Joe Cornish

50 brilliant screenwriters to watch out for

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Jan 22, 2016

Across film and TV, here are 50 excellent writers whose work is well worth keeping an eye out for...

Ant-Man, and the Thomas The Tank Engine rights challenge

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Jul 28, 2015

Peyton Reed on the conditions of using Thomas The Tank Engine in Marvel's Ant-Man movie...

Mark Kermode interview: critics, star ratings, Joe Cornish, PR

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Jan 30, 2015

Mark Kermode on modern film criticism, critics of his own work, Michael Bay, Jason Statham and male oil wrestling.

The film critics who turned to filmmaking

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Jan 26, 2015

From the Pudsey The Dog movie to Joe Cornish and Roger Ebert, what happens when critics make films themselves?

Joe Cornish offered King Kong prequel Skull Island

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Jul 29, 2014

Could Attack The Block helmer Joe Cornish be heading off to Skull Island for Legendary?

Marvel, Ant-Man, and the ongoing search for a director

The Disney-owned (nearly) Marvel logo
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Jun 5, 2014

With Edgar Wright gone, is the Ant-Man director's chair the one that no major filmmaker wants?

Is this why Edgar Wright left Marvel’s Ant-Man?

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Following Edgar Wright’s disappointing departure from Marvel’s Ant-Man, possible reasons for his exit have emerged...

Edgar Wright, Ant-Man and where next for the film

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Why did Edgar Wright walk away from Ant-Man, his eight year passion project? We went looking for clues...

Joe Cornish no longer in the running for Star Trek

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Dec 10, 2013

Attack The Block director Joe Cornish won't be taking over from JJ Abrams on Star Trek...

JJ Abrams on hiding Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek role

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Dec 3, 2013

JJ Abrams looks back at attempts to keep Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers under wraps, and his slight regret at doing so...