Top 100 Christmas TV episodes of all time: 20 - 1

Wesley Mead Feature
Dec 18, 2015

It's the final entry in Wesley's top 100 Christmas TV episodes of all time list, numbers 20 to 1. Merry Christmas to all!

The stories behind TV production company closing logos

Louisa Mellor Feature
Aug 11, 2015

Grr, argh. Sit, Ubu, sit. I made this! What’s the story behind the production company tags added onto our favourite TV shows?

20 terrible scientists in TV and film

Louise Walker Feature
Sep 16, 2015

Indiana Jones is a great movie character, but a terrible scientist. Here are 19 more for your consideration...

Celebrating cinema's 15 less famous killer robots

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Mar 31, 2015

Never mind The Terminator and ED-209, what about Eve, Hector or Warbeast? Here's a pick of 15 less famous killer robots from the movies...

11 disastrous geek TV weddings

Juliette Harrisson Feature
Jan 19, 2015

From Buffy to Game Of Thrones via Grimm & more, geek TV weddings have a habit of going very wrong. Here’s our pick of the worst…

First look at The Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode

Rob Leane News
Nov 7, 2014

“A show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes” – check out The Simpsons’ Futurama-tinged couch gag here…

Do you have to watch both shows to enjoy a crossover episode?

Juliette Harrisson Feature
Jul 30, 2014

With The Flash and Arrow crossover approaching, Juliette chews over whether you need watch both shows to enjoy an episode where 2 collide...

The Flash/Arrow crossover episode announced

Louisa Mellor News
Jul 21, 2014

A two-hour crossover episode will unite the worlds of The Flash's first and Arrow's third season...

Does Futurama have a future?

James Peckham Feature
Sep 17, 2013

Now that Futurama's season 7 finale has aired, James looks at the possibilities for more adventures with the Planet Express crew...

Comedy Central drops Futurama

Louisa Mellor News
Apr 22, 2013

Futurama's current season is to be its last on Comedy Central, but will that be the end of it?