Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon TV show: ITV picks it up for UK primetime slot

Rob Leane News
Jul 5, 2016

In a surprising move, ITV has picked up the UK rights to Lethal Weapon's TV reboot and given it a primetime slot...

Shane Black and the 90s spec script gold rush

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 2, 2016

A rush for original scripts led to Shane Black being among the highest-paid screenwriters in Hollywood. Ryan takes a look back...

Shane Black & Joel Silver interview: The Nice Guys, Predator

Ryan Lambie Interview
May 31, 2016

Director Shane Black and producer Joel Silver talk to us about making The Nice Guys, their Predator movie and more...

New TV 2016: Frequency, No Tomorrow, 24 trailers & more

Rob Leane News
May 20, 2016

Updated again: The CW's new shows Frequency and No Tomorrow now have trailers too...

The Exorcist and Lethal Weapon TV series are pressing ahead

Rob Leane News
May 11, 2016

Two more TV series based on movies are definitely coming to our screens, Fox’s Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist...

Why Lethal Weapon 3 was a low point for the franchise

Guy Buckland Feature
Apr 28, 2016

Our Lethal Weapon lookbacks continue - but was Lethal Weapon 3 the one that lost what made Riggs and Murtaugh such a comination?

Lethal Weapon TV series: Clayne Crawford cast as Riggs

Craig Skinner Rob Leane News
Mar 11, 2016

Rectify's Clayne Crawford will play Martin Riggs – Mel Gibson's former character – in the Lethal Weapon TV series...

Lethal Weapon 2: looking back at an excellent sequel

Guy Buckland Feature
Feb 15, 2016

Is Lethal Weapon 2 the best of the series? There's certainly an argument...

Dwayne Johnson for new Lethal Weapon-esque action-comedy

Simon Brew News
Dec 10, 2015

A new Lethal Weapon-style franchise for Dwayne Johnson? Quite possibly...

Shane Black: a career retrospective

Tim George Feature
Feb 1, 2016

From Lethal Weapon through to Iron Man 3, we salute the mighty Shane Black...