Ultra HD Blu-ray launching later this year

Simon Brew News Aug 7, 2015

Licensing for the next Blu-ray format begins this month, ahead of formal product announcements before the end of 2015.

The perils of a modern DVD/Blu-ray collection

Simon Brew Feature Jun 17, 2015

Missing discs, never-watched 'must have' movies, and upside down spines...

Powers: Blu-ray release date revealed for comic book adaptation

Rob Leane News Jun 1, 2015

Not an American PlayStation owner? Been wondering how to watch the Powers TV show? You can pick up a Blu-ray in July, we're told...

The Bottom Shelf: Subspecies Trilogy, Rabid and They Live

Nick Aldwinckle Feature Mar 11, 2015

This month's horror DVD and Blu-ray round up looks at vampire B-movies, John Carpenter, and Gary Numan...

Star Wars original cuts on Blu-ray: the evidence

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 19, 2014

Rumours suggest that original cuts of Star Wars are heading to Blu-ray. But how likely is that? Ryan weighs up the possibilities...

Heavenly Sword movie gets a trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 11, 2014

Remember that PS3 launch game with the red-headed woman, a big sword and Andy Serkis? It's getting a movie...

What's set to follow Blu-ray?

Brendon Connelly Feature Jul 8, 2014

Will there be another physical disc format to follow Blu-ray? Or are we in the last days of physically owning films?

18 great animated films unavailable on Blu-ray

Ryan Lambie Odd List Apr 28, 2014

From Japanese anime to Disney via stop-motion, here are 18 animated films that are mystifyingly unavailable on Blu-ray...

Why are DVD owners getting a raw deal?

Simon Brew Feature Nov 7, 2013

If you opt for the DVD version of a film rather than the Blu-ray, why are you getting less for your money?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition announced

Ryan Lambie News Jul 31, 2013

A longer version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey's coming out on disc in the US, with a Shire-load of additional features...