Stanley Tucci

Peter & Wendy: more images, feat. Stanley Tucci as ITV's Captain Hook

Rob Leane News
Dec 7, 2015

Stanley Tucci and pop-star Paloma Faith will star in ITV’s upcoming adaptation of the Peter Pan story, Peter & Wendy…

Fortitude series 1 finale review

Michael Noble Review
Apr 13, 2015

Fortitude raised a lot of questions, but could it answer them? Here's Michael's review of Fortitude episode 11...

Fortitude series 2: new cast members confirmed

Rob Leane News
Mar 1, 2016

Robert Sheenan, Ken Stott, Michelle Fairley and more join Sky Atlantic and Pivot's Fortitude series 2…

Fortitude episode 10 review

Michael Noble Review
Apr 6, 2015

The stakes have been changed but the mystery remains in Fortitude. Here's Michael's review...

Fortitude episode 9 review

Michael Noble Review
Mar 30, 2015

The icy setting of Fortitude looks beautiful, but does it tell us anything more? Here's Michael's review of episode 9...

Fortitude episode 8 review

Michael Noble Review
Mar 23, 2015

Will there, ultimately, be a rational explanation for everything that has been happening in Fortitude? Here's our review of episode 8...

Simon West interview: Wild Card, Statham, action, The Blob

Ryan Lambie Interview
Mar 19, 2015

Director Simon West teams up with Statham again for the thriller Wild Card. Here, he talks fight scenes, William Goldman and more...

Fortitude episode 7 review

Michael Noble Review
Mar 15, 2015

The strange goings-on continue in this week's Fortitude, but are the townsfolk too busy turning on each other?

Fortitude episode 6 review

Michael Noble Review
Mar 6, 2015

Is DCI Morton out of his depth? He wouldn't be the only one at this stage. Here's Michael's review of Fortitude's latest episode...