Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan not retiring from action cinema

Glen Chapman News May 19, 2012

Updated: Jackie Chan has clarified his recent comments on retiring from action cinema.

The 50 most memorable action movie moments

Ryan Lambie Odd List Mar 8, 2012

Gunplay, car chases, shouting, one-liners and kung-fu — here’s our pick of the 50 most memorable action movie moments…

Karate Kid sequel pushes ahead

The Karate Kid
Simon Brew News Feb 8, 2012

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are likely to be recruited once more, as a sequel to The Karate Kid remake moves one step closer…

Celebrating the world of supernatural kung fu

Jacob Walker News May 4, 2011

Jacob salutes the might of supernatural kung fu movies, with a tip of the hat to Chinese vampires and ghost stories along the way...

10 obscure Game Gear and PC Engine games we’d like to see on the Nintendo 3DS

Ryan Lambie Odd List Mar 14, 2011

As Nintendo announces that Game Gear and PC Engine titles will be available to download for the 3DS, we provide a list of obscure games we’d like to see...

Top 10 underrated performances of 2010

Mark Harrison Top 10 Dec 20, 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, we celebrate the year's 10 most underrated performances...

The Karate Kid review

The Karate Kid (2010)
Maggie Holland Review Jul 28, 2010

It’s the tale of the underdog, but not as we know it. But does that mean 2010’s version of The Karate Kid is good, bad or distinctly average?

Final Trailer for The Karate Kid unveiled

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 8, 2010

Columbia Pictures’ remake of The Karate Kid, starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith gets its final trailer…

Summer Blockbuster Preview: The Karate Kid

Simon Brew Preview Apr 26, 2010

Our look at the big films of the summer arrives at one it's hard to rustle up enthusiasm for: it's the remake of The Karate Kid...

How do you find good critics' quotes when everyone hates your movie?

Simon Brew News Mar 22, 2010

Sony had a problem when it released The Spy Next Door in UK cinemas last week. Given that most critics hated it, where could it find quotes for the poster? But then it had a plan…