World War Z

World War Z 2 confirmed for summer 2017

Simon Brew News May 22, 2015

Brad Pitt will star once again in the new World War Z film, that's now confirmed for June 2017.

Future blockbuster hype: the lost art of living in the now

James Clayton Feature Nov 28, 2014

We all enjoy speculating about future movies, but can this distract from the films already out now, James wonders...

The growing influence of China on blockbuster cinema

Simon Brew Feature Sep 9, 2014

As Hollywood looks east, China's influence on blockbuster cinema is growing all the time, Simon writes...

10 of geek cinema's more curious quirks of fate

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jul 11, 2014

We take a light-hearted look at a few of the more strange coincidences and quirks of fate in recent cinema history...

Steven Knight hired for World War Z sequel script

Rob Leane News May 29, 2014

The Locke and Dirty Pretty Things writer Steven Knight has been hired for the sequel to World War Z...

A guide to avoiding Piers Morgan in modern motion pictures

Simon Brew Feature Jan 27, 2015

Unfortunately, Piers Morgan has started popping up in a few movies now. Fortunately, we've figured out how you can avoid seeing him

Director found for World War Z 2

Simon Brew News Dec 11, 2013

The man who brought The Impossible and The Orphanage to the screen, Juan Antonio Bayona, signs up for Brad Pitt's World War Z sequel.

The 10 unluckiest fictional airlines in cinema

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Nov 22, 2013

From zombie outbreaks to food poisoning, here's our selection of the 10 unluckiest fictional airline companies in cinema...

World War Z 2 will need a new director

Simon Brew News Oct 4, 2013

Marc Forster, the man who directed World War Z, will not be back for the sequel, it's been revealed...

Why can 18-rated games be hits but not Hollywood films?

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 24, 2013

Why is GTA V the most popular piece of entertainment of the year, we wonder, when 18-rated films are so rare in mainstream cinema?