Bizarre and banal TV show complaints made to the BBC

Louisa Mellor Feature
Feb 3, 2016

Yes, it’s annoying when the UK weather is rubbish, but is it really grounds to lodge a complaint with the BBC?

The BBC, funding, and why it's worth fighting for

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Jul 21, 2015

After the publication of a government green paper on its future, there are very real fears about the shape of the BBC in years to come...

EastEnders' Sam Strike is the new Leatherface

Tony Sokol News
Mar 10, 2015

The prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre signs up Johnny Carter from EastEnders: Mr Sam Strike...

Doctor Who and Eastenders: a history of soap and space

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Feb 13, 2015

From the Queen Vic to the TARDIS. As Eastenders prepares to mark its 30th anniversary, we look back at its encounters with Doctor Who...

Letters: spelling, Muppets, X-Men and bad posters

Den Of Geek Feature
Oct 17, 2014

We answer more of your letters, with topics this time ranging from bad posters to Muppets to our inability to spell.

Eastenders episode 4,829 review

Louisa Mellor Review
Apr 1, 2014

In Den Of Geek's first ever Eastenders review, Danny Dyer delves into a mysterious encounter...

Mark Kermode interview: critics, movies and Jeremy

Simon Brew Interview
Oct 11, 2013

Mark Kermode talks to us about his new book, the current state of film criticism, and a little film he wants the world to know about...