Friday Night Lights

The lessons NBC’s Parenthood has taught us

Louisa Mellor Feature
Jan 29, 2015

As Parenthood, Jason Katims’ follow-up to Friday Night Lights, draws to an end, here’s what the Braverman family has taught us…

The top 25 underappreciated films of 2004

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Odd List
Jan 9, 2014

We head back a decade to look at a few films that deserve more attention. Here’s our list of 25 underappreciated movies of 2004...

Peter Berg on Friday Night Lights and The Rundown 2

Glen Chapman News
Dec 11, 2013

Peter Berg plays down another Friday Night Lights movie, and plays up a sequel to The Rundown, starring Dwayne Johnson.

Friday Night Lights: an essential American football drama

Glen Chapman Feature
Feb 7, 2016

On this Super Bowl Sunday, we revisit the reasons Friday Night Lights is essential viewing whether you're a sports fan or not...

10 movies that worked better as TV shows

Caroline Preece Feature
Aug 2, 2013

Not all small to big-screen adaptations go so well. Here's Caroline's list of 10 movies that worked better as TV shows...

Michael B Jordan on the Fantastic Four reboot

Glen Chapman News
May 20, 2013

Recently linked to the role of The Human Torch, Michael B. Jordan has been chatting about the Fantastic Four reboot...

Taylor Kitsch signs up for Exit 147

Glen Chapman News
Feb 22, 2013

After a run of box office disappointments Kitsch signs up for serial killer thriller Exit 147

Taylor Kitsch interview: Battleship, John Carter, Friday Night Lights, Gambit and more

Ryan Lambie Interview
Apr 11, 2012

Ahead of the release of Battleship, we met with its leading man Taylor Kitsch to talk about its making, as well as his past and future roles...

The top 10 sports-related movies

Steven Keithley Top 10
Aug 2, 2010

Sports-related movies have provided some of cinema’s most memorable characters and quotable lines. Here’s Steven’s pick of the ten very best…

Music in the movies: single band and artist film soundtracks

Glen Chapman News
Apr 26, 2010

With AC/DC providing the soundtrack to Iron Man 2, Glen takes a look at other instances where one band or artist has provided the musical backdrop for a movie...