Prometheus review

Review James Peaty 31 May 2012 - 08:40

Ridley Scott revisits the Alien universe with Prometheus. But can his new film deliver?

It’s hard to think of another recent movie as eagerly anticipated as Ridley Scott’s latest offering, Prometheus.

Blessed with a marketing hook trumpeting Scott’s return to both the Alien franchise and sci-fi filmmaking in general, ever since its initial announcement in 2009, Prometheus has been the recipient of a seemingly endless tide of goodwill from fans and critics alike.

However, it was with the release of Prometheus’ first trailer at the end of last year that the temperature was truly raised in terms of hype, buzz and expectation. Evocative, moody and – perhaps key to its initial impact – reminiscent of the original Alien trailer, it opened the floodgates for a slew of excellent and imaginative viral videos, TV spots and behind the scenes featurettes that expertly ratcheted up expectation for the films summer release.

It’s therefore a shame to report that Prometheus: The Movie doesn’t come close to delivering anywhere near the thrills, excitement and clarity of Prometheus: The Marketing Exercise.

Sadly, the warning signs are there from the opening sequence which, for better or worse, attempts to fuse together a montage of the primordial Earth, an alien spacecraft floating above a roaring waterfall and a mysterious hooded figure painfully sacrificing himself to initiate the beginning of life on Earth.

As mash ups go, this pot-pourri of The Tree of Life, 2001 and The Seventh Seal is at least visually arresting. But from a story point of view, it encapsulates the contradictions that lurk at the heart of Prometheus.    

From this von-Daniken-esque vision of the past we jump forward to the year 2089 where archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) are discovering a star map engraved on a cave wall in Scotland, similar to ones found in other unconnected sites around the world. This discovery leads to Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), the aged owner of the Weyland Corporation, funding a deep-space expedition aboard the research vessel Prometheus to follow the maps co-ordinates, and potentially find these outer-space Engineers who created life on Earth.  

While the various crewmembers have slept soundly in their cryo-tubes during their two-year journey, David (Michael Fassbender), the on-ship android has been busying himself with various maintenance tasks and boning up on his alien linguistics. In his downtime he’s also been watching endless re-runs of Lawrence Of Arabia and has seemingly developed something of a Peter O’Toole fetish along the way.

Easily the best performance in the film, David is a wonderfully ambiguous and nuanced creation who earns his place alongside fellow synthetics Ash (Ian Holm) and Bishop (Lance Henriksen) with aplomb. That he manages to make this much of an impression while working with palpably inferior material than either Holm or Henriksen were ever given speaks volumes for Fassbender’s quality as an actor.

After a masterfully composed introduction to the interior of the ship from David’s POV, we quickly meet the rest of the crew. Speedily revived from hypersleep, this near 20 strong cohort briskly settle into the groove in a fashion that’s more reminiscent of Aliens – or even Alien: Resurrection – than Scott’s original trip into space.  

Unfortunately, it’s after all of these characters are brought out of cold storage – and as the ship lands on the surface of planet LV-223 – that Prometheus really starts to come unstuck. With a script that’s both baggy, confusing and filled with way too many non-essential speaking parts, it simply fails to develop a clear focus.

His mind clearly on matters of a higher nature, Scott seems to neglect the underlying problems with the screenplay, and instead seems content to fill his epic canvas with a variety of elements, and populate it with cyphers instead of fully rounded characters.

On one hand you have Milburn (Rafe Spall) and Fifield (Sean Harris), who in another life could have been a Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) and Parker (Yaphet Koto) style double-act. Instead, they end up filling the screen with so many forced eccentricities that even Nicolas Cage might blush. At the other end of the scale, the two actors who are crying out for more pivotal roles are Idris Elba and Charlize Theron. When not being forced to deliver bland exposition or to stare blankly at various monitor screens, Elba and Theron light up the screen with their natural charisma, and together manage to conjure up a far more convincing on-screen relationship than the underpowered co-leads Rapace and Marshall-Green ever come close to portraying.

That said, Prometheus isn’t a total washout and there are moments where Scott manages to shake off his chains and allows the film to come to life.  

