By Alec Bojalad

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is calling it quits and leaving an impressive comedic legacy behind.

Many comedy fans have long-awaited NBC cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s eighth season.

This week NBC confirmed that the eighth season will serve as the show’s final, be delayed until next year, and feature a shortened episode count of 10.

Star Terry Crews previously revealed that the show’s writers had scrapped four episodes and were rewriting the season in light of the murder of George Floyd and subsequent civil unrest last summer.

It’s possible that the ending of the show is a response to the difficulties of writing a police comedy in the current era.

Either way, eight seasons is an excellent run for any network comedy, particularly one that already cheated death when Fox canceled it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will certainly stick around the streaming world for quite awhile and enchant viewers with its warm workplace comedy for years to come.