Dinobots cause. Tens of thousands die in the battle of Hong Kong.

I agree with you 100% about Dredd. However that one was not for the younglings. loll

An action movie doesn't have to be stupid and badly made either. Case in point: Avengers, The Raid 2, Nolan's Batman.

I don't know if that's good or bad...

Same here! good old Cineworld Unlimited.
I saw it last night. Went in expecting lots of cars and explosions and an un-taxing plot - came out satisfied. If I want a film with an amazing plot I'll certainly not watch anything by Michael Bay!

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