Throughout, the veteran director’s eye for set design and scene composition is never less than top of the line and, most effectively in the scenes set on the titular ship, he manages to effectively paint a believable and credible future world with ease and economy.  Apart from the scenes aboard the Prometheus, several of the other set pieces are also effective. The maiden expedition is a solidly creepy sequence, while there are later moments that are deliciously nasty. But for real lasting impact it’s the aftermath of a trip to the medi-pod that lingers in the mind, delivering the one truly memorable and disturbing image in the film.

However, despite the quality of these moments, they are just that and, overall, Prometheus flounders under the accumulated weight of some decidedly iffy story logic, a palpable lack of tension, an anti-climactic finale and an inability to effectively bridge the gap between its thematic pretensions and the conventions of a sci-fi franchise picture.

On reflection, it’s hard not to conclude that the decision by Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof to rework what was originally a more traditional Alien prequel into something with only the most tangential link to the original movie was a mistake.

As it stands what replaces Giger’s iconic creature are a series of hand-me-down images and concepts that never really gel with Scott’s ‘Chariot of the Gods’ high-concept and – with one notable exception – falls some way short of the visceral potency that made the first two Alien pictures such unforgettable experiences.   


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It's only one review. You might like it!

That was my movie of year!!! No Ridley No!!!!!

Every review I have read so far suggests disappointment - however that will not stop me seeing it and deciding for myself.

Sad times

2 stars! That I was not expecting. However, I will reserve judgement till I have seen it myself

'nuff said! Alien 3! Better or worse, that's all I need to know!

First off, it's a shame it's only on in 3D at my local flicks, always prefer 2D/HD over 3D, but Tuesday's Apollo Saver deal will help save the pennies, which is nice!!!

Not going to compare it with the iconic Alien films and just take it on it's own merits. Reviews are definitely mixed, probably down to reviewers going in with high expectations and so will always be left disappointed with it somewhere or another, even though I have been looking foward to watching this.

Will probably watch the Alien bluray afterwards to see how it links things up, if any.

2 Stars Seriously ? This movie is the best futuristic fantasy i have ever seen. 5 starts for me


Another review that reeks of failed artist.

Wow. Didn't think I'd see a 2-star review for Prometheus. Guess the hype machine worked well on me. I'm still looking forward to seeing it, though.

He's crying because there's original concepts. Idiot.

Gonna make my own mind up...

Seen this movie a few hours ago. Don't believe the crap this guy is saying, the movie is absolutely awesome! One of the best SciFi movies I've seen in years or maybe decades. Ridley Scott finally stopped juicing the xenomorph concept and introduced us to some new and cool stuff here. Michael Fassbender delivers a mind blowing performance + Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron are both stunning in this incredible picture. I might go and see this movie again next weekend. Cheers.

It's a disappointing review, to be sure. But I will reserve judgement until I have seen it for myself. In fact, this review may help me enjoy it even more: I can recalibrate my high expectations and view it less demandingly. And my tastes are sometimes very different from the norm (I thought Aliens was a far superior film to Alien). I'm still looking forward to watching this, and when I have, I'll update this comment...

Critics mostly get reviews correct...mostly..............

Wow! It's like being back in 1979 and 1982. Sounds like a total analogue of the reviews we had for Alien and BladeRunner and look what happened there.

I'll make my own decision when I see the movie.

Well reading that has put a downer on the rest of the day. I'm off to Vue it in Portsmouth tomorrow morning despite it being full of kids, I guess I'll just have to put up with that. I find it quite easy to turn my brain off when I'm watching something and spoilers have never ruined a film for me. I guess this will be a test of that because it seems like I've already seen half the film before it even starts. I liked Alien 3 so I am still very hopefull.

I disagree with the review, it appears the problem here is that the hype didn't match expectation. The film follows pretty much a lot of the set pieces from Alien, I believe that if you love Alien (and who doesn't?) then you can easily love this. It's moody and it's got it's memorable moments. 

