The slow death of thinking time in post-production

Simon Brew Feature
Jan 13, 2016

With films such as Spectre being finished days before they're first screened, is post-production thinking time being short-changed?

30 videogame movies currently in development

Rob Leane Feature
Jan 22, 2016

From Angry Birds to The Witcher, via Mass Effect, Minecraft and the Warcraft trilogy…

Warcraft: The Beginning - new footage lands

Simon Brew Trailer
Jan 25, 2016

More material lands from Duncan Jones' upcoming Warcraft: The Beginning...

Duncan Jones wants to make three Warcraft films

Simon Brew News
Jul 27, 2015

There's a planned trilogy of Warcraft movies, and "I want to be the guy to deliver that", says Duncan Jones.

Should studios be angry about Comic-Con footage leaks?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 21, 2015

Footage from Suicide Squad and X-Men recently seeped out of Comic-Con. But, Ryan asks, is it worth studios getting annoyed over such leaks?

Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie: new posters, trailer November

Simon Brew Poster
Jul 13, 2015

The first trailer for the Warcraft movie isn't arriving until November. Here are some posters to tide you over...

Duncan Jones to make another film before Warcraft release

Simon Brew News
Jul 10, 2015

The Warcraft is nearly done, but still 11 months away. So Duncan Jones is set to make his long-mooted project, Mute...

The Mummy, Warcraft, Pacific Rim 2, Fifty Shades release dates

Simon Brew News
Apr 24, 2015

The Fifty Shades sequels, Duncan Jones' Warcraft and Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim sequel all have new release dates...

Looking ahead to the big blockbusters of summer 2016

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 26, 2015

Reboots, videogame adaptations, and a few long awaited sequels are all due for release next year...