Will Spider-Man 3 Explore the  Spider-verse?

By Michael Ahr

Although casting news was expected for the currently filming Spider-Man 3, here’s why the magnitude of the announcements was surprising.

Alfred Molina will be returning as Doctor Octopus, widely considered the best Spider-Man villain adapted to film in Spider-Man 2.

As if that weren’t enough, Jamie Foxx will reprise his The Amazing Spider-Man 2 role as Electro in the upcoming film as well.

This odd combination of villains from different franchise entries raises questions about what the still untitled Spider-Man 3 is planning.

Could it be that the new film will be bringing together a multiverse version of the Sinister Six?

After all the use of parallel worlds is nothing new, having been used to great effect in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Even in the comics, Peter Parker was known to team up frequently with alternate Earth versions of himself for weird, high sci-fi action.

And yet, somehow, Spider-Man villains typically stick to their lane, even when they team up as the Sinister Six.

Molina’s casting is also a reminder that Doc Ock was the founder of the supervillain team in the original comics.

Whether other Sinister Six regulars could return is anyone’s guess, but if Kraven the Hunter appeared, it would be a first for the villain.

The rumored return of Toby Maguire, while not confirmed, also seems to lend credence to the multiverse theory.

Filming is underway for Spider-Man 3, which is currently slated for a November 2021 release.