I see what you did there :D

Living in France at the moment, I saw it yesterday evening - its visually stunning and The Fass steals the show as the very creepy and ambiguously benevolent space butler. However, the script is clumsy and despite addressing some interesting concepts, the whole thing falls flat towards the end. Shame... Thought it would be a Shaw thing... (Thank you, I'm here all week)

A reviewer is entitled to an opinion. If you don't agree with it (once you've actually seen the film in question), that's fair enough, but there's no need for name-calling.

Without having seen the film yet, 2 stars seems harsh in comparison to other reviews. That said, with the weight of expectation behind this I think I'll be pretty crushed if it doesn't at least have three or four amazing sequences...

The decision (or lack of a definitive one perhaps) to have it set sort-of-but-only-a-bit in the Alien universe is starting to look like a problem rather than the boon it really should have been.

Definition of a critic: GET ON THE BANDWAGON! The mentality of a critic is quite simple. Wait for the so-called 'respectable' critics to give their usually narrow-minded views on a movie that they usually don't understand. A good example of this is Blade Runner when it was first released. A trend of opinions usually develops because the 'lesser' critics are afraid of ridicule amongst their peers. Just remember that a critic gives nothing more than an opinion which only becomes fact if people believe it. Go see the movie and make up your own mind!

Reading this I am reminded of the review DOG gave to the recent Conan flick... You know the four stars that made it onto the films trailers and posters... And how reliable was that, yes, not very.... I'll be going on Friday and might even post a counter review here... If indeed my suspicions are born out

A review of the reviewer is entitled to an opinion as well.

Although I am gutted it only got 2 stars you have to remember it's only one personal opinion. I am going with low expectations but i know I will love it (i'm in a minoroty that liked 3 and resurrection, although can see why people write them off). That said everyone raved about The Avengers and I thought it was incredibly dull and predictable,each to their own.

Surprising. Most other reviews have been leaning towards the positive. I still have my fingers crossed.


You disagree? Have you seen it? If not, then wait til you have.


 hey just for your fyi rotten tomatoes has Prometheus at 85 %. this might be a sleeper classic.

This site gave Ghost Rider 2 a 4 star rating...just saying.

I nearly skipped John Carter because the critics bashed it so thoroughly.  I went anyways and it was breath taking, epic feeling and a great adventure.  it made me feel a way i rarely ever feel at the movies anymore.  Every comment i read by an actual audience member (on internet forums) was overwhelmingly positive.  Its just a shame so many people stayed away--partly a marketing quagmire--but undeniably also due to critics hating it.  like Alien, blade runner, the thing, the list goes on for now classics that the supposed film experts didn't get.  critics didn't like wizard of oz or its a wonderful life either when they came out.

so I am in no hurry to fear this film to be a big let down because any critics say it is.  to be fair though,  I am surprised that a denofgeek reviewer ended up not liking it.

 4 stars?  wow!  i was so terribly disappointed in conan, and i didn't go in with high expectations.  it was such a thoughtlessly visually cluttered film with no passion, "characters" who there was nothing to relate to, and a plot that made little sense.  it couldn't even sell me as eye candy.

Once he's seen the movie and knows what he's talking about, yes.

If anything reviewers tend to score high on this Site.So that means it's a one out of five movie?Most reviews have been lukewarm at best.I'm going to watch it tonight.So will post my view when I get back..

I still stand by my Conan review, which I love to bits in all its trashy glory. I also make a point of contextualising any star rating and with my love of brainless, 80s sword and sorcery movies, I thought Conan was a blast. I will forever be ribbed by the friends of mine that didn't like it, but it's all good fun (both the ribbing and the movie). Just don't ask me what I thought of Green Lantern, or you'll really be upset...


As I say, his opinion is fair enough. It's the name-calling I was suggesting was uncalled for.

 Well whoopee-fuckin'-do, hey,
I'm impressed.

Yup. I'm going to see it regardless. I actually think mediocre reviews are what this movie needs in order to bring all those heightened expectations down a notch or two.

Read a few more reviews - avoiding spoilers of course - and you'll be fine.

