Hayley Atwell

Agent Carter season 2 episode 5 review: The Atomic Job

James Hunt Review
Feb 12, 2016

Even if its plot stopped moving altogether, hanging out with Agent Carter's hugely fun characters would be attraction enough...

Hayley Atwell cast in new ABC pilot; Agent Carter at risk?

Rob Leane News
Feb 11, 2016

Hayley Atwell has nabbed the lead role in legal drama Conviction. Could this be the end of Marvel’s Agent Carter?

Agent Carter season 2 episode 4 review: Smoke And Mirrors

James Hunt Review
Feb 5, 2016

Agent Carter season 2 explores Peggy and Whitney Frost's backstories in Smoke And Mirrors...

Agent Carter season 2 episode 3 review: Better Angels

James Hunt Review
Jan 28, 2016

Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy and Dominic Cooper have the comic timing and chemistry to make virtually anything work...

Agent Carter season 2 episodes 1 & 2 review: The Lady In The Lake & A View In The Dark

James Hunt Review
Jan 26, 2016

Is Agent Carter season 2 as good as season 1? No. It's even better. The opening two-parter is flawless Marvel television...

Black Mirror: Charlie Brooker’s eerily accurate future visions

Rob Leane Feature
Jan 18, 2016

As Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror transitions from Channel 4 to Netflix, we look at all the predictions it’s got right so far…

Agent Carter season 2: new clip reunites Peggy and Sousa

Rob Leane News
Jan 14, 2016

Peggy and Sousa infiltrate Isodyne Energy in this new clip from Agent Carter season 2...

Agent Carter season 2: FOX UK pick up broadcast rights

Rob Leane News
Sep 18, 2015

Having found success showing Agent Carter season 1 in the UK, FOX has decided to screen season 2 as well…

Agent Carter season 2: Ken Marino cast as new villain

Rob Leane News
Nov 5, 2015

Reaper alum Ken Marino will play mob boss Joseph Manfredi in Agent Carter season 2, joining Madame Masque in the evil ranks...