Bioshock creator Irrational Games to close

Aaron Birch Interview Feb 19, 2014

The creator of BioShock is to close its doors, morphing into a smaller scale studio...

Thief first mission walkthrough video

Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 17, 2014

Want to see 17 minutes of the new thief game in action? You're in the right place?

VGX 2013 Highlights

Aaron Birch News Dec 8, 2013

Spike's re-branded game awards, VGX, aired this weekend, and here are some of the best trailers...

The top 25 must-play videogames of 2014

Aaron Birch Feature Dec 6, 2013

There are some videogame corkers coming up next year, and here's our pick of the top 25 you just can't miss...

Thief ditches XP levelling system

Aaron Birch News Oct 17, 2013

Fan feedback has succeeded in scrapping the XP system from Eidos Montreal's new Thief...

New Thief gameplay trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Oct 10, 2013

A new trailer has emerged for Eidos Montreal's upcoming Thief, and you can see it here...

New Thief trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Aug 19, 2013

Thief's new trailer looks at the underlying story of Garrett's latest adventure, and the City is not a nice place if you're poor...

Thief coming to current gen consoles

Aaron Birch News Jun 21, 2013

Eidos Montreal's reworking of Thief will be coming to current generation platforms alongside next gen...

Thief gameplay demo

Aaron Birch Trailer Jun 19, 2013

Want to see a demo of Thief in action? Then click here and have a look...

New Thief details emerge

Aaron Birch News Jun 18, 2013

Some information about the upcoming stealth title, Thief, have surfaced online...