A barbarian flick with lots of boobies - guaranteed at least 3 stars in my books. Yes, I'm shallow, and I like it that way.

Again another review that does nothing but compare Prometheus to Alien and Aliens when Ridley Damon and the cast have repeatedly said IT'S NOT A PREQUEL and was not trying to be those films and should not be compared to them

 I hate this type of snide, uninformed remark.  So was Cleanth Brooks a failed poet?  For reviews as an enterprise to have any merit or credibility at all, some reviews must be negative.

ill be going in the next couple of couple of days whatever...

Bollocks, Knackers, Pants...DAMN IT! I wanted it to get a good review on here. But nooooooo so that means its going to be average. All the other reviews I have seen for this are average to borderline poor. Thats such a shame, because I really like Ridley Scott. In all his behind the scenes documentaries he comes across as a dedicated hard working man who wants to break new ground, get the best from the cast and crew and make the best film he can, and I admire him for that. The fact that he directed Alien and Blade Runner makes him a God amongst film makers.

And that is the problem.

How could he top those? Answer, read the review above. Sighhhhh. Oh well...maybe I will like it when I get to see it. But I am not going to see it at the cinema now, I will just wait for the Blueray rip that should be out around Christmas. I am not going to waste £15 on a cinema ticket for a film that gets average reviews. If it had got five stars, I would have been going to see it this weekend. So thats that for me until the Hobbit is released. The part about the fact that he should have stuck to a proper ALIEN prequel and not changed it to this, is most disapointing.

I had hoped that if this was good we would get a follow up that would lead straight into ALIEN. I hope it does not bomb at the cinema, but it will if people like me dont go and support it. What a to see an average to bad film, in order for it to make money in the hope that they make another film, more along the lines of what people want / what they should have done in the first place? Hmmmmmmmm I will hold off until I see more feed back on here from other people who have see  the film, and I have read some more reviews, but its going to take some work to convince me now.

I've just seen the film. I've no intention of spoiling it, but I'd be interested what you think once you've seen it, genuinely.

You gave the conan remake 4 stars?!

Out of 5 or 40?


Having no class, taste or expectations must be so liberating.

Like a lobotomy.


You're only option is to not see the movie now

Unfortunately, it is a dumb, anti-intellectual, anti-science movie, not a bad review...

Just seen it. High expectations, hugely disapointed :( I have been looking forward to this for years. I can't help but think of how exited I was for Phantom Menace back in the day. Similar letdown.

Having no sense of humour must be exactly the opposite I suppose.

(and let's keep things friendly here, okay?)

Wow, why the hate? Opinions, remember? He gave his take, no need to be nasty.

The Rotten Tomatoes site is giving Prometheus 89% at this stage with only a couple of negative reviews.

I really don't think Ridley Scott ever makes a dud film (2 stars out of 5 ... really?). I even thought his Robin Hood film was great too, although many folks were disappointed that there were no men in tights swinging down from their tree houses to have Errol Flynn style sword fights.... also the media at the time was very busy telling everybody that Russell Crowe is arrogant.... (what a great actor though?)

Films are so often either dragged through the mud at one extreme, or else they're held up as the answer to all the hopes and dreams of mankind at the other. Bladerunner has caused both reactions at different times since it's release. I know that J. Peaty offered some magnanimous (thank you spell check) statements of faint praise in his review, but awarding just two stars suggests that Prometheus is a total dud.... which I think is highly unlikely.

The thing is for DOG reviews to carry any weight they need to be normalised and everyone needs to be singing from the same hyme book... That is after all what editors are for... Can you imagine total film, or empire or whoever saying 'yes but we're all individuals on this magazine' no you can't, because it would undermine the whole point of a movie review magazine

The reviewer, did the same with "troll hunter" and "rise of the planet
of the apes"

Just seen it.And I agree with most of the review.2 out of 5:Absolutely god damned right.The Phantom Menace all over again.

i found it underwhelming, - good film but could have been a lot better

I skipped to the star-count and am hoping against hope that James got it wrong, and I shall return to this review after viewing the film to thoroughly disagree with him.

