True Blood season 6

True Blood season 6 finale review: Radioactive

Emma Matthews Review
Aug 22, 2013

True Blood bows out of its glorious sixth season with a frenetic slice of finale gold. Here's Emma's review of Radioactive...

True Blood season 6 episode 9 review: Life Matters

Emma Matthews Review
Aug 13, 2013

Revenge, revenge, and a bit more revenge. Here's Emma's review of this week's True Blood episode...

True Blood season 6 episode 8 review: Dead Meat

Emma Matthews Review
Aug 5, 2013

True Blood's excellent sixth season is drawing to a close, and Emma's sure that however it ends, the finale's going to kick ass...

True Blood season 6 episode 7 review: In The Evening

Emma Matthews Review
Jul 29, 2013

True Blood delivers the most compelling episode of the season so far. Here's Emma's review of In The Evening...

True Blood season 6 episode 6 review: Don't You Feel Me?

Emma Matthews Review
Jul 23, 2013

Season six is steadily becoming one of True Blood's best. Here's Emma's impressed review of Don't You Feel Me?...

True Blood season 6 episode 5 review: F*ck The Pain Away

Emma Matthews Review
Jul 16, 2013

True Blood's sixth season reaches the halfway point, and the pace hasn't let up for a moment. Here's Emma's review...

True Blood season 6 episode 4 review: At Last

Emma Matthews Review
Jul 9, 2013

True Blood's latest episode sees it back on top form. Here's Emma's review of At Last...

True Blood season 6 episode 2 review: The Sun

Emma Matthews Review
Jun 24, 2013

True Blood delivers a patchy but promising episode. Here's Emma's review of The Sun...

True Blood season 6 episode 1 review: Who Are You, Really?

Emma Matthews Review
Jun 18, 2013

Its season 6 premiere promises plenty of classic True Blood action to come. Here's Emma's review of Who Are You, Really?

True Blood season 6 trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Jun 11, 2013

Starting on HBO on Sunday the 16th of June, this trailer for True Blood's sixth season announces the battle has begun...