Con Air

Guilty pleasures: a phrase that deserves to die

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 2, 2016

Who came up with the idea that we're supposed to feel guilty about the films, TV shows and music that we like?

8 big movies whose scripts dramatically changed

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Jun 18, 2015

Con Air, Last Action Hero, Brainscan and Die Hard 4.0 could all have been very different films, going by the early drafts of their scripts.

Con Air: the 90s action film that remains unmatched

Simon Brew Feature
Apr 7, 2015

Here's our tribute to one of the best action movies ever made: a story of Nicolas Cage, a plane and a toy bunny...

The Blob remake lands Con Air director

Simon Brew News
Jan 23, 2015

Simon West is to direct the remake of The Blob, and promises to use modern CGI to realise its potential...

Director Simon West pitches his Con Air 2 idea

Con Air: The Original
Simon Brew News
Jul 31, 2014

SImon West would want a Con Air 2 to do something radical. Con Air in space, perhaps...

Danny Trejo interview: Bullet, Machete, Con Air, Muppets

Duncan Bowles Interview
Mar 13, 2014

Duncan catches up with the star of Bullet and Machete to talk about stunts, dancing, and Miss Piggy...

10 movies Hollywood shouldn't remake but probably will

Andrew Blair Top 10
Jan 20, 2014

Is nothing sacred? Not in Hollywood it isn't. Here's Andrew's list of 10 movies that shouldn't be remade but probably will be soon...

Jerry Bruckheimer: Lone Ranger, Statham, Con Air, critics

Simon Brew Interview
Aug 8, 2013

Mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer chats to us about The Lone Ranger, Bad Boys 3, National Treasure 3 and The Statham...

Director Simon West: Stolen, Con Air, Rick Astley and more

Ryan Lambie Interview
Aug 5, 2013

With his latest film, Stolen, out now, director Simon West talks to us about Con Air, Jason Statham, Expendables 2, Rick Astley, and more...

10 wrongfully convicted action movie heroes

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Jan 16, 2013

When it comes to action movie heroes, the time doesn't always fit the crime. We look at a few characters who faced wrongful imprisonment...