Or it's a movie that had no real reason for being other than to extend a tired franchise that's effectively been done since 1992, but the studio won't let it die for purely financial reasons, we DIDN'T NEED to know the origins of the Space Jockey and/or the alien ship in order to enjoy the 'Alien' trilogy - yes, that's right, I said TRILOGY -  it was a flimsy premise to base a movie on, and from reviews I've read thus far, not a successful one either, there was no real back-story to explore here, which is why its ended up a lopsided and uneven movie, the 'Alien' franchise is DEAD, let it go...

We've got no intention of normalising anything, and we're not Total Film or Empire. The trick to reviews, surely, is find a reviewer whose opinions are close to yours, and use them as guidance?

Most of all, though, make your own mind up. I saw Prometheus regardless of this review, although I do agree it's a two star movie, sadly.


Saw this last night and sadly came out thinking "OK" instead of "WOW". My main complaints were -

A - stupid f***ing squid monster - what was that ???
B - Nowhere near as scary & creepy as it should have been. Too much music
C - How come in 1979 when Alien came out they could make a really scary, memorable, believeable and practical Alien. In 2012, they resort to crappy CGI !!

Overhyped unfortunately but a good watch, especially in Imax 3D

I don't think that's true. A review is more than a star rating; the review should explain why the writer thinks what they do. You can make up your own mind from there. It doesn't make anyone's opinion any less valid if another person disagrees with it, even if they write for the same publication.

I don't think the two-star bandwagon is particularly full right now: mildly positive but slightly underwhelmed seems to be the order of the day. Perhaps the 'lesser' critics have been waiting to read Peaty's review before committing.


The review is unfortunately spot on, not a bad sci fi movie just not a patch on Alien. Plot makes no sense at all.

I agree with your A, and would add that they should have cast an old man for the old man. (No duh, right?)

I do love the music though.

You're right about everything except that critics mostly loved Wizard of Oz.

John Carter was freaking AWESOME! And Prometheus was part awesome, part stupid.

The most spot on review I've read since seeing the film last night.

It's possible for DOG to have a consistent general editorial position, which I think it does, while allowing for the individual taste of its contributors. The editors harmonise content so that users don't notice too many jarring inconsistencies or contradictions. 

What might be interesting, especially so given the amount of interest and coverage a film like Prometheus has had and will have, to get another DOG contributor to review the film, and if the two views don't align, set up a discussion between the two reviewers.

What do ya mean they cut the power?  They're friggin animals man!

 i poked around on the internet, and there doesn't seem to be a concensus on how Oz was received when it first came out, but I pulled this out of a retrospective in the UK's Guardian: 

"When it came out, Oz was neither commercially nor critically successful.
Garland, Harburg and Arlen won Oscars, but the film lost money at the
box office and was dismissed by critics as having "no trace of
imagination, good taste or integrity" (the New Yorker) and being full of
"freak characters" (the New Republic). The best the New York Times
could say was that it was "genial". It wasn't until 1956, when CBS
leased the film from MGM (they'd bid for Gone With The Wind and got Oz
as a consolation prize), to show on TV every year, that it started
to build into a phenomenon."

But you are right, there are a bunch of places where it says it was acclaimed, and others where they say 'mixed reviews'.  I guess the only thing they all agree on is that it underperformed at the box office (which might also reflect the cost of the production as it brought in 3 million dollars)

Haha, should've known you'd swing around these parts

lol hit the nail on the head there with`failed artist` thats a definition ive heard before.

i,ll be finding out for myself though lol


Brilliant answer !!!!!!!!!!!

Well this review is wrong about a whole lot, am I the only one who enjoyed it? I thought it more than lived up to the hype

Interesting. Thanks for your response. I have a collectors edition of the movie which includes a booklet and some quotes from reviews, which give the impression that it was generally loved. I guess it could be MGM spinning the truth a bit. ;)

Did anyone else have to sit through a 10 minute Spider-Man trailer before the film?

After watching the film I felt empty . Even the end didn't tie in with alien when you see where the death takes place .i won't spoil but just didn't feel right which is a shame.

