What's in the extended Chinese version of Iron Man 3?

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2 May 2013 - 06:43
Iron Man

Four minutes of extra material have been added to the Chinese cut of Iron Man 3. But what are we missing out on?

Cinemagoers across most of the world have been responding warmly to Iron Man 3 since it began its worldwide release programme last week. As it rolls into American cinemas this week, news reaches us that the Chinese release of Iron Man 3 has been a spectacular success too, with the film smashing the opening day record in the country.

It's little secret that Marvel has actively wooed China with Iron Man 3 (given that it's one of the top five film markets in the world, and relatively untapped by Hollywood), to the point of adding in extra material that's only in the Chinese version of the film. Hollywood posh people have long recognised China as the major growth area for mainstream movies, but government restrictions there mean that not too many American films get a full release. It's why Transformers 4 is set to film material in China: it pretty much guarantees getting a Chinese release, and that in turn opens up a huge amount of potential money. Iron Man 3 has just taken 130 million yuan in one day there, which our cigarette packet currency converter spits out at just over $21m.

Interestingly though, details have now emerged as to what's in the four minutes of extra material that's attached to the Chinese version of the film. Bluntly, it doesn't sound as though we're missing out.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new material includes a character by the name of Dr Wu, played by Wang Xueqi. Dr Wu drinks a carton of Gu Li Duo, in what's apparently a rather blatant piece of product placement. It's not the only example of blatant produce placement in the film either, we understand.

Also, there's a scene with Dr Wu making a telephone call from his Beijing office, whilst a television screen behind him shows Iron Man being cheered by Chinese schoolchildren. Furthermore, a later sequence sees Wu, for some reason, operating on Tony Stark. We'd mark that with a spoiler tag, but having sat through the English-language cut of the film, we're not really sure what it's spoiling.

More details can be found here. And we can't wait to see what Chinese product placement Transformers 4 manages to squeeze in...

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