Chris Columbus

The Goonies 2: Corey Feldman doubts it’ll happen

Simon Brew News
Jul 5, 2016

Corey Feldman throws fresh doubt on whether we'll ever get to see The Goonies 2...

Home Alone: how a fallout with Chevy Chase got Chris Columbus the job

Simon Brew News
Nov 13, 2015

Chris Columbus chats about how he landed the job of directing Home Alone - and Chevy Chase is loosely involved...

Where does summer 2015 leave movie stars?

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 19, 2015

Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Schwarzenegger and The Rock went head to head this summer. What did we learn about star power?

Pixels "could have been better" says original short's director

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 24, 2015

As Adam Sandler comedy Pixels hits UK cinemas, the director of the original short shares his thoughts on the feature adaptation...

Pixels review

David Crow Review
Jul 24, 2015

Adam Sandler misfires in Pixels, a film that has its moments, but simply not enough of them...

Harry Potter: original director wants to make another

Simon Brew News
Jul 23, 2015

Chris Columbus would be interesting in making a fresh Harry Potter film, picking up the story of Harry, Ron and Hermione...

Pixels: new trailer for Adam Sandler vs videogames movie

Simon Brew Trailer
May 20, 2015

Pixels stars Adam Sandler, Pac-Man, Kevin James, Donkey Kong, Peter Dinklage and Space Invaders. Here's the trailer...

Chris Columbus gives update on Gremlins reboot, Goonies 2

Gremlins 2 = great movie
Simon Brew News
Apr 28, 2015

The new Gremlins film is coming along quicker than The Goonies 2, confirms Chris Columbus. Plus: JJ Abrams' influence on the new Gremlins...

Pixels: first trailer for new videogame-themed movie

Simon Brew Trailer
Mar 18, 2015

Adam Sandler stars in Pixels - where Pac-Man appears to have invaded planet Earth...

Gremlins reboot on hold

Don't feed 'em after midnight...
Simon Brew News
Jan 21, 2015

Delays hit the reboot of Gremlins, as writer Seth Grahame-Smith admits "I think we just ran out of steam".