I agree with the redactor of this article. The film is so tangential to Alien franchise that appear other movie.

Ok, there are some reminiscences of Alien (1979), like the alien vessel or the crew of this ship. However, I did not see the connection between the "like egg containers", with the eggs of the facehugger of Alien's movie. So, the connection between the ship found in LV-426 and the ship in LV-223, is only the shape and crew, no the cargo.

At the end, the not clear idea of Ridley Scott, about make a movie related or not to Alien´s universe, end in a twist of scenes and unanswered questions, which confuse and disappoint to the followers of the Alien concepts.

Finally, I remain with the same questions that I made when I saw Alien (1979):
1.- How the wreck ship appear in LV-426?
2.- How the pilot of this ship was infected?
3.- What was the purpose of the cargo of this ship (the alien eggs)?

And now, the new questions are:
1.- Why a alien shape body came out from the other alien host, and not a worm shape alien like in alien?
2. If from these human like alien came out an Alien grown body, then: Was one of this Aliens a Queen that put the eggs in the cargo area of the ship found in LV-426?
3.- Were the Aliens a genetic experiment created from the mysterious black fluid?

and other hundreds of questions......................


For sure it's flawed, 2 stars though? Harsh.

I agree with the review, terrible script, plot holes, no characters... very predictable twists and the biggest sin of all, not even scary. at all.

You will be disappointed. You have my sympathy.

This is a very generous review to a terrible film - it would only get 1 star from me and that would be for the cinematography. :-(

 I'm pretty sure they're hoping for another two films before leading directly into Alien (if they ever do).  Remember, it wasn't LV426...

Calling the film Prometheus may have been part of the problem.  It's like Ridley was saying WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION FILM EVVAR!  And then, when it's not, it's rather disappointing.

Having now seen the film I have to regrettably agree with the D o G review. IMO the story is muddled at best, most of the characters are under developed (meaning you don't give a sh*t when they inevitably die) and with the exception of Fassbender the acting is mediocre. A huge disappointment and a real missed opportunity :(

The alien at the end is a queen .hense the size and the sack stuck to it

Prometheus was an interesting concept, but I feel that a Weyland Corporation story would have been far more interesting to explore...... before reaching the 'ideas' presented in Prometheus.  If there is going to be a second film, it will have to go a long, long way, as this was just a little disappointing.
The trailer, 10/10. 
Sadly, the film, 7/10
Amazingly, 'Alien vs Predator' has now leapt higher in my respect list.

 If you think that was a good sc-fi movie then you really need to start watching sc-fi. Characters were weak, story line had huge holes in it. Huge insult to the alien franchise.

**Some minor Spoilers**

This film must be what Star wars Episode 1 felt like to star war fans.  It is well filmed and enjoyable but as an Alien prequel it fails. I was shocked by the major mistake with the space jockey and where he dies. Didn't the script writer watch alien first. There are many plot holes and embarrassing errors. There are many improbabilities such as the faded holograms, the andriod operating the alien computers, the caesarian section, the ancient human, the ending.

The story line is obvious soon from start. Anyone who things the characters are well played (other than Elizabeth and David) need to watch proper movies. There is no gore. I repeat ther eis no gore. The so called gory scenes may work for a 12 year old but a seasoned Alien fan.

Chariot of the Gods and religion all rolled into one and a director who has lost his way.

Prometheus was for me
disappointing. I first thought it was a good film but far from what
it could have been. Now the more I think of it the less I like the
film. Visually its good and well shot but Scott was not at the top of
his game on this film. The story was lacking. And the ships crew
largely throw away. The Best parts are David (Michael
Fassbender ) who even as he goes about his daily routine in the
start of the film with a child like innocence you just know he is
going to go Hal 9000. Elisabeth Shaw (Noomi
Rapace) is good but her on-screen romance had no chemistry what
so ever. And Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) is woefully under
used, and rather stupidly killed off. When she could have been the
driving force for any further films. She is as far as I can see the
only person on the crew with any common sense. The stupidity of the
scene were she runs to the airlock and scrambles in to a space suite
and in to an ejection pod when she could have just run straight to
the life boat. Only serves to put her in a situation were she can get
killed !. I would have rather seen her limping to a cryo-tube in the
life boat covered in mud, than that stupid pseudo alien in the last
scene, that felt like an half assed attempt to reaffirm its
connection to the later films. The set designs are not impressive and
feel like there just reheating the left overs of the first film. As
cruel as it may seem to say Alien 3 was better (if you watch the
directors cut). Of the whole film the medical-pod scene is the best
and the part that will stick with you, if only the rest of the film
was as good.

