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The Goonies 2: Corey Feldman doubts it’ll happen

Simon Brew News
Jul 5, 2016

Corey Feldman throws fresh doubt on whether we'll ever get to see The Goonies 2...

Why Lethal Weapon 3 was a low point for the franchise

Guy Buckland Feature
Apr 28, 2016

Our Lethal Weapon lookbacks continue - but was Lethal Weapon 3 the one that lost what made Riggs and Murtaugh such a comination?

Lethal Weapon 2: looking back at an excellent sequel

Guy Buckland Feature
Feb 15, 2016

Is Lethal Weapon 2 the best of the series? There's certainly an argument...

Lethal Weapon: looking back at the original

Guy Buckland Feature
Jan 12, 2016

The first Lethal Weapon movie remains a flat-out classic. We take a look back at the first meeting of Riggs and Murtaugh...

The Goonies "is pret-a-porter for a sequel", says Sean Astin

Simon Brew News
Sep 28, 2015

Sean Astin believes that The Goonies 2 will definitely happen - and that it should...

Brian Helgeland interview: Legend, Tom Hardy, film vs TV

Ryan Lambie Interview
Sep 7, 2015

As Legend hits UK cinemas, Brian Helgeland talks to us about working with Tom Hardy, and why he wanted to make a movie and not a TV series.

Why 35 screenwriters worked on The Flintstones movie

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 10, 2015

The messy history of The Flintstones movie led to a change in the way writing credits on movies were arbitrated...

Lethal Weapon 4's ridiculously fast turnaround time

Simon Brew Feature
Jul 23, 2015

Warner Bros greenlit Lethal Weapon 4 late in the day - giving director Richard Donner just over six months to make the movie...

Batman Begins: Christopher Nolan on why he took the film on

Batman Begins. Five star film, five star ending...
Simon Brew News
Jan 6, 2015

Christopher Nolan reveals why he took Batman on, and the influence of Richard Donner's Superman...

Sean Astin on returning for The Goonies 2, story hints

Simon Brew News
Jun 11, 2014

What will the focus of The Goonies 2 be, and will Sean Astin and Corey Feldman be returning?