Unbreakable 2: "maybe there's an interest right now"

Simon Brew News
Jul 7, 2015

M Night Shyamalan admits that Unbreakable 2 may hold some relevance, as Samuel L Jackson says he'd love to do the film.

Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan reteaming for new film

Shyamalan and Willis
Simon Brew News
Jan 30, 2014

14 years after Unbreakable, Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan are set to make a new film together...

M Night Shyamalan on Unbreakable sequel

Glen Chapman News
Jun 3, 2013

Unbreakable 2, from M Night Shyamalan, may just be still on the cards, according to the man himself...

M Night Shyamalan interview: After Earth, summer movies

Ryan Lambie Interview
Jun 4, 2013

With his latest movie, the sci-fi thriller After Earth, out in the UK this week, we caught up with director M Night Shyamalan for a chat...

Do movies and TV shows explain themselves too much?

Simon Brew News
Sep 21, 2011

When a film or TV show comes up with a big central concept, the temptation is then to explain it all. Simon argues that Groundhog Day may have got it right...

Music in the movies: James Newton Howard

Glen Chapman News
Dec 6, 2010

In the latest Music in the movies column, we salute the work of James Newton Howard, the purveyor of themes for many of M. Night Shyamalan’s films…

M Night Shyamalan to make next movie with Bruce Willis?

Shyamalan and Willis
Ryan Lambie News
Jun 23, 2010

With The Last Airbender due in cinemas soon, director M Night Shyamalan is said to be touting a script with Bruce Willis’ name attached…