A better ending would
have been for vickers to escape in the life boat, The alien ship to
crash on the planet. Shaw to reach the pod and they both have a part
in the show down with the engineer and the tentacle monster. They
retrieve David. Drag the monster/engineer corps outside. Meredith
goes in to cryo pod and activates a distress beacon and Shaw fly's
of in the alien ship to find the engineers. And later we see the
pseudo alien hatch outside and run off in to the distance.

Don't get me wrong i'm a massive fan of the original Alien film but i don't pretend to think its something more than it actually is which is a horror film set in space. Prometheus is something more than what people were expecting and they can't handle that fact.

My only gripe about the film is that some of the characters where cliche and didn't necessarily need the 3d. I was really impressed by Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Creature design, music, sound effects and the visuals which to me more than makes up for the average script.

As for the plot holes Ridley has stated that the sequels will be filling them in. I was actually really impressed by the boldness of the film as it needed to set up the Alien franchise (which it does amazingly well) and kick start a whole new journey (which again does really well). It doesn't give you every answer which means you have to think about things (something a lot of films don't do).

I think later on this film will be hailed as a masterpiece (which i already think it is) but at this moment in time its just going to be bashed by people who were expecting an Alien film. I actually think its a better film (as much as i love Alien) and i know in the future people will come to realise that (hopefully).

Coming in as a fan not "Bogged Down" with Alien prequel preconceptions, i can easily say this film was a nice ride, great cinematography and a relatively interesting plot. Ok this film was not groundbreaking and actually seemed to parallel other films quite a lot. I do feel the (Alien) fans would have moaned even if this had been a direct prequel.

Two stars does seem a bit harsh, i will be getting this on DVD. 

Loved it, 4/5 for me. Listen closer to the dialogue and the answers are there....and iwith stunning visuals too! What I read in most of these reviews is they compare Prometheus to Alien, they are completely different films and ideas which just happen to shared the same universe. This was closer to Blade Runner IMO.

 LOL, exactly dude!

 Dude dont fret, I just finished reading a Prometheus review by this Sci-fi website where the guy gave it 3.5 stars and explains plot holes and some characters that are forgettable but then towards the end of the review says, ready?!...the musical score was magnificent, the visuals were breathe taking and the set pieces were beautiful! Also, the first half of the movie was between 3.5 - 4 and the second half was between a 4.5 & 5! LMAO! sounds like a solid 4.5 to me dude! You cant take these clowns seriously, besides, its not a prequel like everyone keeps saying, Ridley said it himself! So most are going in with high expectations to see some elongated head aliens in the movie and  are having their bubbles burst! LOL, the movie will stand on its own and has references to the Alien world thats it! Ive read over twenty reviews and this is the worst but most are saying its really good!

 Fuck that! I dont care what anyone says their not ruining my party! I love good even great Sci-fi (with the exception of the AVP shit-mess that was dumped out of Hollywood) and Ill be the judge and only my view counts!

 Dude dont fret, I just finished reading a Prometheus review by this Sci-fi website where the guy gave it 3.5 stars and explains plot holes and some characters that are forgettable but then towards the end of the review says, ready?!...the musical score was magnificent, the visuals were breathe taking and the set pieces were beautiful! Also, the first half of the movie was between 3.5 - 4 and the second half was between a 4.5 & 5! LMAO! sounds like a solid 4.5 to me dude! You cant take these clowns seriously, besides, its not a prequel like everyone keeps saying, Ridley said it himself! So most are expecting to see some elongated head aliens in the movie and having high expectations!

This review is 100% accurate, the film is a letdown, script all over the place and not tied together correctly. Am a big Scott fan business. This one missed the mark big time. Not that it would have made it a better movie but they shouldn't have even bothered to tie in the Alien franchise and should have gone for a complete separate scifi identity. 

Well thank you very much for your high praise John.  i appreciate it, and thank you to everyone who liked my comment.  we all love the films (of course not Alien Resurrection!) and they have some great lines in them don't they.  Looking forward to seeing Prometheus as lets face it even a Ridley Scott film that isn't his best is still miles better than the usual hollywood pap we get fed most of the time.  Nice quote from you John and Justin to!

Anyone who thinks that Erich von Daniken and profound metaphysical speculation belong in the same "high concept" has lost his marbles.

If u had any knowledge of the film u'd no its not the studio this time, Scott wanted to do this and he had every right to. He did create the first film and also its really not part of the alien franchise, as he's said many a time; its not a proper prequel.

This time, it is actually spot on (in the UK, saw the film this weekend... disappointment fest)

 I thought it was really good. A solid, mature, gorgeous and gripping piece of sci-fi - the few flaws spotted afterwards barely change my opinion. Haters gonna hate..

 Dumb ? You sure you know what a dumb sci-fi movie looks like (no offence) ?

Awful film awful acting, nothing happened! Shame i cant get my money back

i saw it today it was in my opinion too drawn out and in some parts boring very dissapointed 

I saw Prometheus earlier tonight and disagree with pretty much all of the review, except for the praise of Fassbender which I cannot emphasise enough.

Prometheus is visually utterly stunning and conjures up an alien character that, whilst not as unambiguously terrifying as the xenomorph, is complex and equally terrifying for reasons that I won't go into for fear of spoiling the film.

Rapace grows into her role as the film goes on and I actually think that the peripheral characters are fleshed out better here than in Alien and way better than in Aliens where I couldn't even name a member of the military force Ripley is involved with.

I also loved that Prometheus is more than just a monster movie. Whilst the other Alien films are great creature features, Prometheus raises interesting existential and philosophical questions whilst also providing thrills and scares in abundance.

Whether it's as good as Alien remains to be seen and I certainly won't make a claim like that until my opinion has had time to settle, but it is certainly a much better film than this review gives it credit for.

Personally, I liked it.  Don't let the review put you off seeing the film.

 Actually, don't "watch" sci-fi. There are very few decent sci-fi films out there, sadly. Instead, "read" sci-fi to learn how mind-blowing it can be.

It's got a 74% rating on rotten tomatoes. Hardly think this review is jumping on the bandwagon.

I disagree. The movie kicks serious butt.
I think those who don't get it just need a second viewing.
With a dictionary.  :-)

You'll like this movie a lot better if you willfully forget "Alien".  

Yup, there's some plot holes and about a half-dozen characters too many, but this is the most challenging and intelligent sci-fi film I've seen in a long time.  

The entire sci-fi genre has been taken over by mass-market, lowest-common-denominator trash like "Transformers", and "Prometheus" stands head and shoulders above that.  

Isn't "Battleship" still in theatres?  If you want mindless pap spoonfed to you, go see "Battleship".  You'll adore that.  

If you want a film that crams in the (possibly dark) origin of life on Earth, meeting our creator and finding out he doesn't love us as much as we'd like, and a parallel reflection on just what will happen when we create androids as our servants, go see this film.  

Shame on DoG for two stars out of five!

I made a point of avoiding the hype and reviews regarding Prometheus
so I could view it for what it was. I have always been a fan of Ridley Scott
movies, so if any bias existed, it was likely to be a positive one.

I'm more than a little bitter to have to admit that James' review pretty much
sums up how I felt after seeing it. However, I'm inclined to believe that as it
is the script rather than the cinematics that disappoint, Lindelof may be the
main cause. Sort of 'Lost' in space...

The only believable character is the robot... Yeah, what a piece of solid SF --'

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